Now a world renown longboard superstar, P-Swiss (as he is commonly called) has been riding since 2003 and has been toping races since 2011. Since 2012 he has taken no prisoners and has won almost all the races he has taken part in.

  This canadian speed demon Also worked on and modeled his own pro boards as the FullBag Elise and the Rayne Fortune (formerly known as canadian bacon)
  “ He is a true sportsman and one of only a few true professional longboarders in the sport. For all his professionalism, you can still count on Patrick to put you on ‘P-Swiss Time’, show up with Maple Syrup in the most random places on Earth”

I have to admit, not being a fanboy cause he rides for a couple of the top companies in longboarding, but Patrick Switzer is the best downhiil,freeride longboarder ever. you can deny it and say that someone else is better, but nah son. other than being jesus at skateboarding, he has the best fucking attitude ever. hes always positive, hes not in it to be the best, hes not competitive at all. he just skates cause thats what he loves doing. you never see him in a bad mood. if he fucks up then he just brushes it off and doesnt throw a fit, unlike most riders like james kelly for example when he threw some guys deck off a bridge cause the dude cost him a win. not to be cheesy here and be all like “patrick switzer is my hero, i wanna be just like him” but yo, i look up to that dude. i wish i had the same attitude as him and i hope that i can end up like him and give positive vibes through out the longboarding community. i wish he was from america instead of cannada. mostly cause the best downhill rider that reps america is an asshole(james kelly)

way to go P-swiss