Kathrine Switzer, first woman to officially run the Boston Marathon, is racing it this year

  • Women haven’t exactly crossed the finish line when it comes to gender equality, but we’ve certainly come a long way since Kathrine Switzer first hit the pavement at the Boston Marathon.
  • It was 1967 when Switzer, then a 20-year-old journalism student at Syracuse University, became the first woman to officially enter the historic marathon.
  • At the time, women were woefully marginalized in the world of athletics. 
  • According to CNN, Switzer had been training with the men’s cross-country team at Syracuse when she decided to enter the race, with little encouragement from her coach. 
  • In her memoir, Switzer recalled the Syracuse coach telling her the 26-mile marathon was too long for a “fragile woman.”
  • During the marathon in ‘67, race director Jock Semple chased Switzer down and ripped her bib off of her.
  • Now, after running 39 marathons, 70-year-old Switzer will run in this year’s Boston Marathon — wearing the same bib number an angry man tried to rip from her 50 years ago. Read more (4/17/17 11:26 AM)
appreciation post for the under rated newsies.

yes I love jack, davey, crutchie, les and spot. but I would like to acknowledge some of the unsung heroes of newsies the musical.

the ensemble deserves just as much love.

race- nobody can tell me that he doesn’t have some of the most iconic lines in the show. also he manages to do everything the others do, with a cigar in his mouth. -Ryan Breslin, Giuseppe Bausilio, Ben Cook, Daniel Switzer-

specs- is the newsie that knows everything, he gave jacks sketches to Katherine and sparked the beginning of the children’s crusade. -Ryan Steele, John Michael Fiumara, Jordan Samuels-

buttons- possibly the saltiest of all the newsies, constantly calling everyone out, while still managing to look innocent and adorable. -JP Ferreri, Jess LeProtto, Damon Gillespie, Chaz Wolcott-

jojo- without a doubt, no matter the cast, always has the biggest smile, and best expressions on that stage. -Corey Hommerston, Thayne Jasperson, Hogan Fulton, Nico Greetham, Joshua Burrage-

finch- single handedly made slingshots cool again. -Aaron Albano, Julian DeGuzman, David Guzman, Iain Young-

mush- that kid can always tumble like nobodys business -Max Ehrich, Ephram Sykes, David Guzman, Jack Sippel, Nick Masson-

albert- one of the few newsies that can challenge race’s sass. -Garett Hawe, Daniel Quadrino, Sky Flaherty-

sniper- was played by a girl for the entirety of the tour. damn. -Scott Shendenhelm, Alex Wong, Jacob Guzman, Ginna Claire Mason, Kaitlyn Frank, Daniel Switzer-

mike/morris- it takes a lot of takent to make a bully likeable, and yet somehow they manage to do it. -Mike Faist, Adam Kaplan, Mike Ryan, Devin Lewis-

ike/oscar- both the delanceys have some insane quick changes, yet still never miss an entrance. -Brendon Stimpson, Jon Hacker, Anthony Norman-

smalls- get it kid, be proud of the bronx. -Laurie Valdheer, Molly Jobe, Josh Assor, Julian DeGuzman-

henry- is here to keep things real and will show you who’s boss. also can’t understand race. -Kyle Coffman, Iain Young, DeMarius Copes, Michel Rios-

elmer- pure comic relief, you can never have enough Elmer. -Evan Kasprzak, Jeff Heimbrock, Anthony Zas-

kenny- may have only been there for the filmed production but that doesn’t mean we forgot you. -Jack Sippel-

tommy boy- has possibly the best reactions onstage. -Tommy Bracco, Michael Dameski-

kid blink- another newsie only named in the filmed production, played by the one and only Andy Richardson, someone who’s been in every American cast of newsies. nobody deserves to carry the namesake of Louis Balett, the kid that inspired this all. -Andy Richardson-

romeo- oh romeo, you cheeky little charmer. -Andy Richardson, Hogan Fulton, Tommy Martinez, Nico DeJesus-

peanuts- only part of the paper mill production, but had one of the most developed backstories of any ensemble newsie -Jack Scott-

feel free to add your own ;)

(EDIT: this post was written before the live recording was released. you can find an updated list here )

Best-Looking Christines

Here are some Christines that I think are really pretty and gorgeous. For the record, every actress who played Christine is beautiful, but these gals are the ones who stood out, imo.

Anna O’Byrne

Choi Hyun Joo

Claire Doyle

Claire Lyon

Emilie Lynn

Gina Beck

Harriet Jones

Jennifer Hope Wills

Joke de Kruijf

Kim So Hyun

Maike Switzer

Maria Kesselman

Mary D’Arcy

Olivia Brereton

Rebecca Luker

Samantha Hill

Sierra Boggess

Sofia Escobar

Susan Owen

Tamara Kotova

reasons your favs are problematic: newsies

-jack: this kid literally won’t shut up about santa fe
-crutchie: he’s gonna be sleepin’ on da streets, in a worse neighborhood 
-davey: tries to tell everyone shitty facts about snakes 
-les: too busy swatting skirts away
-race: can’t pronounce oyster, and likes to start big musical numbers despite the fact that he and his friends have all just been beaten and/or gone missing
-specs: the little punk ratted out jack and stole his drawings
-spot: the boy doesn’t own a damn shirt with the sleeves still attached
-romeo: poor kid can’t get a girl
-albert: still thinking about that leg of lamb
-elmer: always tapping all over my damn tables, and starting up spoon battles 
-smalls: we get it… you love the bronx
-morris: his skull busting arm gets tired
-oscar: can’t count to 20 with his shoes on
-mush: thinks sirens are a lullaby
-buttons: usually last in line for the tub
-sniper: his dad owns a laundry mat, but if you mention it he will hit you before you can say “seize the day”
-tommy boy: his fathers gonna kill him anyway
-jojo: will straight up call you out
-henry: can’t understand race and doesn’t get what so great about being famous

Mujeres que cambiaron la historia

Kathrine Switzer, primera mujer en disputar la maratón de Boston, a pesar de los intentos por detenerla (1967)

Mujer armenia de 106 años de edad, protegiendo su casa con un AK-47 (1990)

traducción pancarta: “Pedir libertad para las mujeres no es un delito. Las prisioneras del sufragio no deben ser tratadas como criminales”

Hedy Lamarr actriz e inventora austriaca-estadounidense; primera mujer que en una película protagonizó un desnudo. También fue co-inventora de la primera versión del espectro ensanchado que daría lugar a la tecnología Wifi y Bluetooth.

#NiUnaMenos se convirtió en el grito de guerra para las mujeres a través de América del Sur

Jasmin Golubovska, besó un escudo de la policía durante una protesta contra la brutalidad policial en Macedonia.

Ella: “me pongo el lápiz labial rojo sólo cuando tengo que reparar el aspecto cansado de la represión sistemática de la libertad.”

Las Mambas Negras, primera unidad de patrulla femenina del mundo contra la caza furtiva

Maud Wagner, la primera mujer tatuadora de los Estados Unidos (1907)

Sarla Thakral, a los 21 años fue la primer mujer en conseguir la licencia de piloto (1936)

Simone Ségouin, combatiente de la Resistencia Francesa durante la liberación de París (19 de agosto de 1944)

Mujer sueca superviviente de un campo de concentración golpeando con el bolso a un manifestante neonazi (1985)

Annette Kellerman, posando con un bañador de la época. Fue arrestada por indecencia (1907)

Marina Ginestà, militante anarquista de 17 años que luchó contra el fascismo durante la la Guerra Civil española (1936)

KATHRINE SWITZER. First female to run the Boston Marathon in 1967 under “K.V. Switzer” as women weren’t allowed to run (🙄) until 1972. They tried to stop her but she kept on going. Now more than half the marathon runners in the US are women. She’s back running the marathon this year and her bib number is now going to be retired. #WCW FOR REAL🏅💪.

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  • me an intellectual: got a feelin' bout a headline, I smells me a headline, papes are gonna sell like we's was givin' 'em away, betcha dinner is a doozy, got a pistol packin' floozy, don't know any better way to make a newsies day. I was stakin' out the circus and then someone said that coney's really hot but when I got there, there was spot with all his cronies, so I'm gonna take what little dough I got and play the ponies, we's at least deserves a headline for the hours that they work us, geez I bet if I just stayed a little longer at the circus!