Atelier Maillet
Verscio, Ticino, Switzerland; 1962

Dolf Schnebli
(photography by Marcelo Villada; Leo Torri)

The missed encounter of two artists: the workshop house of Léo Maillet
Having survived Pétain’s concentration camps, the weakened Léo Maillet dreams of a family house in which to paint, print, invite musicians, show films, while living with his wife and two small children. The other protagonist, an architect in his 30s’, a robust and adventurous traveller, conceives an experimental structure whose complexity derives from its plastic configuration. The design is finalised in August 1962. The house/workshop in Verscio offers Dolf Schnebli a daring review of the two Jaoul houses by Le Corbusier in Neuilly (1954-1956) from which arise two patterns: the barrel vault, the mixed brick and concrete walls. In Neuilly, the vaults are full and spread longitudinally through the house. In Verscio, the vaults are tranversal and house at their summit a circular skylight. How come this inversion? The construction method. In Neuilly, the principle of the Catalan vault creates a continuous brick arch that operates as the concrete’s framework. In Verscio, the 296cm span arch is built using a wooden frame. To enliven the crude materiality of the construction method, to sculpt the light with the play of the structure, to establish a sharp contrast between concrete and brick, these elements blend into a powerful work, tempered by subtle decisions.

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Jaoul house by Le Corbusier

via “Archi : rivista svizzera di architettura, ingegneria e urbanistica” (2010)

Split-level house by Kit works with the slope of the garden

Split-level house by Kit works with the slope of the garden

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This concrete house in Switzerland’s March District was designed by Zurich studio Kit with split levels, creating a living room that cantilevers over an external dining area. (more…)

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45 & niall

After four and a half years of dating, you felt like you and Niall knew most everything about each other – not just important stuff, but everything. You knew that Niall hated weak tea at all times of day and that Niall always had to have at least bread, ham and swiss cheese in the house so that he could make a panini and Niall knew that you liked to wake up several minutes before your alarm clock just for the satisfaction of being able to sleep for five more minutes (he particularly liked the sigh of triumph and the way you snuggled back into his side) and he also knew you hated all types of eggs passionately and that the two of you had to use lemon cleaner because that fake orange smell makes you gag. And each step of your relationship brought a new depth of knowledge, which just made you happier and happier – because at first it was just cute flirting stuff, like jobs and schooling and favorite drinks, and then there was the slightly deeper we’ve-been-on-this-date-for-six-hours stuff, like greatest dreams and worst fears. And that progressed to those special moments you weren’t really sure ever happened except in rom-coms or that one Friends episode, where you and Niall stayed up all night, laying on his couch and pretending to watch several movies but in reality talking constantly, learning all about the other’s family and childhood homes and favorite vacations and personal philosophies that hadn’t been shared with too many people but you really needed the other to know because you couldn’t date someone so seriously without them knowing exactly what you think makes you tick. And you and Niall moving in together had been another step, about who preferred what colors for the walls and the bedspreads and the living room cushions, and Niall learned that you really did need alone time moreso than he did, so a lot of times he would get up and go to the gym for a few hours so that you could wake up and shower and have breakfast by yourself, because you just really needed that and honestly, he thought it was sort of cute that he’d come home and you’d be bopping around the kitchen to some song on Radio One, all wet-hair and clean-faced. And you learned that when Niall was watching golf, he was really watching golf and nothing could distract him, not even you in just his button-up shirt, and that he could only be distracted from football if you added a pair of black high heels and some red lipstick to the ensemble, which you always rolled your eyes about because honestly, sometimes Niall was such a boy it was preposterous. And soon, living together meant that there was nothing more to learn practically, because you and Niall would come home at the end of every day – or he would Skype-call in, if he was gone – and rehash everything that had happened, whether it was a rude customer or a good day in the studio or a song that had been stuck in Niall’s head all day that he couldn’t remember the next lyric to or the fact that you’d been craving ice cream all day. And you were pretty happy with how life was going, going to sleep with Niall every night and waking up to his soft little snores every morning, but sometimes you wondered if your relationship would fizzle out because there were no more surprises between the two of you, and it made you wonder so much that you had to tell Niall, because you tell him everything, one night lying in bed together, your head pressed against his chest. (”Niall?” “Yea, babe?” “Tell me a secret.” “What?” “You heard me, tell me a secret.” “Babe, I don’t have any secrets from you.” “I know! And you know that’s great and everything for our relationship, I guess, but what if we don’t, you know, surprise each other anymore. What if we lose that spark?” “Darlin’, we’ve been dating for almost five years, I’m not gonna lose interest anytime soon. Now, if you’ve got something to tell me…” “Niall, you’re exasperating. You know I’m not gonna lose interest. Just… please, tell me a secret.” “I love you.” “That’s not a secret, Ni.” “The way you’re acting right now, I feel like it might be.” “Ni-all, I swear to God…” “Okay, okay, you want a secret?” “Yes, please!” “In my underwear drawer, there’s a ring. A, um, diamond ring.” “Oh my god.” “Babe, you alright there?” “Niall, can you re- are you- was that seriously you proposing?” “That was me telling you a secret, babe. If you want the ring, then, yea I’m proposing.” “Niall James Horan, I swear… get up and give me that ring right now!” “So, I’ll take it you’ll marry me, then?” “Yes, of course!” “Mmm, best secret of them all, that one, babe.”) 

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Paris Fashion Week: First Dior show without Raf Simons shows women with 'pride and style'

For its first show since designer Raf Simons announced his departure, Dior took its audience into a mirrored venue to unveil a couture collection for contemporary women, always in a rush but with “pride and style”, quoting chief executive Sidney Toledano. The spring 2016 couture collection was put together by the brand’s in-house team, Swiss designers Serge Ruffieux and Lucie Meier, and was unveiled in a structure specially designed for the show installed in the garden of the Rodin Museum, with mirrors on the ceiling and walls.

The show began with shoulder-baring designs and soon evolved into outfits made of contrasting cuts and textures, rich in embroidery and seen on tops and skirts, as well as transparent chiffon dresses. Dior’s trademark bar jacket was given a masculine look while coat versions showed off the shoulders. Presenting a total of 52 outfits, models were seen walking unusually fast on the catwalk, mirroring the life of the modern-day Parisian, always in a rush, but still moving “with pride and style”.

“We are a luxury house, a quality house, but we are also a fashion house. So we have to give each time a new energy, some sharpness, a new shape. Today we saw, in line with the big Dior silhouette, an even more feminine woman, a bit in a rush, because they are more and more in a rush. They move faster, but they move with pride and style,” chief executive Sidney Toledano said.

The maison has yet to announce a successor to Simons, who left after three years to develop his own label, and Toledano offered no hint of who it may be. “Dior is a permanently moving house, it’s probably because of mister Dior and the destiny of this house. There has never been a standstill, it’s a permanently moving train and from one designer to the other, we can even see some acceleration. So I am pretty confident about the future and we will see how choices are made, but always as in a moving train,” he said.

From France’s Chanel to Italy’s Versace, many top designers showcase their luxury couture creations at Paris Fashion Week, presenting some of their priciest womenswear offerings to target some of the world’s wealthiest women.

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❤️💛In 2011, Swiss jewellery house BOGH-ART released its Kissing Diamonds collection which included earrings and rings with unconventionally cut diamonds. Two of the very newest extravagant pieces from this collection recently caught my attention and I am dying to tell you about them.

To truly understand and evaluate a piece, you should “get to know it better”. So kick things off by acquainting yourself with the actual concept of kissing diamonds. This assortment is the logical continuation of the major Art of Inlay collection but has the opposite effect: one stone looks as though it’s floating over the other instead of appearing to create a single whole.

At the heart of Kissing Diamonds is the founder and creative director of the brand Albert Boghossian who made the interesting design decision to use a combination of flat diamonds or flat coloured precious stones, a decision which has really paid off. Lacking any sparkle, the flat diamonds look quite plain on their own so the union with their glittering “cousins” perfectly emphasises their unusual beauty.

The culet of the stone on top barely touches the surface of the stone underneath like the swiftest contact between two lips. That’s how the collection got its name: the Kissing Diamonds.

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KPI says completes sale of Rotterdam refinery to Gunvor - KUNA

DUBAI, Feb 1 (Reuters) - Kuwait Petroleum International (KPI) said on Monday it had completed the sale of KP Europoort refinery in Rotterdam to trading house Gunvor, Kuwait state news agency KUNA said.
KUNA cited KPI as saying that Gunvor would continue operating the refining operations at the refinery while KPI would maintain the research centre in Rotterdam.
KPI said the sale came after the firm carried out a strategic assessment of the refinery, adding that it would continue investments in Europe, specifically in storage plants.
The value of the deal was not disclosed.
Swiss-based trading house Gunvor said in October it had closed in on the purchase of its third European refinery, saying negotiations to buy the Dutch plant from Kuwait Petroleum International (KPI) were in their final stage.
The move to buy a third refinery marks a major turnaround for the Swiss trading house since its deep links with Moscow nearly brought it to a collapse over 18 months ago. (Writing by Yara Bayoumy, editing by David Evans)