The Morgenstern family is an old Shadowhunter family. Valentine Morgenstern is the most well-known bearer of the Morgenstern name. The family is said to be Swiss, and their ancestors in 1878 spoke German fluently. Morgenstern’ means ‘morning star.’ It’s a German name, but the family was Swiss.

Nephilim Challenge: Three Shadowhunter Families: [2/3] The Morgensterns 


Swiss Family Robinson…

  • The Danilchik family Tyrolean Swiss chalet is located in a small waterfront community on Port Orchard Bay, Washington overlooking the Puget Sound.
  • Hovering between two centenarian Western Red cedars, the house´s ramp rises 50 feet to the front door, where a plaque reads, “Traumen sie auf…” German for “They dream on….”.
  • The house is hung from buttressing volts, so when wind comes through the trees, the whole house sways.
  • This 500-square-foot abode sleeps four people: “there is a bathroom but no shower, a fridge but no stove, a large sink but no washer or dryer, and piles of books and an Internet connection but no television. These were intentional choices, made possible by location: If the Danilchiks need modern amenities, they just stroll down a mossy path to their set of fully outfitted cabins, built in 1952.)”
  • Constructed by TreeHouse Workshop, co-owned by Pete Nelson the author of The Tree-house Book.  The company designs and builds tree-houses around the world and also teaches DIY tree-house builders the craft.

full story and a tour of the interior space - here

photo:will austin / safe arbor / seattle met