Why carry a Swiss army knife when you could be carrying a ‘Swiss army’ crustacean

This awesomely adorable (and useful!) Crab Multi Tool has a wooden body and features 6 different stainless steel appendages as well as flip-out legs so it can stand up on its own when you aren’t using it. It’s currently available via Kikkerland and Firebox.

[via Laughing Squid]

‘TIMBER’ For Old Spice

I got to work on this cool gif for Old Spice. I was in Japan for a few weeks when I worked on this, so some of the effects may have come out a little more weaboo than normal. I swear the katana was already on the list of items before I got to it though. The final item, which ended up being a stick of Timber deodorant, was left up to fan vote. But, before they announced it I really thought I was going to have to animate Terry Cruz.

Thanks to AD Hope Reynolds!

Please fire me. I was almost fired recently when my boss found out I carried a two inch pocket knife on me at work. Then just yesterday she was gloating and showing off the can of mace she carries with her. 

DIY Leather Swiss Army Knife Key Ring Tutorial and Template from Fashionrolla. I would make and carry this - I have the leather punch (find cheaply at a hardware store). This would also be a good DIY gift for men. It’s going on my “manly gifts” tag -DIY gifts for men here.

For another DIY Swiss Army Knife Key Ring, check out this DIY wooden one from Instructables here.