phantomnoodlez  asked:

What does tail flicking mean?? I heard it means agitation or anger, but my cat flicks her tail even when she's happy and purring

There’s nuance to tail flicking! 

So if the are relaxed, purring, and just the tip of the tail is sort of twitching, like curling up and down again, that’s just a contentment thing. Some cats do that, some don’t, but it’s not a sign of agitation in that case. 


The tail SWISH is very different. 

The tail swish is the larger, more dramatic back-and-forth sweep of the tail. Cats will sometimes employ this when they are at play, but if you are petting or holding a cat and it starts to tail sweep, that usually means they are feeling overwhelmed and agitated and would like to be left alone please. Persisting in annoying or stimulating a cat who is tail swishing will likely lead to an escalation, including growling, ear flattening, or even biting or hissing. But if you respect the swish and let the cat go when it first asks, you are less likely to have negative encounters with him! 

Cats communicate a LOT via body language and ESPECIALLY tail language. A fluffed tail is alarm or fear. A tail straight back with the tip curled is a relaxed cat. A low tail (along with a low body) is often hunting behavior. And an exclamation point tail–straight up–with a hooked tip is a kitty “Hello!” 

Learn to talk tail language and your relationship with your kitty friends will greatly improve! 

“swish swish bish, another one in the basket” refers to how katy flawlessly achieved five #1s during the teenage dream era

“can’t touch this, another one in the casket” refers to when taylor attempted to recreate that success by releasing 7,000 singles from 1989 and still having one of them peak at #46

The Baku Gardens and The true Evil of Voltron

The whole episode of “The Depths” is about brainwashing and what brainwashes what.

And eventually the conclusion is this:

Queen Luxia: “Please! The last thing I remember is that organism in the garden falling from space. I went to inspect it. I thought it was a plant.”

(and we are shown this picture of that snake creature)

Hunk: “Wait a second. We’ve been eating that plant.
And it’s delicious! It’s so safe and warm.”

Lance: “A-ha! Mind-swishing! It was the plant the whole time.
And the queen was the first one to be mind-controlled.”

Plaxum: “But why?”

Queen Luxia:The Baku has been harvesting us all. We are its food source.“

And we are made to believe the organism was this thing:



The snake is not the organism that fell from space and was mind controlling everyone.

It was the same thing that got Zarkon

This little thing that they let enter their universe through the rift:

The mermaids have been eating food contaminated with that purple quintessence stuff Zarkon has been gulping down.

“The Depths” are kinda telling us what happened to Zarkon before we see it in season 3.

Honerva (or Zarkon) was the first one to be mind controlled by the creature, and the creature is harvesting all life forms in the universe I guess because it’s it’s food source.

(It’s something that becomes very clear after S3E7, but it was right in front of our eyes since S2E2)

Since it doesn’t seem like team Voltron are on to it yet, they just know that Zarkon somehow came back to life after he died in the rift and blame him for all the bad the Galra Empire has done. 

Maybe Lance and Hunk would be the first ones to connect the dots and realize the real enemy is that purple demon thing.

And in “The Depth” they got rid of the brainwashing by using a fish..

So maybe someone should throw this thing in Zarkon’s face to save the universe haha

OK no, although that would be awesome.

That was a temporary solution, but it did seem to cancel the brainwashing effect of eating the purple quintessence, so maybe Plaxum, Blumfump and Swirn could help team Voltron understand what exactly was in that fish that did that in the future..

I mean if they will still be around.. because

The thing is still there when they leave the Ocean planet. They didn’t get rid of the real problem. They just got rid of the snake that was probably controlled by it.

Also if letting the purple quintessence into your system has the ability to brain wash you and puts you under the “Demon Thing” (NOT ZARKON’s) control…

Shiro has been like bathing in that stuff since the start, he got hit with it so many times haha