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kagehina 8 and karasuno 12 O U O

cross-dressing: kagehina

Hinata is, annoyingly enough, a really cute girl. Yachi clips in orange-colored extensions that would probably be really garish on a normal human but Hinata Shouyou is, as usual, above average in unexpected ways. When she brushes out his hair and arranges his bangs, she has to laugh a little because he just looks like Natsu, kind of.

Kageyama probably shouldn’t have made the bet about making in more basketball shots, but when Tsukishima and he are the only two contenders during the sports festival—well. Hinata’s jumping ability could only go so far; he really didn’t know Kageyama was so dumb in stuff that wasn’t volleyball. If he could travel back in time, he’d probably have told his past self not to take up the bet with Kageyama. But without the dress.

It’s sort of comfortable. The skirt is even longer than his volleyball shorts, and the hem tickles his kneecaps when he walks. With Yachi grinning, he swishes the uniform, watching its pleats flare and settle. “Looking good,” he says cheerfully, and waits for Yachi to pat a gentle, pink gloss on his mouth. “Do you think Kageyama is having a good time with the seniors?”

And that’s when the knock comes: Daichi-senpai’s firm one-two that makes Hinata freeze. Yachi goes to get the door, shooting Hinata a last sympathetic glance. She opens the door, lets out a shriek, and slams it shut again.

"Yacchan, open the door, please" Sugawara-senpai’s voice sounds light—but also like he’s trying not to laugh, and it makes Hinata so curious. He summons up his courage (opening a door wearing the girls’ school uniform is nothing after serving a volleyball to Kageyama’s head). 

He takes it back. Before Sugawara-senpai can even push Kageyama entirely through the door, Hinata slams it shut and stares, stares at Yachi with wide, helpless eyes. “I—” 

Kageyama’s smile, Kageyama’s serial killer open-mouthed smile wearing a lipstick that Saeko-nee probably didn’t miss, Kageyama glowering underneath blunt princess-cut bangs and a long, flowing wig. Hinata has never felt so grateful for Yachi’s careful consideration. In bright flashes, Hinata can almost piece together crossdressing Kageyama into a whole picture: the familiar tense shift of his shoulders, straining the collar of his blouse and long, toned legs underneath a skirt much shorter than the one on Hinata.


"Hinata," Kageyama roars, and seems to remember himself. "Open the damn door," he adds, in a much quieter voice.

accidental baby acquisition: karasuno

holy mother of joy probably something about how Asahi took a Home Ec class because he really just wanted to learn how to balance a checkbook and cook but when the baby care module rolled around he Freaked
and did what any stressed high school student would do in his situation

ask his friends for help

it’s just a pity that his friends are also volleyball nuts, because the baby isn’t even a baby doll it’s just a package of flour wearing a diaper (with a face that Nishinoya scribbled on with a permanent marker. come to think of it, that’s actually a pretty nicely drawn face, even if he also wrote UNBLEACHED GENERAL PURPOSE in weird kanji down its bib). 

Hinata plays with it and baby-talks like he would with Natsu! Tanaka nearly drops the baby and Asahi nearly has a heart attack, because he needs this class to graduate please and Daichi is pretty solemn about ‘changing its diaper’. Sugawara helps document his assignment by taking pictures and the crown jewel is actually the photograph of Kageyama holding it without understanding that a baby is not held the same way you would hold a volleyball, son, put it down. Tsukiyama has like zero patience for it but Yamaguchi helps ‘feed’ it.

Shimizu and Yachi actually don’t mind ‘babysitting’ it during practice. Yachi thinks about dropping the baby by accident and having to flee the country for murdering an infant, and when Shimizu saves her from actually nearly dropping a bottle of water near the bag of flour the baby really is, she nearly faints. God.

Ennoshita names the baby Kara-chan, for obvious reasons, but Tanaka and Nishinoya keep tacking names and titles on so at the end of the day Asahi’s ‘birth certificate’ registration actually reads “Her Royal Highness Commander of the Birds, and Crows, Wing Libero Ace, and High Excellent Admiral, the Majestic Defender of the Peace Kara-chan”.

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"Come and cuddle with me"

"Nnh…no!" The Dragon replied petulantly as he curled up in the branches of the tree he had climbed up in to pout. He stared down at Inso with half lidded mismatched hues, blanket hugged tightly to his chest.

"N-no c-cuddles…" He repeated, his tail swishing behind him in his tense state. He had wanted to shift in his dragon firm and fly around, but not with the collar around his neck.

Alone (drabble)

Mystery paced around the motel room, his tails swishing and ears twitching around. He glanced at the digital clock on the bedside table, its red numbers flashing across the face. The time was 00:12. The last time he’d checked it was five minutes ago. Several hours ago his master Vivi had commanded him to wait, without telling him what she was about to embark on. Agitated, he turned around and paced over to the window. Looking out, a thick blanket if fog had settled on the carpark. He turned away from the window, Mystery pulled the curtains closed. Taking his full form, the kitsume flooped down and stretched his long body across the double bed, his clothing now strewn across the floor. Closing his eyes, he let his mind drift.
He felt someone gently rubbing his ears. It felt good, and he let out a satisfied moan.
“Mysteryyyyy, heyyyy are you awake?” a soft feminine voice cooed.
The kitsume moaned and opened a crimson eye.
“We’ll now I am thanks to you, master Miho” he groaned, stretching his body and toes. He must’ve dozed off.
The raven haired girl let out a chuckle, and lay down next to him, and wrapped her arms around his neck. Mystery could feel her warm breath on his fur, which carried a scent of cherry blossoms.
“You’re doing all that you can Mystery” Miho said softly, “Don’t be too hard on yourself.”
“Then why do I feel like I’m failing? I just watch her get hurt…” He sighed, “I can’t even protect her from herself.”
Pressing her body closer, the priestess began to rub the kitsume’s ears again.
“Vivi is a strong girl you know.”
“Yes, also stubborn and foolhardy.”
“I was like that too back when I was her age remember?”
“And determined like Keith too.”
“That’s the worst part.”
There was a pause. The air was still. Mystery could feel warm salty tears stinging his face, matting his fur.
“I miss you so much Miho.” he sobbed “I miss you so so much.”
“I know Mystery.” she wrapped her hands around his neck again, this time burying her face into his fur, “I’m sorry that I made you do this.”
“You have nothing to be sorry for master.”
“You’re far to kind my dear Foxy. Most other kitsumes would have left by now.”
“I love you Miho, I always have and I always will. Even when you chose Keith in the end.”
“Do you love my daughter the same way?”
Mystery tensed up, clenching his eyes shut.
“I do.”
“Then I believe in you.”
The kitsume’s eyes opened, and he was in the room alone once more.
It was time to go find Vivi. He would not fail her like he did with Miho. He would protect her with all his power, even if it meant that he’d disobey her, even if he’d die doing it.