Feeding Strays

MariChat Week 2 Day 6: Cookies


Chat Noir had a built in cookie radar. Marinette would not believe anything else. Every time she baked cookies, he showed up at her house. It went something like this:

She would tell her friends she was bringing cookies to school the next day, then she’d go home to bake them, and Chat Noir would show up within the hour.

“How do you always know?” she demanded as she poured chocolate chips into a bowl full of dough.

Chat Noir leaned against the counter, tail swishing from side to side. “Maybe I patrol by your house every afternoon in the hopes that I’ll sniff them out,” he said.

“Yeah, and maybe you’re full of shit. Do you have this place wired or something?” Marinette smacked Chat Noir’s claw away as he reached in to swipe some dough off the inside of the bowl. “Stop that. If you get food poisoning, who’s going to help Ladybug save Paris?”

“I’ll let you borrow Plagg.”

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Here’s a little MariChat for you guys. I told you there’s an abundance of ships in this chapter :) It’s a super long one, and I’m almost halfway done editing it, and I came across this scene and thought I’d share it cause it makes me smile.

“Didn’t like my kiss?” His mask furrowed.

“It could use some work,” She smirked as his tail swished back and forth.

“Why don’t you give me some pointers?” He waggled his eyebrows.

“You’d like that, wouldn’t you?” She laughed.

“More than you can imagine,” He kissed her hand. “But I won’t keep you up, princess. I just wanted to stop by and thank you. Things have been…better for me.”

“You’re welcome, kitty,” She smiled, biting her lip. “Okay, I’ll teach you one thing.”

“Oh?” His ears perked up.

“If you’re going to kiss a girl, don’t just plant one on her. You have to set it up first,” She stepped closer to him. “Make eye contact,” She instructed, and Chat followed her words very literally. “Let her know you want to kiss her by touching her face and looking down at her lips.” He lifted his hand to brush her cheek, gaze flicking to her lips.

“Then what?” He breathed.

“Then you lean in – slowly – and tilt your head slightly. If she does the same, she wants to kiss you.” She continued.

“You’re tilting your head,” He smirked as he leaned in.

“I’m demonstrating,” She flicked his bell.

“Now what?” He was close enough that she could feel his breath swirling around her face.

“Let your lips touch, but don’t kiss her yet. Make her want it a little,” She whispered against his lips, feeling his breath catch slightly. His gaze flicked back up to her eyes.

“And then?” He asked, eagerly anticipating her next instruction. She smirked a little, lingering tantalizingly close to him for a moment before pulling away.

“Then you kiss her.”

Dune Buggy

Old Volkswagen
sounding like this?
Thwap, thwap, thwap
Give it some gas.
Wheels are spinning,
spitting sand,
smoke trailing.
Up it climbs,
shining in the sun
dune after dune
gliding aloft,
rushing down
through puddles.
Thwap, swish, spin,
up and over again,
sand flying everywhere.

D W Eldred

Embrace of the Universe

Every night I escape into a world that’s entirely my own. It’s a place I carry with me. It’s not always easy to get there, but when I do, I am in a state of pure bliss. It is a place that exists between worlds; a state where I am neither awake nor asleep, maybe a bit of both. When I shut my eyes, about to sleep, I awake in my mystical realm of possibilities. It is a sacred place; where only things that are beautiful to me exist. My dreams, hopes, and aspirations have all come true; I am powerful there. I can feel the cold breeze lightly kiss my cheeks. My hands are tucked inside the sleeves of a large, warm sweater. The forest trees swish back and forth, bowing their branches at my feet, enticing me to come play in the darker parts of the deep and thick woods. I accept the offer to venture into the deep unknown, but before I do, I take a deep breath and gaze at the mountains; how tall they stand and how they tower over me; shielding me from harm. The gulp of fresh air sends shivers down my spine and I know that it is time. Magnificent changes are upon me, transcending me above and beyond. I find myself in a dark meadow, still and calm. There’s nothing but silence and an intense feeling in my gut telling me that I’m exactly where I need to be, and who I was always meant to be. Suddenly, I find myself feeling lighter than a feather. As I close my eyes, I feel weightless. The center of my forehead tingles. I bring my fingers to it and feel The shape of a crescent moon. I imagine its silvery iridescent glow. I open my eyes and see that I am above the ground. I begin to transcend higher and higher, surpassing the tree branches. They hug me tight as I pass them. I am so high now that I can see the tips of the trees far below my feet. I know that this is a place where nothing can harm me, so I allow myself to go higher and higher. The stars are at my fingertips. I can do anything. My mind is liberated and I am free. I know that nothing can stop me. I am no longer flesh. My bones have been broken up and dispersed throughout the infinite universe. I am one with the stars, galaxies far from where I was once from. Will I ever return? I’m in a different place, a different time, in another dimension. No longer do I remember what it was like to feel human. I consist of only light and unity. I shift my awareness to my bouncing energy; bouts of color explode from within me. I can feel my fingers, my toes, and a tingle in my forehead. My body has returned to me. Suddenly I am falling, lightly and swiftly. I kiss the stars goodbye; they twinkle in response and I thank the universe for this wonderous experience. I can see the stars become smaller and smaller. I’m falling back to earth and entering the atmosphere. I find myself in a large field of beautiful vibrant flowers; shades of red and pink. Mountains stand high in the distance and in the night sky, dark clouds loom above me. I am nothing but a skeleton lying in a field of daisies, a crescent moon burning in the center of my skull. I know that this is the death of my journey. The scenery dissipates and I slowly open my eyes, back in the bleakness of my room, back in my bed fully conscious. Then I drift to sleep.