I wanted to take a moment to call out this tumblr user.

“Swimming is gay.”

1. The most decorated Olympian of all time in the history of ever is a swimmer and a fucking great athlete while at it.

2. Rugby hasn’t been at the Olympics since 1924.

3. I swim 6,000 meters A DAY. A FUCKING DAY.That’s four miles of swimming. Which is like running sixteen miles. So nigga please.

4. The group above me does 8,000 meters a day. College does 10,000, and Michael Phelps does 20,000 meters a day.

5. My dryland, (FUCKING WARMUP) is three miles of running with abs in between each lap.

6. The most decorated Olympian of all time is a swimmer.

7. Gay? A sport makes you gay? What makes you gay is liking dick. I guess the fucking whole fucking Olympic team is gay now because they won thirty one medals and sixteen gold.

8. The US medal count at the Olympics this year was 104. Swimming accounted for thirty one of those. Without swimming we would have lost to China. FUCK COMMUNISM.

9. I’m gay for wearing a speedo every day of my life? I’m gay. I’M SORRY I’M TOO FUCKING HOT FOR CLOTHING AND A SPEEDO FITS ME WELL.

10. I don’t know a group of people who work as hard in both their sport, school, and everything they do in life. Oh and never complain.

So no, swimming isn’t gay. I IMPLORE you to join me at a practice this summer. You’ll die. Now maybe this was a joke, and I am not calling this person out specifically, but I literally see this everywhere. If you think that, there’s a little unfollow button at the top of my page.

Goodnight and fuck all of you who think that swimming is neither hard, or makes you a homosexual. Every sport is hard in its own right.

The Signs as Swimmers During Practice

Aries: Sprints warmup and then dies during the main set.

Taurus: Actually knows what the set is.

Gemini: Spends the first 15 minutes of every practice talking to the coach just to get out of doing warm up.

Cancer: Cries when coach explains main set.

Leo: Won’t let you go in front, even when you touch their feet.

Virgo: Actually finishes each set without cheating

Libra: Try’s to argue with the coach about the main set.

Scorpio: Always the first one in the water.

Sagittarius: Actually believes that they are going to make the Olympics.

Capricorn: The only one that can keep track of the interval.

Aquarius: Floats at the back of the lane during practice but is still really fast.

Pisces: Constantly sitting on the wall with some unique excuse.

waluigidancingqueen  asked:

How would one go around riding that burrows - like a sandworm?

This is gonna be disappointing, but the answer is…. nnno….

Digging animals, worm-like or otherwise, are an inherently rider-unfriendly experience. Swimming and flying animals are already pretty difficult with the aerodynamics and oxygen problems, but “swimming” through a solid would be even worse. you would just get…. scraped off. Even following behind in a little vehicle wouldn’t usually work, since animals like worms and moles and etc don’t always leave a big empty “burrow” behind them, especially in loose earth. You can soooorta see it in this mole vid but i can’t find that many vids showing animals digging, since it DOES require x-rays. In dense, clay-heavy soil you might have shot at following behind the critter in the tunnel, but it would be terribly unsafe and unreliable.

I think the closest thing to a digging mount I can practically recommend is training a digging animal to excavate a tunnel for you, then moving through the packed tunnel walls afterwards. It honestly wouldn’t be much slower.

Why Every Stroke is Actually the Worst

Written by a swimmer

Butterfly: Honestly I shouldn’t even need to explain this but…it’s exhausting, your arms feel like noodles after 50m, you’re constantly hitting the lane line and/or other teammates with your arms, and if you want to take more breaths you have to take more strokes.

Backstroke: First of all, you always get water up your nose. How, you ask? This is the stroke where your face isn’t even underwater, so that’s impossible! Wrong! All the water splashing around you ends up in your face and it’s terrible. Also you can’t see in front of you so it’s easy to plow right into the lane line/the pool side/your teammates.

Breaststroke: Even though you’re swimming at a normal pace it feels like you’re going soooo slow. If you’re out of practice the motions also feel really unnatural sometimes. And circular leg strokes = kicking your teammates.

Freestyle: Pressure to be fast because it’s the easiest stroke. Plus, you get to breathe the least of all four because you can’t (well you can but you’re not supposed to because it’s slow) breathe each stroke.