Day 1.
Oh my dears, I have never done so much kicking in my life. I did 5, not 10 repeats, except that last one, I did 8 of those. I shared the lane with 4! little old men, circle swimming. I was also kicked into a differnet lane 3 times. 😧 Maybe 2200m? Calories counted, >80oz water consumed, flossed. No sweets, no alcohol. Crazy good day.


Look at @_vickymermaid_ and me being awesome 😉
Filmed at a recent Dutch mermaid meetup.

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This morning work out! Swimming 😄

Found these handy cards on the side of the pool. I’ve started with the 10 laps card. Loved it so much. I’m getting so much stronger. My breast stroke is becoming more of a glide. Back stroke I just need better core strength but my front crawl need so much work😥 I can not managed 2 laps.

Also my confidence is growing so much. I can not belive I’ve wasted so much years hating myself. Swimming is something I now do to escape from foolishness.

I’m never going back to self doubt and self pity.

Here’s to loving my self ❤