Thumbs up for pre-exercise snacking 👍

Tonight I repeated my pre-swim half-a-banana and peanut butter, and I really am starting to believe it makes a difference!
Maybe it’s a bit psychological. I’m anticipating having more energy and maybe that expectation is part of the reason I do.
But it’s good. It’s great! I can swim hard, and keep going. My arms feel strong. I noticed in this evening’s swim that my heart wasn’t throwing off extra beats as it often does when I swim.
I think I’m going to make this snack a regular pre-exercise occurrence because although my ed likes it when I feel totally worn out, Faith likes it when I feel strong and energetic. Whoop whoop!

Thankyou aufugio, hollywoodx4 and anewlife123 for your encouragement on my first banana post - I think you were right!