Fu Yuanhui just straightforwardly acknowledged she has her period in front of billions of people

Chinese swimmer Fu Yuanhui is one of the most popular athletes in China and has won hearts the world over. But her influence now stretches beyond funny GIFs. She has brought a topic that remains taboo in Chinese sport and society to the forefront: periods.

Gifs: Shanghai Expat


So, there were two ways in which communities racially-segregated pools at the time. One was through official segregation, and so police officers and city officials would prevent black Americans from entering pools that had been earmarked for whites. The other way of segregating pools was through violence.

And so, a city like Pittsburgh, it did not pass an official policy of racial segregation at its pools. But rather, the police and the city officials allowed, and in some cases encouraged, white swimmers to literally beat black swimmers out of the water, as a means of segregating pools, as a means of intimidating them from trying to access pools.

And now Simone Manuel is the first African-American woman to win a medal in an individual swimming event. And that medal is gold.

This is huge deal… The stigma that black people cant swim, or black women don’t want to get their hair wet. And now a Black Woman is the FASTEST SWIMMER IN THE WORLD! This is awesome.

Ryan Lochte caught in Olympic scandal because he didn’t want to tell his mother what he did on Saturday night

It’s a tale as old as time. Boy goes out, boy comes home, mom asks what boy did, boy lies about being mugged to cover up drunk and disorderly behavior, mom tells the news because boy is an Olympic athlete, news investigates, boy gets caught.