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For the anon asking about the swimming unit - if you don't have access to a binder for whatever reason, you can manipulate swimming costumes by wearing a bikini top under a costume, or a t-shirt over the costume to change your body-look in the water. Alternatively, wetsuits change the shape of inbetween your legs as they tend to hang down there a bit, and they flatten the chest too to make you more streamlined in the water Xx


Once when I was getting changed at a swimming pool the door got locked or jammed or something, so being the dumb child I was I crawled under the door topless and opened it from the outside

A lot of people from my class saw me.

Why. Am. I. Me. And. Why. Would. I. Do. That. Without. A. Top?

You know I always say I’m dumb, but really, who could be more stupid than my 10 year old self

So I have a huge fear of water and pools, and when I started high school we had to go swimming every Wednesday, and it was basically my biggest nightmare. Every time I would go the women (stupid bitch) who was teaching us how to swim would always be super nasty to me, make me swim when I was freaking out and crying, and when I was trying to climb out she literally pushed me back into the pool with her fucking foot. (One time we were doing the “treading water” test where you have to tread water for like 5 minutes, and I was holding onto the pool dividers as sneakily as I could bc people kept kicking me and well obviously I’m fucking terrified of water, and she made me do a lap of the pool on my own whilst everyone else watched and I was crying and she kept shouting things at me.)

So, after weeks of claiming to be on my period, my teachers started to suspect that there was no way I could’ve been on my period for the past 4 weeks straight, and when they tried to force me to go swimming, the next day I just happened to.. fall and “break” my collarbone.

In short - huge fear of water, swimming teacher was a cunt, pretended to break my collarbone to get out of going, also you know damn well I wore that sling for 6 weeks.


Swimming with turtles on an Hawaiian Coral Reef


Friday gets even better with a minute (almost) of swimming penguins! #Africanpenguins #spheniscusdemersus #vacation #penguins #swimming #oceananimal #video #friday #fridayfeathers #newenglandaquarium #boston #massachusetts (at New England Aquarium)

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Ray swimming above coral reef, Maldives