Katie Ledecky hands her five Olympic medals to baseball player before throwing out first pitch
One by one, swimmer Katie Ledecky handed her Olympic medals to Bryce Harper. Four gold medals and one silver from the Rio Olympics sat in the hands of the reigning National League MVP. As the Nationals star outfielder admired the medals of the Olympic champion and held her hat, Ledecky threw the ceremonial first pitch to reliever Shawn Kelley before the Baltimore Orioles beat Washington 10-8 Wednesday night. Read more…

anonymous asked:

Why does menstruation stop temporarily when a period haver takes a shower/bath/goes swimming etc?

It doesn’t, it just seems like it does.

If you’re taking a shower, it’s just that it gets flushed away. If you’re swimming, it actually may not go out for a little bit (sometimes) due to water pressure, but it will eventually do so.

But the biological process still goes on.

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Watch the New Trailer for 'The Fall' Season 3
It's the final season

I watched the cool new trailer for The Fall Season 3 and had to wonder if it was a subtle middle finger to Sally Wainwright, the creator of Happy Valley, or if it was just a coincidence that the whole clip was of Stella swimming. A few months ago Wainwright said this:

“I think it’s downright misogynistic. I don’t know why we had so many shots in the first series of The Fall of Gillian Anderson swimming.”

I don’t understand why Wainwright thinks this is problematic. There’s nothing about swimming laps in a one-piece swimsuit and a swim cap that is misogynistic. The implication is that it sexualizes Stella, but I completely disagree. Wainwright’s comment makes it appear as though these scenes are random and motivated by the desire to put Anderson in a swimsuit. That just isn’t the case. Rather, the pool scenes work so well visually and stylistically. Showing Stella swimming alone in a large, dimly lit pool is a highly effective way of conveying aspects of her solitary nature, psychology, and inner processing.

I love Happy Valley, but I don’t see that Wainwright is justified in deriding The Fall based on what appears to be grounds of moral superiority. Yes, Spector poses his victims in ways that are sexual. Serial killers behave like that some times. But his actions are in no way condoned and how it is depicted on screen is not voyeuristic for the audience. Furthermore, Happy Valley's plot revolves around women being kidnapped and raped with a side plot about a woman who claimed she was raped but was lying. So both Happy Valley and The Fall have plots based on sexual violence against women. But I do not see that one show handles it with more sensitivity or dignity than the other. One might actually say that Happy Valley’s choice to have a woman lie about rape reinforces the problematic belief that still persists that women commonly lie about sexual assault.

Both shows also have kick ass female leads played by two incredibly talented actresses. But their appearance is very different. Something tells me that if Anderson looked like a regular person, Wainwright wouldn’t say boo about Stella swimming laps. To me, that seems to be the heart of the issue, but not the stated reason. The fact people will take notice of how Anderson looks no matter what she wears is unavoidable, but not a legitimate reason to criticize The Fall as misogynistic. Frankly, it strikes me as troublesome if her looks are what’s actually driving the animosity. 

A Day on the Beach

We lucked into blue skies this morning, so dragged the kids out of their beds first thing, and headed to the local sandy beach. We feared not being able to find anywhere to park after our eldest caused us to be an hour later leaving the house than we planned, but our fears were unfounded - it turns out most people don’t turn up at the beach until after lunch.

Within minutes of setting up camp on the beach, the younger children raced into the surf, with me not far behind - charged with their safety, and the age old tradition of being “that Dad who goes into the sea with his children”. Don’t get me started about parents that sit on the beach and watch from a distance - you only have to see the kids excitement when they see me following them in to tell you why it’s worth doing.

I won’t lie. The sea was cold. As I strode past the kids into the deeper water, the shock took my breath away. I turned around, grinned at them hopping around on tiptoes, and dove head-first into the water - then flat out front crawl until the shock ebbed away. By the time I turned back around, they were both swimming like lunatics towards me.

We had a wonderful day. We swam, ate sandwiches brought from home, and I even wandered to the shops and bought a paperback book to read on the beach (Kindles and beaches really don’t go together).

Tomorrow will hopefully be more of the same, but we suspect thunderstorms may roll up the coast. Fingers crossed the weather forecast is wrong.