MY THIRD YEAR FILM!! I finally finished it!! Hope you all like it!


We just got back from our short stay in Seattle (for our Anniversary xo) and visited the Zoo! This little River Otter was the highlight <3 He made me wait all day to see him play, we had to visit his habitat three times! He slept most of the day and did laps around his pool just before we left. They’re so much like Ferrets, and definitely one of my favorite animals! (Excuse the phone quality photos, I guess I’ll just have to go back for more pictures, and to visit the Asian Small Clawed Otters that were blocked from view) 

Of course the only trinket we brought back was a gift for our Fuzzbutts! 

You can view more pictures/ animals from our trip on my Instagram there are lots to come! 


More pictures from the last two weekends… 2 were finish line pictures from last week, and the other two were from today’s relay triathlon. Our team won!* my time for the 400 m. swim (plus some running I think?) was 6:21. It was the first race both my teammates did too, and I think they both want to do a full triathlon now. ☺️