@letterbombed was crushed by a man roughly shoving himself to the front during the Sweet Children show at the House of Blues. When the band saw what was happening, they interrupted the song to make sure she was okay. ()

»John Kiffmeyer came over and then Billie Joe had walked over in front of me, and was leaning over and said “Are you good?” and I think my friend said something like “No, she’s hurt”, and he said “Are you good? Are you good?” again. I just remember crying with my head in my hands and my friend saying ‘HANNAH, HANNAH, HE’S TALKING TO YOU’, so I looked up at him and he said "Alright”, and smiled at me and then said “I love you.” And then I cried some more because it was so sweet and I will never in my life forget Billie Joe smiling at me and telling me he loved me. It was just really nice to feel like he cared.«


When our friends at sweetgreen​ called us up about curating picnic baskets for a rooftop dinner party at Brooklyn Grange, of course we said yes! The baskets were spread out across the long farm table, so folks invited could break bread together (literally!) with cheese, salami, radishes, and gooseberries from Good Eggs. It was an absolutely beautiful night with an inspirational group of people - and how about that view?!

Here’s what everyone enjoyed:

- Bien Cuit Ciabatta Loaves

- Brooklyn Brine Pickles

- Ardith Mae Goat Cheese

- Charlito’s Dry Fig “Salami”

- Willow Wisp Organic Breakfast Radishes

- Myers Produce Gooseberries (out of season now, boo!)

The hodgepodge of small bites in the basket make a lovely gift for friends and family! We’ll be providing them for a few weddings in the fall which we’re really excited about. Picnic on!

Images via Steven Mark Stauffer Photography

Arseniosiderite, Olivenite


Gold Hill Mine (Western Utah Mine), Gold Hill, Gold Hill District (Clifton District), Deep Creek Mts, Tooele Co., Utah, USA

Yellow to burnt orange arsenosiderite on olivenite (dark green) and surrounding matrix.

Douglas Merson’s Photo