Sticky Cheeks and Sweet Kisses :prompt by cutelittlelumpofwool82

“You have a class to teach do you really think you should go with the jelly doughnut?” Amy admonishes as Sheldon makes his selection in the breakfast line.

“I don’t see how what I have to do this morning makes an impact on my breakfast choices.” he says placing the pasrty on his tray.

“It makes an impact because you are a messy eater and I am not driving you back home to get a new shirt when you squirt jelly on this one.” Amy tells him setting a yogurt and a fruit bowl on her tray.

“I am not a messy eater.” he says miffed as he pays for his breakfast and then looking back at Amy pays for hers as well.

“Tell that to my dashboard after you have had french toast sticks.” Amy teases him and he rolls his eyes.

“Syrup is sticky and I did not have my wet wipes with me in your car. Name one other instance where I have proven myself to be a messy eater.” Sheldon says selecting a table and sitting down. Amy sits down opposite of him and spoons up a bite of yogurt while she thinks.

“Our second date, we were going to the zoo and we stopped at a little cafe for breakfast beforehand. You got a jelly doughnut and got jelly all over your cheek. I kept trying to hint to you that you had food on your face by wiping my face.”

“Is that why you were doing it i thought you had developed some sort of nervous tick. He tells her taking a bite of his breakfast and getting jelly on his cheek as he attempts to wipe a crumb off his face.”

“I was trying to be polite about the food on your face, but you would not listen so…”

“You licked your finger and wiped off my face. Oh how horrified I was at your salvia being rubbed all over my face.”

“You just looked at me like I had punched you and got up and ran to the bathroom. I thought you were never coming back out, I thought you had escaped from the window.” Amy laughs.

“Believe me I thought about it, but I decided that you were unfamiliar with some of my more fastidious habits. So I came back out to calmly explain exactly how egregious your actions against me had been.”

“Calmly explain? You gave me a twenty minute lecture on germs and bacteria transfer.” Amy tells him.

“Did you ever do it again?” He asks raising his eyebrow at her.

“No I guess I didn’t.” Amy muses looking at him oddly and he looks back at her and smirks.

“Why are you looking at me like that?”

“You have jelly on your cheek.” she tells him as she licks her thumb leans over the table and rubs the sticky spot off. Sheldon grabs her hand and looks at her sternly.

“I’ve told you how I feel about that.” he grouses before kissing her hand and letting it go, Amy smiles at him.

“Getting more adaptable in your old age?” she asks him as he gets up and grabs his tray and walks over to her.

“No I have just accepted that I already have all your germs.” He tells her as he bends down and kisses her softly on the mouth before walking away. “ Then he turns around and says. “If you will please note my shirt is clean, cheeks don’t count as messy eating.”

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