Sweep Picking


Using Sweeps and Arpeggios

Let’s take a look at one way to apply sweeps and arpeggios (ala Protest the Hero). Playing through a simple chord progression we can outline the harmony of those by sweeping through them, in turn creating a part or section that is much more interesting all around. 

Check out the S.T.E.M. song Bounce to hear this example in it’s original context

Lesson Transcription available here


My 100th post, I thought it should be something I think about every day. Listen to leading riff, some serious sweep picking. Sylosis- Empyreal


Lesson 7-Sweep Picking + Arpeggio Etude

In this Arpeggio Etude we will be expanding our standard “vertical” Arpeggio by shifting positions. This movement will not only help us move across the neck “horizontally” but also allow us to see and recognize multiple chords shapes simultaneously. We will be Sweep Picking through basic Bar Chord Shapes and connecting in different Fretboard Positions. 

Lesson Transcription available at axeofcreation.lessons@gmail.com 


A practical, simple sweep picking lesson by Guthrie Govan. He speaks so well on such a wide variety of techniques. 

‎But I think in order to actualize the ideas you have in your head, to know theory, and all that time I spent when I was a teenager you know, like, wackin’ off and learnin’ how to sweep pick, was probably, uh, a really good thing in hindsight.
—  Devin Townsend