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AN: Been real heavy on the soft Bill feels recently. Hope you enjoy!

Musical inspiration: Home, Gabrielle Aplin

One never really gets used to it do they? That vastly empty feeling that sidles into the hollow of your heart, the one that matches your barren bed so perfectly. If you reach your hand to his side of the mattress, an indentation of where his body has lied for the past few months, still lingers there. It’s not warm to the touch like it would have been an hour ago, but it’s a painful reminder of what you put yourself through every few months. It’s worth it in the end though, isn’t it? Just to feel him next to you, to feel him inside of you. It’s worth it because even though he’s gone for nine months out of the year, he comes back.

He comes back every single time, and for you… that is enough.

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What Strangers See

Hey guys! As you may or may not know, I am currently on holiday travelling through Europe. I didn’t plan on writing while away, because I tend to put a lot of criticism on my own stories thus making it slightly stressful. (Although I am definitely reading all the new fics coming out :))
However, at this very moment I am on a train in one of those compartments like on the Hogwarts Express, except instead of moving towards our destination (or having anything magical happen) we’re stranded in the middle of the Swedish countryside because of a cable fire in a tunnel. So…since I had the time and the wifi I busted out this random one shot in a sitting of maybe 20 minutes? It’s a whole lot of nothing, but I hope you enjoy regardless. xx

“What are you smiling at, girl?” Finn sets down their drinks and pulls his chair closer to hers before sitting down.
“Just people watching” Rae turns to him briefly before looking back to the busy London street.

They’re sat outside, on the patio of some random cafe. It’s their five month anniversary and Finn had showed up at hers with a mixtape and an overnight bag, asking if she wanted to take a ride. He was all ready to make his case; argue that it was bank holiday weekend, that he had filled the back seat with crisps and water, that Linda and Karim were out of town anyway, his fallback being to confess just how desperate he was to have her completely to himself. Turns out all his careful planning to get his words right was for naught, and he was hit with a surge of pride when she said yes with zero hesitation. She’d come along way, his girl.

“See those two there?” Rae asks, as she nods her head in the direction of a boy and girl around their age stood outside a shop. “What do you think their story is?”
Finn looks at the shy way the boy looks at the girl, how his head dips to talk closer to her ear. His hands are in his pockets but his whole body leans towards her. “He likes her but she doesn’t see it yet.”
“How do you reckon that?”
Finn shrugs and takes a sip of his Coke. “Looks like us when we first started.”
“Oh, so he’s a dickhead and thinks she’s annoying?”
“Well ONE of those things is still true…” Finn laughs as he pulls her by the neck to plant a kiss in her hair.
“Oi!” Rae pinches the flesh of his thigh before scrunching her nose at him and turning back to the road. “Alright, Mr. Observant. Explain that” she juts her chin at an older man wearing a shirt and tie with cowboy boots, carrying a large sack of kitty litter over one shoulder.
“Easy. Giving up his office job to start a cat farm.”
“Right,” Rae agrees. “Only explanation.”

They go on like this for a long while, making up random stories to match the random strangers passing by.
Finn thinks a serious looking group of business people are actually MI6, scouting the area for a crooked arms dealer.
Rae jokes that the squad of power walking pensioners are off to some underground seniors-only night club. “Reckon that one in the matching track suit has a crop top and mini hidden underneath?” She asks seriously. That makes Finn nearly do a spit take as he chokes on his laughter, and he adds this memory to his mental file of ‘times Rae’s made him love her more’. (It’s a big file, even by imaginary standards.)
“Well girl, you’d know what that would look like wouldn’t ya? Old people peeper and all…” Finn trails off and guffaws when Rae slaps his bicep hard.
“I knew I shouldn’t have told you about that! Ugh now I’m picturing Mrs. Dewhurst all sweaty at the rave,” Rae covers her eyes and shudders a groan which sets him off again.
Finn points out a nervous looking man who keeps patting down his pockets and says he’s probably about to propose, and Rae thinks the look on his girlfriend’s face says the answer will be a resounding no.
Rae clocks a handsome lad carrying a large stack of books and all Finn can come up with is that “Archie would find him well fit” and “should we get his number or summat?” Which earns him a giant grin and a kiss on the cheek from Rae.
A young bloke wearing trackie bottoms tucked in socks passes by, and they over hear him boisterously telling a dick joke that earns nothing but eye rolls and sniggers from his mates. Finn and Rae turn to each other simultaneously and say “London Chop!” in unison before they’re both in a fit of giggles.
Then Rae is slapping Finn’s shoulder with the back of her hand when she spots a “fucking Damon Albarn doppelgänger” walking their way. She teases that he doesn’t need to have the talent if he has the face and pretends to stand. Finn pulls her back and chuckles like it’s no big deal, but by the time fake-Damon gets to them Rae is too distracted by Finn suckling her neck to notice. His arm doesn’t leave her waist after that.

When their food comes, they separate to either sides of the table and now their game has shifted to the other customers at the cafe. Finn tilts his head to one side to indicate a girl with long ginger hair sitting alone near them.
“What about her, reckon she’s waiting for a date?” His voice is low so the girl doesn’t hear.
Rae seems to stiffen a bit, before pushing her plate away from her. “Doubt it.”
“Huh, why not?” Finn looks over at the stranger again. She’s wearing a flowery dress and makeup, and her eyelashes are fluttering quicker than necessary as she continuously tosses her hair over her shoulder. From the girls at college Finn knows these are tell tale signs.
“Because she’s been eyeing you up since she sat down” Rae explains, her head cast low.
Finn’s ears go red, because now that Rae’s said it he picks up on the way the redhead keeps glancing at him, sending him a flirty smile when their eyes meet. Finn clears his throat and looks away, his hand instinctively moving to grab Rae’s across the table. It’s not there though, and he frowns when he sees how uncomfortable she looks. She’s curled up in to herself and that carefree attitude from minutes ago has drained from her sad but beautiful face.

The sight makes Finn’s chest hurt. There is no way he wants anyone else, she must know that. Fuck, he barely even notices anyone else anymore; doesn’t even remember a time before his vision was tunnelled by expressive eyes and dark hair and spectacular tits. Not to mention the fact that he’s so in love with her he sometimes has to wonder if he’s still sane. He hasn’t told her yet (the thought alone makes his lungs tighten and his fingers tremble) but, God, does he feel it. Once, when they were alone at the pub, Archie asked him what being in love felt like. Finn just shrugged and said “brilliant” because he wasn’t drunk enough to explain that it’s this all consuming thing in his veins that gets carried to his heart, only to be pumped back into every nerve of his body.
It’s scary, what he feels for Rae (and not just because it makes him agree with all the cheesy lyrics those Backstreet Boys sing). Terrifying, actually, because Finn doesn’t think he’d survive if she ever left (and he’s had enough of people leaving). So when he sees how rigid she’s gone, how her gaze has dropped to her lap as she readjusts her clothes, a strange thrill fills him because maybe she feels the same way. The same intensity, the same fear.

“Rae. Hey. Girl, look at me” Finn wraps his legs around one of hers under the table. Rae lifts her eyes but her head is still lowered. “See that couple over there?” Finn asks, shifting his eyes to the right. Rae peeks past her curtain of hair to the other table and then back at Finn. “They’re playing the same game. What do you think they see when they look at us?”
Rae furrows her brow, then turns her whole head to look at the couple, who are indeed looking at them. She makes eye contact with the woman and receives a kind, wide smile. Rae turns to look back at Finn, but his seat is empty. She feels a presence at her side and shifts to see he’s pulled a chair right up to hers, his back to the redhead. Finn’s one hand reaches over to trail his fingers down her back, while the other clutches at her fisted hands in her lap.
“Dunno, probably wondering why we’re together” Rae mumbles.
“Yeah maybe,” his tiny pause is enough to see her face cloud over with hurt “they can tell that you’re WAAAAAAAAAAAY too good for me” he finishes with a wink. Rae’s eyes roll back sarcastically, but they’re also sparkling and Finn’s so glad it’s not from tears.
He leans in closer, a hairs breadth away from her ear, his nose and lips brushing against her gently. “I think what they see is how fucking crazy I am about you.” He’s whispering but his voice and meaning are firm. Rae blushes and drops her gaze again, but this time she’s smiling.
“Such a sap” she replies, halfheartedly pushing him away.
“It’s our anniversary, I get to be sappy” Finn counters, his voice no longer hushed. He wants the whole place to know he’s celebrating with this girl, his girl.
“Yeah, and what’s your excuse every other day?” Rae teases, her finger making its way through one of the empty button holes on his flannel.
“Love,” he answers immediately. Rae’s stunned by that, and Finn’s a little shocked himself, but it was automatic and honest. They stare at each other frozen, both guarded hearts growing soggy as they soak in the heavy word that’s just slipped out. After the moment has passed, Rae is still silent so Finn guides her face to his so he can kiss her until she feels what the strangers can see.


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Koenigsegg Owners Tour 2017

This video commemorates the gathering of 19 Koenigseggs together - the most ever at one time - for the 2017 Koenigsegg Owners Tour.  Starting in Malmö, the fleet toured the Swedish countryside, including a stop at a wet Ring Knutstorp.  

anonymous asked:

lmao so I’m part Swedish & I was in ikea the other day & I’m not really into the idea of settling down & having kids rn but as I was wandering amongst the sofas and various kitchen appliances I couldn’t stop thinking about moving to Sweden with bill & getting a cute Scandinavian house & raising a bunch of adorable Swedish kids & being so ~domesticated~ honestly what a mood :’)

that’s precious. see, it’s just bill. he has this power, and when you look at him? you suddenly want a bunch of babies and a big house in the swedish countryside with two dogs 

pitbullmabari replied to your post “pitbullmabari replied to your post “stop trying to make “USA is…”

the thing about america is that its extremely large, which means that rural areas are more isolated. whats spooky is setting up your camp and realising that the only thing around within 45 minutes is houses and a post office because the topography of the mountains literally would not let people build more

hmmm sounds like the swedish countryside in north sweden tbh. not the largness. but in norrland, they have downsized on social services things so much, that like, if someone get murdered it takes a week for the police to arrive at all, cause they like:

“well, oh getting murdered right now? well….. so live 7 hours away you see…. so….. will get back sometime perhaps.”

another fun norrland thing, is seeing every single store being shut down. sense like 30 years. another classic is the entire city looking at your car in surprise when it arrives, cause they are all like, wtf a new car? where did THAT one come from???

THAT being said, norrland has 1 good thing. none of those signs trying to convert people to christinaity by the road (or at least very few of those).

also, it is legal to use the forest as a toilett. which is very helpful, because tbh I am uncertain if the concept of public toiletts have really caught on in sweden yet. at least if they are not attached to a restruant.

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So why exactly do you like Sondheim?

wut i H8 sondheim?????????????

Interesting question. I mean, there’s a lot of reasons. From a music standpoint, I don’t think there’s any musical theatre composer ever with a more varied output, sound-wise. He’s a musical chameleon, blending his own theatrical sensibilities with the air of authenticity to whatever setting he’s writing for—he effortlessly goes from Bacharachian 70s New York to the old Ziegfeld follies to the waltzing Swedish countrysides to the style of Kabuki theatre to the blood-soaked streets of Victorian England. And that’s all in one decade. But the varied music wouldn’t mean anything unless it was actually good—which it is. Very, very good. Effortless is the word that comes to mind, because you can’t see any strain in any of his tonal changes, and that practically all of his shows have produced at least one song that could be included in a “very best of musical theatre” list is testament to that. 

Lyrically, he’s a goddamn acrobat, but I don’t think anyone would argue with that. “Withers wither with her” and all that.

Dramat(urg?)ically, there’s his constant boundary-stretching. It’s ballsy and almost always pays off. Company became a mirror on 1970s New Yorkers in the theatre, which had never been done before. Sweeney Todd made a tragic, soaring operetta out of a horrifying and grisly urban legend. Merrily We Roll Along goes backwards. Pacific Overtures is, of course, unlike literally anything else to ever play on Broadway. It doesn’t always pay off—Anyone Can Whistle is far too clever for its own good, and I don’t think Broadway audiences will ever truly be ready for something like Pacific Overtures—but he’s actually trying and that’s what matters. If you’re not challenging yourself, why do it? Steve-o is almost always challenging himself. 

And then humanistically, he just has this knack of tapping into something deep inside people that few other artists have. You’ll likely have an emotional reaction to Into the Woods no matter how young you are, but it’ll be drastically different from when you’re 16 to when you’re 40. “Being Alive”, “Losing My Mind”, “Moments in the Woods”, “Our Time”, “No More”, “Finishing the Hat”, even “Send in the Clowns”—these aren’t just songs designed to sell sheet music. These are musical representations of the human experience, and that’s something you just don’t get with every composer.

Like I get that some people may not totally gel with his writing style, but if any “serious” theatre student says they don’t like Sondheim, then I think they’re just not looking hard enough.

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fgdhghdfh all these "but the empty space" BOY have you ever heard of russia and the entire ... you know.... siberian tundra.... which scares me even more tbh. the dyatlov case? hikers just going missing and dying bc of a murderous mountain giving off a hallucination-inducing sound (caused by wind) in the middle of nowhere? good lord. talk about spooky.


this is how spookiness is in the swedish countryside. this is why i pointed out were sweden were on a map, to make these people understand that sweden is next door to the russian siberian tundra.

i had no idea this was something that needed to be done, but APPERNTLY.

some people has apperntly missed that the eurasian continent is gigantic??? i did know this was a problem, but apperntly it was.

like i can excuse not knowing where sweden is, but like………… where do they THINK europe is???? a free floating island in space? no we are attached to asia AND sweden is also in the north, so after Finland, it is ALL Russia all the way too, erm. the pacific ocean actually haha.

A Sun Gleam. Carl Larsson (Swedish, 1853-1919).

Fame eventually came to Larsson in a hitherto ignored register: descriptions of family life in the colourful atmosphere of his house in Sundborn, a village in the Swedish countryside. His album, Our House, and its sequels, which sold in great quantities, became the inspiration for young Swedish couples setting up home.

date a guy who reads. date a guy who goes for vacations in the northern swedish countryside with his family. date a guy who makes his own yarn toy. date a guy who shakes when speaking in public. date a guy with a pure heart. date a guy who makes his own game called unravel. date yarny man.