The name „Duett” was intended to signify the car’s dual-purpose role; it was designed to be useful as both a workhorse and family car. This Volvo P 210 Duett (1960–69) is fitted with matching B18 1.8 liter four and M40 four-speed manual. With a surfboard mounted on the roofrack you would probably make some splittie VW bus guys jealous.


First snow day with the Volvo.


von Braun Indigo 3000 R Signature Series, 2017. A limited edition of 10 cars from the Swedish sports car company. The car is a development of the original Indigo 3000 which dates from 1998 and was designed by Hans Philip Zackau who also worked on the Volvo 850. The Indigo 3000 was made by Jösse Cars which was taken over by von Braun Sports Cars, who acquired the remains of sports car manufacturer Jösse Car/Indigo Cars after they went bankrupt.