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Do you have any good vegetarian recipes / websites for good recipes? :)

Here are some vegetarian recipes for specific meals:

Breakfast & Brunch:
Bean and feta cheese toast *
Scrambled Tofu *
Overnight oats

Potato Salad *
Mexican Salad *
Three bean salad *

Savoury muffins
((School recipes, dips & salads too))

BBQing it:
Fennel with black olive dressing *
Courgette & halloumi skewers *
Grilled Courgettes *
Mushroom burgers

Club mafuckerr sandwich *
Falafel ‘what ya got there’ burger *
Cucumber Sandwiches *

Bean, feta & herb dip*
Spicy bean & corn dip*
Hummus dip*
The serious spinach ricotta & nutmeg dip

Beetroot risotto
Artichoke risotto 
Mushroom risotto

Creamy lemon & cabbage pasta *
Creamy courgette lasagne *
Veg pasta
mac ‘n’ cheese

Soup and vege:
Egg and ratatouille 
Stuff that tomato
Potato and lentil soup
Pumpkin ‘omg winter’ soup 

Quorn recipes: ((tvp (fake) meat))
Ciabatta ham sandwich *
Swedish style meat balls *
Pepperoni layered tortilla *
Quorn pieces laksa *
Chicken fillets w/ quinoa & dukkah 

Recipes taken from:

BBC good food Tesco real food
Good to know Quorn
All recipes  One Green planet  Oh she glows

Also check out:
More recipes: Jamie Oliver 
What is a ‘vegetarian’ diet
Tips to becoming vegetarian 
And consider a vegan diet 

* Recipes which can be made within 30 minutes or less (as indicated by the site) All recipes are more or less easy to prepare and make, hope you enjoy xx

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