Swedish Vallhund

The great Swedish Vallhund gathering 2013 in Russia. This is all we have. Only two dogs.
It’s actually hard to find a mate for playing with same energy level as Xiu Xiu has. So she quickly became friends with Deri and they were running circles together for 2 hours. I must admit two vallhunds are unstoppable force. And it’s better than one.

Наконец-то встреча произошла. Сегодня гуляли с другим настоящим вальхундом Дери. Собаки очень быстро подружились и носильсь 2 часа к ряду. Мы крепко задумались об еще одном вальхунде, потому что с нашей кипучей энергией найти партнера для игр непросто.
Кроме этих двоих заек пока вальхундов в России не наблюдается.

I completely forgot to post these photos! This was Fae’s birthday party at daycare! I baked the cake and took it in (I made regular cupcakes for the workers to have as well). They let Fae go in first and take a few licks at that cake then served it up! I laugh every time I look at these photos because you can see that Fae travels from plate to plate eating any cake that the other dogs left behind. Hard to believe that she is going to be 1 year and 3 months old in 2 days!


OMD!! I got these photos from the facebook page of Fae and Jimmy’s daycare (training loyal companions, you guys rock!). Jimmy’s birthday party looks like it was a lot of fun. He looks beyond adorable in his hat, and I am so happy to see that they even cuddle at daycare! (also happy that the dogs loved the pupcakes I made).