Olympic Dreams


“And you remember that we’re running a mile in the morning, right pumpkin?” Kurt asked as he patted Nolee on the shoulder, dressed in his gray sweat shirt and jeans. “Tonight, I’ve got that entitled 1% Ethan Carter III in a match. You walking me to the ring?”

Nolee smiled and nodded her head, “Of course pops! He’s not got a chance against you.”

maybebringgunswillbeouralways asked:

*Whispers* Sequel to Each and Every Night, pretty please. Maybe Bellamy proposing ♥

*ages pass* *Generations are born and die* *Empires rise and fall* *Sia finally publishes this fic*

Part I


Fucking hell, get it together, Bellamy urges himself as an increasingly less-effective means of calming himself down.  Clarke’s due home any minute and then they’re going to this fancy little restaurant downtown, after, to the evening exhibit at the Botanical Gardens where he’ll get down one knee and propose in whatever secluded romantic corner they can find.

If he doesn’t pass out before that happens.

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