Polish swear words - introduction

If you ask foreigner to say something in Polish, you’ll probably hear…


Our language is full of swear words and curse words. We’ve got little basic swear words and by adding prefixes, changing cases or using reflexive verbs we can create new one with totally different meaning.

Basic swear words:

  • kurwa f - whore / fuck
  • chuj m - dick
  • pierdolić (impf.) - to fuck
  • jebać (impf.) - to fuck


If you know basic swear words, you can add a prefix. Let’s take a look at



  • rozjebać
  • wyjebać
  • ojebać
  • ujebać
  • odjebać
  • dojebać
  • zjebać
  • podjebać
  • pojebać
  • przejebać
  • wjebać
  • zajebać

The only synonyms here are wjebać and zajebać (sometimes also wyjebać) - almost every single word means something different.


Slavic languages are known for system of cases. Using a wrong case can change the meaning of the sentence. Now let’s use a word pierdolić:

pierdolić + acc. (kogo? co?) - to fuck sb / sth
pierdolić + dat. (komu? czemu?) - to talk bullshit to sb / sth

Reflexive verbs

Our reflexive verbs contains verb + się (generic reflexive pronoun). I use a word ujebać:

  • ujebać - to fail or to cut
  • ujebać się - to get dirty

I’m going to make posts about these words - how to use them, what case should be used, if it’s possible to create a reflexive verb. Stay tuned!

Swearing in Finnish 101

1. The most imporant swear words are:
 - vittu (lit. cunt, used in the same way as fuck)
 - saatana (lit. satan, yet used almost in the same way as fuck)
 - perkele (our unique swear word)
 - helvetti (lit. hell)
 - jumalauta (lit. god damn it, at least close to it)
 - paska (lit. shit)

2. Be sure to mix and conjugate these words as much as you can. the more you use them the more finnish you are. you could say, for example,
 - voi vitun saatanan perkeleen helvetin vittu, vittu kun vituttaa niin helvetin vitusti se perkeleen paskapää, voi nyt oikeesti jumalauta ja helvetin saatanavittuPERKELE
and it’d sound great.

3. Enjoy

4. For advanced learner, you can also use these swears/insults 
 - painu helvettiin/vittuun (go to hell/fuck off)
 - haista paska (lit. smell shit, same as fuck you)
 - suksi vittuun (ski into a cunt)  
 - paskiainen/mulkku/kusipää (these are like bastard/motherfucker)
 - voi vittujen kevät ja kyrpien takatalvi (spring of cunts and the blackberry    winter of dicks) 
 - vittu mitä paskaa (fuck this shit)
 - _____ on perseestä (something sucks, lit. ______ is from the ass)
 - paskanmarjat (shitberries)
 - hevonpaska (horse shit)

5. Enjoy even more

Fuck you to all those times you were made to feel guilty over nothing.

Fuck you to everyone who has ever taken their anger or frustration out on you.

Fuck you to all those days when you had to carry around that dull, empty ache.

Fuck you to the feeling of apprehension every time you felt a bad day coming.

Fuck you to all the people who ever put you down or made you feel small.

Fuck you to every time you tried your best and someone came along and made you feel like it wasn’t enough.

Fuck you to those feeling of worthlessness.

A massive fuck you to all of those times.

You’re worth more. You deserve better. You should be appreciated for the wonderful person you are.

Basic conversation

Small talk :

- hello : bonjour / bonsoir (after 6pm), salut (familiar)

- goodbye : au revoir, salut (familiar)

- good afternoon : bonne après-midi (when you leave)

- goodnight : bonne soirée (when you leave)

- how are you : comment ça va ? ça va ? (familiar)

- I’m fine : je vais bien, ça va 

- thank you (very much) : merci (beaucoup)

- you’re welcome : de rien

- see you later / tonight / tomorrow : on se voit plus tard / ce soir / demain

La présentation :

- what is your name ? : comment tu t’appelles / comment vous appelez-vous ? ; quel est ton / votre nom ?

- my name is _ : je m’appelle _ (literally “I call myself _”)

- how old are you ? quel âge as-tu / avez-vous ? 

- I’m _ years old : j’ai _ ans (”I have _ years”)

- and a half : et demi

- how tall are you ? : quelle taille mesures-tu / mesurez-vous ? 

- I am 5′7/1,70m : je mesure / fais un mètre soixante-dix

- are you single ? : es-tu / êtes-vous célibataire ? as-tu / avez-vous quelqu’un dans votre vie ? (”do you have anyone in your life ?”)

- I am dating someone : je suis en couple / avec quelqu’un)  ; je vois quelqu’un (”I’m seeing someone”) sounds less serious, also used to mention a therapist)

Les questions :

- what about you ? : et toi / vous ? 

- what’s new ? : qu’est-ce qu’il y a de nouveau ? ; quoi de neuf ? (familiar)

- what do you mean ? : comment ça ? ; qu’est-ce que tu veux / vous voulez dire ? c’est-à-dire ? 

- what is that ? : qu’est-ce que c’est (que ça / cela) ? 

- who is that ? qui est-ce ? qui c’est ? (familiar)

- I don’t remember : je ne me rappelle pas

- I don’t remember that : je ne m’en rappelle pas

- sorry ? : pardon ? excuse-moi / excusez-moi ? 

- are you sure ? : es-tu / êtes-vous sûr.e ? 

- are you sure about that ? : en es-tu / en êtes-vous sûr.e ? c’est sûr ? (familiar)

- I don’t know : je ne sais pas 

- I don’t really know : je ne sais pas trop / pas vraiment

- who knows ? : qui sait ? 

Les gros mots : 

- shit : merde / fait chier

- fuck : putain (usable in pretty much any situation)

- shut up : (ferme / fermez) ta / votre (sg) / vos (pl) gueule.s 

- asshole : trou du cul / trou de balle

- fucker : connard / connasse 

- bastard : bâtard

- bitch : sale pute

- / : nom de Dieu (”in the name of god”, when you’re pissed)

- I don’t give a fuck : je m’en fous ; je m’en branle (branler : to masturbate) ; je m’en cogne ; je n’en ai rien à foutre ; je n’en ai rien à carrer ; je m’en bats les couilles (for males) or je m’en bats les ovaires (females)

- go fuck yourself : va te / allez vous faire foutre ; va / allez chier 

- go die : va / allez mourir ; va / allez crever (familiar)

- son of a bitch : fils de pute 

Behold, the Shadowplier!

My best friend one-true-lloyd and I just like to picture Shadow with Markiplier’s voice and so I had to quickly sketch this into pretend existence while waiting for payments between commissions. 

Please watch Markiplier if you don’t already. Here are all the videos that I featured in this animation:

[x] [x] [x] [x]


Marcus swears a lot. His favourite cuss word is “damn”. He knows he should not swear - what, with working with paranormal activities and knowing that demons exist - but can’t help it.
Lars could gather many jars filled with money, so all Marcus’s salary would be gone because of constant penalties. What a loser. HA.
Though Marcus usually is never afraid of paranormal things, Japanese ghosts scare the hell out of him. He had bad history meeting some of them for the first time, during his trip to Japan. Japanese ghosts are the creepiest on the Edge’s scale.

Learning spanish? Here are some swear words

Fuck! – ¡Joder! / ¡Hostia!

Fuck off/you/yourself! – ¡Qué te jodan! / ¡Jódete!

Don’t fuck with me! – ¡No me jodas!

What a rotter! – ¡Qué cabrón!

Stick it up your ass! – ¡Métetelo por el culo!

Don’t be such a wanker – No seas tan cabrón

Bastard! / Motherfucker! – ¡Cabrón!

Fucking hell! – ¡Manda huevos!

Cock sucker – Mama bicho / Mama guebo / Mamahuevo

Dammit! / Bloody Hell! – ¡Coño! 

Dickhead/Jerk/Idiot! – ¡Gilipollas!

Slut – Malparida / Piruja / Zopupla / Zorra

Go to hell! – ¡Vete a la mierda! / ¡Vete al infierno!

Shit! – ¡Mierda!

Pinche: A keyword of Mexican profanity

For goodness sake! –¡La madre que me/te/los parió!(literally, “the mother who gave birth to me/you/them”)

How annoying! –¡Qué putada!

Son of a bitch! – ¡Hijo de puta! / ¡Puta madre!

Eat shit and die! – ¡Come mierda y muerte!

To be the best – Ser el puto amo

Fuck in hell! – ¡Manda huevos!

Ass-face – Cara de culo

Wanker – Pajero

Faggot – Marica

Blow me! – ¡Chupame la pija!

Gay – Joto

Fucking whore – Pinche puta

Suck my dick! – ¡Mamame la verga!

Asshole! – ¡Capullo!

Stupid idiot! – ¡Tonto del culo!

Fucking pussy – Pinche punetas

Fucking dickhead – Pinche pendejo

Slander – Injuria

To swear – Echar votos y reniegos

I shit on everything that moves! – ¡Me cago en todo lo que se menea!

Asshole – Forro (Used mostly in Argentina)

Idiot/Stupid – Boludo

To Blaspheme – Renegar

I shit on your bitch of a mother - Me cago en tu puta madre

Dumbass - Gilipollas

I hope you get fucked by a fish - Que te folle en pez

Dicks in vinegar - pollas en vinagre



These are some adult coloring pages I designed, feel free to print and use them for personal or non-profit use. If you would like to use them commercially or would like a custom one, send me a message on here, or kik me (my kik is sparklemurderer).


Swear words in French

EDIT : I have been noticed that those were not used in all of the French-speaking countries. Yet, to avoid a long title I will say French but mean France, Belgium, Switzerland and Morocco (I have no idea about the others, but I’ve been there and most people speak French like I do. So that’s it)

I actually feel very proud of myself, teaching you the beauty of my language. I will also give you the literal translation, for the lolz.

There are two categories of swear words, the rude ones, and the ‘polite’ ones. Just as in English 'what the fuck’ is rude, and ‘what the fudge’ is not. Same.

Also, don’t say ‘palsambleu’, unless you want to make everyone laugh. It was originally an insult to the purity of the ‘blue blood’ of the royal family. It is also the contraction of ‘pâle sang bleu’, meaning ‘pale blue blood’. The more you know…

FIRST - the non rude ones:

- Diantre ! - I don’t know the exact translation, it’s a medieval word. Can be used like ‘Damned’.

- Bon sang ! / Bon sang de bon soir ! - Literally: Good blood! / Good blood of good night! This one is a bit old fashioned, but you can use it on a daily basis, especially if you are around children and you do not want to give them a bad example.

- Mince ! - Literally : Thin! But as in it was a thin chance and I missed it. The closest translation would be ‘crap’, but it has nothing to do with poo (unlike the rude version which is ‘merde’).

- Mercredi ! - Literally : wednesday! This one is used also when you are with children to avoid saying ‘merde’ because they sound alike. Wednesday is not a rude word, whatever the way you use it. Do not call a person a Wednesday, they won’t understand.

- Bon dieu ! - Literally : Good God! This one is especially used when someone fucked up. Ex: Bon dieu, mais qu’est-ce que tu as encore fait ?! - Good God, what have you done, again?! / You can also use ‘Mon dieu’ - ‘My god’.

Now - the rude ones (my favorite part):

- Abruti - Literally : dumb. It is not a swear word when it can be translated to ‘numbed’. Ex: Il était abruti par la chaleur. - He was numbed by the heat. 

- Couillon - Literally : not sure, related to the testicles. Could be translated into ‘dickhead’, or ‘ballsack’ and such.

- Con (variants : ‘oh le con’, ‘gros con’) - Literally : slang word for vagina. It is difficult to translate, but try to imagine the hideous creature born from the fusion of a douchebag, an idiot, an ignorant fuck, a pitiful excuse for a human being, a jerk, and a racist/antisemite/islamophobic/etc asshole. Now you have the ‘con’. 

You can actually use it as a synonym for ’abruti’ when someone fucks up. If you are the one who fucks up, you can say ‘oh le con !’ as a way to say ‘oh, dumb me!’. If someone else fucks up, you also say ‘oh le con’. If someone is the aforementioned creature, you can ad ‘gros’ to its title, now meaning they are an titanic douche. 

The feminine version is ‘conne’, or ‘grosse conne’.

- Putain ! - Literally : whore. You can use this one in almost every situation, for every emotion, etc. Ex: Horrified : ‘Putain !!! o_o’, Annoyed : ‘putaaaaain... -_-’, Pissed off : ‘putain ! D:<’, Recieving the perfect gift at your birthday : ‘putain ! :DD’, Orgasming : ‘puuuutaaaaaaaaiiiiinnn… putain ! PUTAIN !!!!’. The closest meaning would be ‘fuck’.Alternatively, you can use ‘bordel’ which literally means 'whorehouse’ and would also be translated into 'fuck’. When it qualifies a place/situation, it means it’s very messy and possibly disgusting. 

- Merde ! - Literally : shit.

- Bâtard ! - Literally : bastard.

- Connard ! - Even worse than the ‘con’. Feminine version : ‘connasse’.

- Enculé(e) ! - Literally : a person having anal sex and being the sub. You will especially hear it if you can’t drive properly.

Also ‘va te faire enculer’ means ‘go fuck yourself’.

- Fils de chien ! - Literally : son of a dog (so you can use it as son of a bitch, too)

- Fils de pute ! - Literally : son of a whore / son of a bitch

- Pute / salope : Literally : whore, slut

- Salaud / Salopard : Literally : I guess someone who goes to the red lantern district. Can be used as a synonym for ‘gros con’.

- Traînée : Literally : someone being trailed on the ground. Means slut.

- Tête de bite : Literally : dickhead

- Trou du cul / trou de balle / trou de fesse : very rude version of ‘asshole’ / less rude / less less rude

- Tête de cul / tête de fesse : Literally : assface / buttface

These are the ones that you will hear the most because we French love to swear. Also the two French words that have the biggest number of synonyms are ‘bite’ and ‘chatte’, literally ‘dick’ and ‘pussy’. 

Now, there are also more creative ones like ‘résidut d’inceste’ - ‘residue of an incest’, ‘enculeur de chèvres’ - ‘goat sodomizer’, or ‘consanguin’ - ‘ consanguineous person’, but they are less used. Don’t hesitate to be colorful, especially when insulting your friends, with something like ‘tête de capote trouée’ - ‘broken condom face’ or ‘échappé de la SPA’ - ‘escaped from an animal refuge’ (if insulting your enemies I would advise using the basic ones). I voluntarily didn’t include the racist/homophobic swear words for obvious reasons (even if ‘enculé’ could be considered homophobic, but you’ll hear it a lot sot you’d better know it’s an insult).

I hope my beautiful language will be useful to you. If you want other lists of vocabulary, just ask me.

My friend Mariah started this thing that whenever someone, herself included, swears around her 2 y/o son, she says “purple” really loud because he’s bad about repeating stuff and he’s more likely to repeat the loudest and most emphatic thing you say. So most of us started doing it too, when we slip up. It apparently has worked because earlier today he was running in the kitchen and he slid into the table and hit his head, and he cry-yelled “PURPLE!” to show his frustration.