I miss Women’s football so much


I love that both the swedish women’s national team and the french women’s national team had like legit music video….ussoccer.com get on that! haha

The frwnt one to come in my next post, can’t figure out how to post two vids at once. It’s my fave it’s super catchy even though i don’t know any french!

Women's Soccer Decals

I’ve decided to make the decals. The decals are going to consist of the players last name and number like the back of their jerseys. The size of the decals will be 2 inches by 2 inches (5 cm by 5 cm).

But I am only going to make the decals for the 5 players from the US WNT, SWE WNT, GER WNT, FRA WNT, CAN WNT & JPN WNT with the most votes. I’m going to leave it all up to you guys as to which decals I make. Each person is only allowed 5 votes per day so choose wisely.

Spread the word if you want your favorite players decal.

I will make an updated post at end of each day with how the voting is going. You guys have until December 26 at 11:59pm PST to vote.


as promised allez la france – tous avec les filles

Vinyl Decals

I have a machine that can make decals and I was wondering if any of you would be interested in WoSo fandom decals if I made some.

I’m definitely thinking of making decals for laptops, cell phones, and tablets. If my machine can handle it I’m even thinking of making wall decals.

Update: once I get to a certain amount of likes or reblogs I’ll start making them

Pia on the field with the team! Awesome.

Yay Landis at 5.05.

Ahead of this summer’s UEFA Women’s Euro 2013, I have decided to start a new blog focusing on the European national teams, and Sweden and France in particular. Sweden is my “home team”, and France is the team that I enjoy watching the most - and it just so happens that all of the players in OL Féminin who are participating in Euro 2013 play for either Sweden or France! My new blog can be found at womenseurofootball.tumblr.com. For now there obviously isn’t a lot on there, but more will be added in time and if you have any tips or ideas, please don’t hesitate to send them to me! 

Mon nouvelle blog sur le championnat d'Europe de football féminin 2013 et les équipes engagées, particulièrement l'équipe de France et l'équipe de Suède: womenseurofootball.tumblr.com.