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Whenever this gif comes across my dash, I smile. Regina is so flirty here. Look at the grin and the raised eyebrows. It’s very different from the smoldering looks she has flashed at Emma in the past. This “OK..” is not SQ slow burn. It’s the goofy, “If you say so, dear” look you give your WIFE when she is hogging the remote or swears she’s going back to the gym. This looks says, “You are so full of crap but I love you.”

gif source: with you, I always know

Look at Emma’s face like “I can finally hold my woman in public!”
Snow White all like “oh you guys are holding each other now… Please regina be good to her.”
And Regina is all like “yes snow… I can fucking take care of Emma can you please leave us alone now?”
And finally Henry like “omg I can’t believe it… The two hottest females are both my moms! Yay! Suck on that everyone!”

Director: I need less of the grabby hands with Jennifer. I need you to push her away, not got to second base.

Lana: I understand, but it wasn’t really my fault. She just walked into my hands…..with her breasts.

Director: Right. I get it. You’re all about the Swan Queen. Viva la swan queen, you will go down with this ship, etc. However, we need to stay on task.

Lana: Of course. To be clear…I’m pushing her away, not groping her?

Director: Correct

Lana: Sooooo, why do her breasts keep ending up in my hands?


History of Swan Queen through the Seasons

“I hate you!” ….. “Let’s fuck!!” - Swan Queen early Season 1

“I still hate you a little bit!!” …. “Let’s fuck gently…” - Swan Queen Season 2

“I started to like you a little bit…” “I will worship your body, if it’s the last thing I do” - Swan Queen Season 3

“I think, I’m in love with you!!” ….. “I want to make love to you!” - Swan Queen Season 4

Did anyone notice the fact the Mary Margaret didn’t even hesitate when Will Scarlet assumed Emma was gay?? It’s like she knooooowwwwssss!!!!