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So you’re telling me that even in her deepest curse state, something deep in Emma Swan knows that she has to save Regina Mills , something about this woman is so deep rooted in her that the very thought of her dying can break a curse and make Emma remember who she is. And somehow I’m not supposed to take that as True Love?

SwanQueen: Why It Means So Much

It’s more than just a ship or fandom.

It’s our story. It’s who we are as people, LGBTQ or not. It’s what we go through on a daily basis, what we struggle with and how our relationships are formed formed and maintained whether it’s friendship, family or romantic ones. 
We love SwanQueen because we, as LGBT or Allies or just humans in general, see ourselves in the story. Emma and Regina’s struggle to find who they are through trial and error. As a queer woman I dated a strict model of what I thought was right, a masculine man because that’s all I was ever taught that was right and normal. I didn’t want to be rejected by family or friends. I didn’t want to be judged and discriminated against for the longest time. I was afraid to trust and love. I see Emma go through this since day one, struggling to fit a mold to what she thinks she should be ignoring the signs that she may not be what she was taught to be. Her scenes with Regina are always genuine, no filter, and vice versa. There’s no smoke screen, no hidden agenda. These women say and do exactly what’s on their minds with one another. It starts out as turmoil, vying for Henry’s affection and trust. Rightly so, both of them are his mother - one by adoption and the other biologically, neither one better than the other. They find this common ground through tough times. We witnessed them grow close in trust.

Furthermore, the subtext tells an entirely different, underlying story. The subtle glances, or not so subtle glares, eg Emma toward Robin Hood, the gentle touches and holding gazes tell the story of us before we even knew ourselves completely. Emma is always reluctant to date anyone. Closely guarded, scared to open up to let anyone in whether friend or romantic. Even Henry. She didn’t let Henry in for the longest until she knew he wasn’t going to reject her. She needs this security. She feels that with Regina. There was never anything less than brutal honesty between them. She let her guard down around Regina without knowing it because she was attracted to her personality and who she is. 

Likewise Regina saw Emma as a woman who would stand up to her, be herself around her without fear, it’s genuine. That’s attractive to someone who was used to relationships born in immediate rejection, fear, intimidation and false pleasantries starting with her mother that permeated to every other relationship excluding Daniel, Henry and her father. Both of these women were scared and acted out of fear at first, but then their initial dislike used that genuine bond and interactions to form a partnership of sorts, then into friends. It was a slow, natural and organic relationship.

But we’re in fairy tale world here. Emma is the daughter of Snowing, the most heteronormative couple in all of the fairytales. There were no LGBT fairy tales growing up for Emma. She now had a part to play, more than a Savior but a princess. And Princesses find their princes. Dating Hook doesn’t seem natural to us queer folks and allies because it isn’t. She isn’t doing it for love, she’s doing it to keep up appearances, giving in finally to a person who was too persistent, who would be acceptable because he’s a man. Same could be said for Regina, rigidly controlled and told what was expected of her by her mother - marry the King and become Queen. No other options. None. For someone who had little control growing up and then losing the one thing she could control, her actions in genuine love and relationship with Daniel, was beyond heart breaking. It was earth shattering, thus the hyper focus on hating Snow, the person who she blames for snuffing out the light of her life. Regina sees Emma as a threat to her other source of light in Henry. She hyper focuses on eliminating threats. Once she realized Emma was not a threat to that she gained the most powerful relationship you could have, the love and trust of the other parent of your shared child. Emma and Regina’s actions speak far more than either one of their words with Hook or Hood. 

Regina is interesting because she is so desperate to find love in any form that when comes about she’s shocked. “How could anyone love me?” Shocked that Snow actually would have forgiven her for her actions. Shocked to find that Emma wanted to be her friend. Shocked that there was someone other than Daniel out there for her. She immediately goes defensive and resistant to this because she is at heart an abusive victim due to her mother. She can’t believe it to be true so she pushes away to protect herself from harm, from trusting and then to have that trust broken. She pushes Emma away so much so that Emma raises the bar of her actions. Emma wants to be close to Regina on some fundamental level, at first due to Henry but now it’s to share a bond with no matter the price. Same goes for Regina though she does it I think a lot less knowingly than Emma.

Both women as it stands now would do anything for each other. Anything. We’ve all had those we loved that went unrequited. They didn’t know how we truly felt, our silence was more than made up for in actions with that person. We would do anything for them. We want to be their friend at the very least, and go through the motions of what was expected of us in life though secretly wishing it to be otherwise, that the other person would love us back or even be attracted to us. Or so scared that we shared similar desires that we pushed back so hard that it never came to full fruition. This is being in the closet. We see this in Emma and Regina, that burning desire and passion for one another, to be close and understood by the other and not due to some pretense or needing to be for the sake of those around them but for the simple genuine feeling of trust, bonding and love. They have the added benefit of being mothers to the same son. 

And this is why we get upset at the mere notion of throwing just any old random LGBT character or even Mulan, a liked character. That’s not our story. We don’t just pop into existence in real life. We are people. We aren’t tokens or quotas. We love SwanQueen because they share our story, they are our story, they feel so real to us that it’s like we’re watching our own lives unfold, naturally and slowly. We take it personally when objectified to a quota or just a representation marketing ploy. We want representation as much as heterosexual cis gender people do, that is an accurate portrayal of who we are as people and not just some random story. Emma and Regina’s story is the most powerful example of this.

It’s not any old character thrown together, partially why we don’t like CS or OQ because they seemed to be thrown together. OQ has pixie dust to fall back on as it’s main source of relationship development; that doesn’t happen in real life human interactions. CS has a man pining and pining away until he gets the woman to say yes; that happens everyday and it’s not a solid foundation for a good relationship. “You will do what I want, you just haven’t agreed to it yet” what does that sound like to you? Very one sided. Typically when a person says “no, I’m not interested” in real life the other person, if mentally sound, backs down and finds someone else who is interested in them. Someone who doesn’t back down is a stalker, refusing to accept rejection. 

SQ however has four seasons of built up trust. Their relationship is the most real on the show. It grew over time through turmoil and triumphs. Regina never had to trade or sell anything away to prove how much she cared about Henry or Emma. She just did it. Same goes for Emma. That happens in real life, a *good* relationship is built upon trust, understanding, acceptance and love. There’s no pixie dust and no “no mean yes” attitude from the get-go, not unless the latter is an abusive and one sided relationship. Sadly the CS scenario happens more often than we like to talk about as a society. I think that’s why Swen is so vehemently against CS because we recognize it for what it is - not a good foundation and not a good relationship. Swen typically don’t have the same reaction to OQ mostly because it was literally thrown together with pixie dust and we recognize that’s a bunch of hogwash in real human interaction and relationships. 

But Emma and Regina? That our story. That how anyone who falls in love story. It’s built upon trust, understanding, acceptance and compromise. It’s so solid, so relatable that when Emma sacrificed her soul for Regina without hesitation we immediately knew that action to be born out of love for another person. It was so heartbreakingly accurate that we wept and felt that pang of sacrifice and loss. It was a beautiful representation of the depth of human connection on a basic, unshakeable level. That would you do anything to protect the person you loved most because the mere thought of harm coming to them causes you such immense pain. And this sacrifice was built upon all that I have said. It’s true and organic. It’s raw. It’s simply, human. And no pixie dust or fairy dust or a stubborn selfish stalkerish person can change that. Which is why Swen never loses faith because to do that would mean we lose faith in each other and most importantly, in ourselves.

As Snow White says “believing in even the possibility of a happy ending is a powerful thing” Swen chooses to believe in this wonderfully beautiful connection between two human beings, Emma and Regina. We believe in the face of any obstacle or insurmountable odds that love between two people will prevail.

This is all our story.

This post is inspired by anothershadeofgreen and outtheairlock thank you both for your contributions to Swen and the OUAT fandom ❤️


Inverted Letters From War by hunnyfresh

Regina is a sailor on reserve in Maryland. Emma is the Sheriff of Storybrooke. Through a pen pal program designed to ease the ache of homesick soldiers, Emma and Regina begin sending letters to one another as their relationship grows from cordial acquaintance to something neither woman would have expected - until the letters stop coming.

Haters gonna Hate

iLógica Hater:

Rumple sequestra Belle e a afasta de toda a família, e a tranca numa cela:
Rumbelle é o casal mais perfeito do mundo, não há amor maior.

Neal abandona Emma grávida, deixa ela ser presa e, mesmo depois de a ter reencontrado, só foi ir atrás dela depois de descobrir que era corno:
Casal lindo que nunca deixou de se amar e tem que ficar eternamente juntos.

Jefferson sequestra a Emma e a mãe dela:
Eles tem muita química, são perfeitos juntos, tem mais é que se agarrar!

Hook canta toda mulher que vê pela frente, faz uma piada de estupro com Emma, quase a faz ficar presa na FTL, quase foi culpado pela sua morte (Quando se aliou a Cora e ela tentou arrancar o coração da salvadora.) quase condenou Storybrooke inteira quando resolveu fugir com o feijão, viveu com a ex sogra de Emma.:
Lindos esses dois, destinados desde a maternidade! Olhos azuis com delineador é tudo o que Emma precisa.

Hook canta toda mulher que vê pela frente, Se aliou a Cora e a ajudou a partir o coração de Regina fazendo a cidade inteira ficar contra ela, traiu Regina e deixou ela ser torturada, quase condenou Storybrooke inteira quando resolveu fugir com o feijão:
Ele e a Regina são almas gêmeas, se compreendem, eles tem que ficar juntos!

Hood nunca nem sequer soube da existência de Regina:
Ele é o salvador dela, eles foram feitos um para o outro ele  vem até com um filho de brinde, é o destino que quis assim! Se amem!!

Regina faz uma maldição (onde todos VIVEM e até bem, só que sem seu amor.) porque ela odeia a mãe de Emma (Que, por acaso, é filha do homem com quem foi obrigada a se casar e viver numa farsa.) e quer destruir o final feliz de todos e tentar recuperar o seu próprio.
Regina mata o “namorado” de Emma quando descobre que os dois estão juntos. Quando descobre que Emma vai quebrar sua maldição lhe da uma poção do sono para que ela adormeça e não quebre a maldição.
Nunca isso poderia acontecer! Ela tentou MATAR a Emma.Vocês são completamente loucas e surtadas! Isso não faz sentido. Isso é nojento. Isso não tem nada a ver. Isso nao cara… Tudo menos isso.

Moral da lógica: 
Todos merecem uma segunda chance, o amor pode superar qualquer barreira! Exceto quando são duas pessoas do mesmo sexo.

Swen theory

What if Adam and Eddie diced to do what the creators of LOK did make everyone think that Makorra was endgame but at the end they slapped everyone in the face with making Korrasami happen and make it Endgame. In this case it would be 2 ships OQ & CS and they decide to stroll this along until the end but in s5 or in there final season they decide to do they make this huge plot twist and they make SQ happen. And maybe they can make Henry help so SQ happens 🙈
What do you think Swen?
(No hate intend just a theory)

Look at Emma’s face like “I can finally hold my woman in public!”
Snow White all like “oh you guys are holding each other now… Please regina be good to her.”
And Regina is all like “yes snow… I can fucking take care of Emma can you please leave us alone now?”
And finally Henry like “omg I can’t believe it… The two hottest females are both my moms! Yay! Suck on that everyone!”

History of Swan Queen through the Seasons

“I hate you!” ….. “Let’s fuck!!” - Swan Queen early Season 1

“I still hate you a little bit!!” …. “Let’s fuck gently…” - Swan Queen Season 2

“I started to like you a little bit…” “I will worship your body, if it’s the last thing I do” - Swan Queen Season 3

“I think, I’m in love with you!!” ….. “I want to make love to you!” - Swan Queen Season 4