With my swampysflorida at Dunnellon’s Boomtown yesterday. With me is City Commissioner Penny Fleeger, Jeff Smith and Tessa Noell helping out. Big crowds and lot’s of folks wanting to know about our great state of Florida!

trash-priestess asked:

(Can I send 2?) Aphrodite and Demeter; you can pick which one you like better if you don't wanna answer both!

I’ll answer ‘em both, don’t worry man! lol

Aphrodite: What you find attractive in a person?
When I meet someone, things that I find attractive are having fun when talking to someone, and being comfortable with that person. Of course, some people can be shy or see themselves as not being good at conversation (which I understand), but I can still enjoy all the times we would talk. Oh boy, and if they’re funny and/or have a cool sense of humor, you’re super awesome.

Demeter: Favorite season and why?
My favorite season is winter because it gets cold as a conservative’s heart and I really love being in cold weather compared to the swampy-ass heat of Florida. Plus, I like wearing my huge plaid jacket because it’s huge and I feel great wearing it with my buffalo hunting cap.

#15 in the series of Swampy’s Florida​ premieres this Saturday at the Florida SpringsFest​ival at Silver Springs State Park​. Swampy …and me…will be there with all of the books to sign and doodle in. Stop by and let’s talk about traveling our great state of Florida to discover more of it’s incredible history, heritage and culture!

I’ll also be videoing more ‘Man in the Swamp’ reports there! Step in for a quickie interview!

This Is What Happens When ‘Duck Dynasty’ Dudes Crash A Bonfire

When we last left Julian Yuri Rodriguez, he was soaring to new heights (literally) thanks to a special visit to Space Camp. But, unfortunately, all good things come to an end. The latest episode of “No Seasons” takes us to the vast and swampy marshlands of Everglades, Florida, where the MTVOther star remembers a painful… Read more »

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Swampy’s #Florida Postcards: The interior of the Elks Club in #Jacksonville, 1953.

This postcard was sent to Larence Casazza in St. Vincents Hospital, Jacksonville, by Ralph Cooper of the ‘Sick Committee, K of C & BPOE 221’. The message is hope that Lawrence gets well soon.

Swampy’s ‪#‎Florida‬ ‪#‎Friday‬ ‪#‎Train‬ Stops: 1st Diesel Train in 1938, Plant City.

This photo from 1938 in Plant City, Florida​, shows, what Florida Memory notes: “This was the arrival of the first diesel powered passenger train in the southeast.”

Swampy’s #Florida says Happy Jerry Lewis Birthday!

Jerry Lewis steps into his 89th birthday today and we have him to thank for a outstanding pictorial tour of The Fontainebleau hotel in Miami Beach, circa 1960. The Fontainebleu is the backdrop of Lewis’ film ‘The Bellboy’. An unplanned film that Lewis wrote while on a plane to Miami Beach to perform at the hotel.
Paramount Pictures was wrangling with Lewis over his film 'The Ladies Man’ about when it would be shown in the theaters. Lewis pushed hard for a December 1960 release. Paramount pushed back and said they’d do it only if Lewis would deliver one of his contracted films to be shown in theaters the Summer of 1960. Lewis finds this out as he is on his way to The Fontainebleu to perform his club act for a few weeks in February & March of 1960. Such club shows usually doubled as a Florida vacation for performers to Florida. Not for Lewis.
Lewis immediately started constructing a film with a setting that he would be immediately nearest to - The Fontainebleu. Thus 'The Bellboy’ was born.

Much more on the website: http://swampysflorida.com/?p=12120