Swampy’s #Florida Historic Photos: The Palace Soda Fountain Shop, early ’20s, Tampa.

This photo is from Floridians at Work: Yesterday and Today’ by Margaret G. Wilson, page 77.

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Swampy’s #Florida says Happy Jerry Lewis Birthday!

Jerry Lewis steps into his 89th birthday today and we have him to thank for a outstanding pictorial tour of The Fontainebleau hotel in Miami Beach, circa 1960. The Fontainebleu is the backdrop of Lewis’ film ‘The Bellboy’. An unplanned film that Lewis wrote while on a plane to Miami Beach to perform at the hotel.
Paramount Pictures was wrangling with Lewis over his film 'The Ladies Man’ about when it would be shown in the theaters. Lewis pushed hard for a December 1960 release. Paramount pushed back and said they’d do it only if Lewis would deliver one of his contracted films to be shown in theaters the Summer of 1960. Lewis finds this out as he is on his way to The Fontainebleu to perform his club act for a few weeks in February & March of 1960. Such club shows usually doubled as a Florida vacation for performers to Florida. Not for Lewis.
Lewis immediately started constructing a film with a setting that he would be immediately nearest to - The Fontainebleu. Thus 'The Bellboy’ was born.

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Swampy’s #Florida Postcards: Hotel Floridan, #Jacksonville, 1949.

Here’s the Hotel Floridan that used to stand on the corner of Forsyth Street and Clay Street in Downtown Jacksonville. The  back of the postcard advertises that the building is 100% fireproof, Beauty-rest mattresses, coffee shop, cocktail lounge, beauty salon and “All public rooms are air-conditioned”.