Porsche Unveils the Most Powerful 911 of All Time

The fastest and most powerful road-approved 911 is ready for launch: The new Porsche 911 GT2 RS will celebrate its world premiere at the Goodwood Festival of Speed in the UK (June 30 to July 2). At the heart of this high-performance sports car is a 515 kW (700 hp) biturbo flat engine. Weighing in at 1,470 kg with a full fuel tank, the lightweight two-seater accelerates from zero to 100 km/h in 2.8 seconds. The rear-wheel drive Coupé has a top speed of 340 km/h, and with its near-motorsport drive technology, the new 911 GT2 RS trumps its 3.6-liter predecessor by 59 kW (80 hp) and achieves a torque of 750 Newton meters (an increase of 50 Nm).

The engine builds on that 3.8-liter in the 911 Turbo S at 427 kW (580 hp). In order to increase performance, large turbochargers push an increased volume of process air into the combustion chambers. A new additional cooling system delivers optimum cooling at peak loads and, at very high temperatures, sprays the charge-air cooler with water. This causes the gas temperature to fall in the overpressure range and ensures optimum power output, even under extreme conditions. The customized GT seven-speed double-clutch transmission (PDK) in the new GT2 RS enables power to be transferred with uninterrupted traction. What’s more, the specially developed exhaust system is made from extra-lightweight titanium, weighs around seven kilograms less than the system used in the 911 Turbo and delivers an emotional sound without precedent.

For the first time ever, Porsche Design is celebrating the debut of the high-performance sports car by releasing a special-issue watch. Offering a nod to the world of motorsport, the 911 GT2 RS watch is exclusively available to owners of the new vehicle and can only be ordered in conjunction with the new GT model at a Porsche Centre from June 30, 2017.

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Fate: Part 2

Pairings: Alpha!Bucky x Omega!Reader

Warnings: Fluff, Alpha anger, swearing.

Word Count: 3,477

A/N: First time writing A/B/O so please be gentle. Figured I’d drop a new story for the new blog. Enjoy it, y’all!

My {Heart in Ink} Masterlist

Part 1


“So you think the neighbors are gunna complain?” Aaron asked with a laugh as the two of you leaned on your front door frame while you aired your house out. You shrugged as you pushed and pulled the door back and forth to get some cold, fresh air blowing into the small house. Aaron had managed to burn through all the scented candles you had in the house during his last heat and he had to send Max out for more because the smell of sex was overpowering. Bucky had left around the same time to grab some clothes from his place at the tower and talk to Steve.

“I welcome it at this point.” You laughed. Aaron nodded as he took a drag of his cigarette.

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Simon x Reader - Part 7 of Side-Angel’s Mini Halloween 2016 

Warnings: nothing I know if, but i love this so i might extend it :) 


You were preparing for the Sidemen Halloween party. In celebration of the holiday, JJ was hosting a whole masquerade ball for the night. Everyone you knew was going and you were beyond excited for the night. The little girl in you was extremely excited to dress up and be a princess even if it was for a few hours.

You arrived at the gorgeous venue, your long dress slightly dragging on the ground as you walked into the ball. Everyone looked gorgeous with beautiful masks pretending to be different people and yet you could recognize everyone.

“Y/N! I could recognize that hair anywhere,” Vik said as hugged you.

“Hi, Vik I can recognize you too. You know despite the masks, I can see everyone too.”

“We all know each other too well.”

“Oh yes, we do. I have to get back to Kay, but dance later?” He asked.

“Hahaha yes I promise now get back to your girlfriend,” you said.

You were sat at the bar, and you looked at the person across from you. A pair of blue eyes behind a golden mask that highlighted the blonde hair looked back at you. You knew who it was, but you almost didn’t want it to be. You wanted to just be a girl, and him just a boy but the memories tugged back at you. He walked over to you as you smiled at him.

“Care for a dance?” He asked holding out a hand to you.

You smiled and took the hand, which dragged you out to the dance floor. The song was slow and the dance was simple swaging but it was enough. Your head was rested lightly on his chest. Your breathing was calm, his hand resting lightly on your hip whilst the other held yours. The song had just changed, but the two of you continued dancing.

“You know I would recognize those eyes anywhere,” you said looking up to him.

Abandon All Hope (Part 1)

Series Summary: Castiel and the Reader find themselves unable to fight their mutual affections; even in the midst of tragedy as they are joined by Dean, Sam, Ellen, and Jo on a mission to stop Lucifer. An adaptation of the episode “Abandon All Hope” (Season 5, Episode 10). 

A/N: This will be a three-part series. I have the latter two parts mapped out and wrapping up. If you remember this episode well, you know there is angst to follow. There will be a lot more interaction between Reader and Castiel over the course of the next two parts. 

Pairing: Castiel x Bobby’s daughter!Reader

Word Count: 1520

Part 2,  Part 3

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“Dean, I don’t like this,” Castiel spoke low, watching you and Jo walk up to the gates of Crowley’s large, guarded house wearing tight, distracting dresses.

Castiel would do anything to stop you from endangering yourself, from being a pawn in this mission. But Castiel couldn’t resist the Enochian symbols drawn on the gates to Crowley’s mansion, and the group needed the colt. In result of the angel’s restriction, you were to draw the gates open with Jo, using your sex appeal to warm up the demons before the group could break inside. And that bothered Castiel.

“Hey, Sam and I have the girls’ backs. This is the best way to get the colt from Crowley.” Dean said from the driver’s seat in the Impala. He gave a sideways glance at the angel by his side. “Hey, Jo’s done stuff like this before, buddy. No need to sweat.”

“But Y/N hasn’t.” Castiel murmured, eyes locked onto your frame in the distance. Castiel wondered how long it would be until you were out of harm’s way again.

Dean gave the angel a knowing smile. “Hey, would it make you feel better if I pull her from the mission after they get the gates open? She can come back here with you, and you know…”

“Dean, this is hardly a joking matter.” Castiel tore his eyes away to give a bitchface to Dean.

Dean gave him one last smile and ran off to join Sam to ambush the demons from behind as you and Jo would get them from the front. Castiel watched as you and Jo pressed the gate intercom. It was at this moment he truly appreciated his hearing abilities his graced supplied.

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