New York State Assemblyman Michael Blake was manhandled by police in the Bronx

He was trying to de-escalate a confrontation between officers and residents.

When other officers recognized Blake, he was let go.

The officer did apologize, but said he’d do it again.

Fortunately, Blake filed an excessive force complaint.




New York City, Lower East Side. 1930′s.

The future site of Knickerbocker Village. The now defunct Hamilton St. (Lung Block) is on the left and Monroe St. is on the right. The rear of the new St. Joseph’s Church and its twin steeples can be seen on the right. The skyscrapers in the background are (left to right), the Cities Services Building (most recently the AIG building and 70 Pine St.), the Bank of Manhattan Trust Building (40 Wall St. - now a Trump Building), and the Singer building, located at the corner of Broadway and Liberty St., which was sadly demolished in 1968.