Gianni Mora

The self proclaimed gatekeeper of urban fuckboy heaven is named Gianni Mora. This interesting individual has led the way for kids making their own shitty DIY apparel as they try to create his amazing fucking clothes. He says it all started with a sweater that he only made 20 of. Once he actually put these sweaters up for sale he was reached out to by individuals such as Ian Connor and Luka Sabbat. He said in the moment he felt like a fanboy, but it is clear now that with people such as Wiz Khalifa wearing his clothes in music videos, he can now consider himself on the same level as one of them. The path that he continues to walk that will eventually lead him into the world of high fashion has many youngsters a like envious of the simplicity of it all. With many shitty replicas found online its no surprise that the successfulness of this concept shocked some. The replicas made aren’t exactly fakes either, its a bunch of assholes putting faulty deep and un meaningful statements with 3 year old handwriting comic sans like penmanship. This replicas are truly shameless and only show you the power that Gianni has and his monopoly over underground streetwear. In the end big things are to come from the newly bleached hair individual and im sure people can expect more collaborations in the past with whoever the fuck is cool.

Depicted Below - Gianni (Middle) along side of AssPizza and Father Steve, (AssPizza wearing one of Gianni’s Hat’s)