I’ve been watching “Scared Famous” for the last like month and I gotta say, this is prime television. Like New York, Alaska and Drita from “Mob Wives” are all on this show. Alaska was casually possessed by a demon while in half drag and still turning full looks. New York is talking to ghosts. This is quality trash reality TV and people are missing out.


New York City

The Seven Sutherland Sisters, a family circus sideshow act renowned for their combined 37 feet of hair, ca. 1884

The Seven Sutherland Sisters - Sarah, Naomi, Isabella, Victoria, Grace, Dora, and Mary - was a family “act” from Niagara County, New York that toured to great acclaim showing 37 feet of long dark hair. Daughters of Fletcher and Mary Sutherland, they started out doing concerts with their one brother, and three years later they were traveling with Barnum and Bailey’s “Greatest Show on Earth."With fans fascinated by their hair, Fletcher Sutherland concocted "The Seven Sutherland Sisters Hair Grower.” The tonic quickly became a best seller, and the line of hair products expanded to include a scalp cleanser, a comb, and “Hair Colorators.”