Really, the only difference between the two is that Swag is his own Theme Song Guy.

And now I’m tempted to make a comic of Kuzco-Swag telling Lorax-Pacha that he’s building his factory over the valley…

I had to mush the two into one pic because they just didn’t look good as a photoset XP I’ll post them individually on my Lizzie-ler blog sometime soon.

me and my irl friend were joking about ask blog AUs and then she mentioned a madoka magica themed one and i decided to quickly draw one up as a joke before i could realize what a horrible idea it was SO PLEASE DON’T JUDGE ME ON HOW AWFUL THIS LOOKS LMAO

also 72 is definitely kyubey

(and pls high res)

All of the Once-lings should just go to Universal Studios and just stand outside of the Once-ler's house together and then we can all just start crying and telling each other headcanons and then we'll start saying "you done good beanpole" and then Swag Once-ler will come out of the house because I guarantee you that he actually lives there and then he will buy us all green eggs and ham so we'll leave him alone but it won't work because we're the fucking Once-ler fandom.


It will be great