Blame @zackilada for this (specifically these two posts: here, here). I am very much in love with this AU they’ve come up with. 

I’ve always loved the idea of an individual from a higher society meeting the people of a more archaic civilization for the first time, especially when it’s an accidental meeting. Just imagine Shadow coming down from the sky to loot some bling and to record his adventures and he has the greatest luck of running into the hottest jungle boi around. 

(I also know nothing about Final Fantasy XII so I looked up “sky pirate” in Google and copied the first or second pic I saw for Shadow’s swag clothing lol rip me)


Top/Macy’s Women’s Apparel/23.49$/Up to 3X
Skirt/Forever 21 Plus/14.90$/Up to 3X
Shoes/Torrid/19.99$/Up to 13
Bow/Bealls Outlet/5.99$