I get paid to blog, why not you?

A lot of people ask me if/how I make money on Tumblr so I figured I’d just write a short summary as to how I do it. 

You’ll need two things:

AdHexa account (Free)

Hitleap account (Free, but I suggest you upgrade to  Premium Lite for $4/Mo)

You’re essentially going to put 1-3 Ads on your blog via AdHexa which will in return give you money every time someone visits your page.

- My blog to preview what the Ad’s look like. <

Now here’s the trick:

You’re going to use Hitleap to generate “fake” traffic to your blog, which in return tricks AdHexa

After everything is set-up you literally don’t have to do a thing other than cash out each week. I myself personally bring in anywhere from $70.00-$130.00 each week from this little trick alone. 

(This isn’t a gimic or a scam, this is a real method to earn real money.)

* If you re-blog, and follow me I’ll help you set this up , and give you any more advice you may need.