SVAYAMBH Anish Kapoor , 2007

British sculptor Anish Kapoor ( Indian *1954, Bombay)

Anish Kapoor has created an enormous sculpture that glides almost imperceptibly on tracks through the monumental spaces of the Haus der Kunst. In passing through the doorways from one room to another, the massive red block, reminiscent of a train, leaves traces: a mixture of vaseline, paint and wax. […]


Trying to find a couple more artworks to add to my list. My last exam for High school is on Monday, you guessed it- Visual Arts.

This work is by the amazing Anish Kapoor. He was born in Bombay in India but has lived in London most of his life. The majority of his artworks are characterised by their enigmatic, sculptural forms. This work is called Svayambh and was being exhibited in both the Musee des Beaux-Arts in Nantes and Munich’s Haus Der Kunst.

The website, Mocoloco says  "a huge beet red sculpture flows from one gallery to another, almost like a train car sliding through on matching red tracks.“

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New Publications

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