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Nana's family decides to adopt little Tsunayoshi and train him in their 'family ways' or Tsunayoshi is something ridiculously overpowered. Reborn quits the job the day after he discovers this. Tsuna just wants the men in poor tailoring to actually learn better skills. That and get better fashion. -Nana is ridiculously proud either way

“It’s like trying to teach larvae how to sew,” Tsunayoshi grumbles as he reaches for Lambo’s coat, holding it up to the light. He sneers, thrusting it at Reborn. “Look at this! They call these stitches?”

“Sloppy,” Reborn agrees, because arguing with a pissed-off half-spider creature is counterproductive to his continued good health. Especially because Tsuna tends to spit poison when upset, and his aim tends to be oddly more accurate when he’s angry than when he’s not.

(Tsuna claims Reborn’s being over dramatic, but he’s got two pairs of underwear that say otherwise. Considering Tsuna couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn before, his venom coming within two centimeters of Reborn’s manhood is not dramatic. It’s terrifying.)

“It’s like they couldn’t even be assed to try,” Tsuna continues to grumble, fingers and needle darting in and out of the thread in a quick dance. He snaps the thread off, ties the knot, and tosses the newly-resewn clothing into the increasingly growing pile. “Hand me the next one.”

“I-pin’s socks,” Reborn says, handing the pink and white socks over. Tsuna rips them neatly down the seams, and then re-threads his needle with white thread and keeps going. Meanwhile Reborn hands him several other socks, because Tsuna’s got many more pairs of eyes and hands, and its faster than doing them one at a time.

“Yours are next,” Tsuna says, as he tosses the socks aside. 

“Mine are fine,” Reborn insists. All eight eyes lock onto Reborn as Tsuna stops, and he freezes on instinct. 

(He knows Tsuna would never hurt him, but he can’t quite prevent himself from remembering that Tsuna’s species eat humans, and have for decades, and in fact the only reason they stopped doing so was because humans became too dangerous and stupid to themselves, and it took all the fun out of the hunt.)

“Is that so?” Tsuna hums, and Reborn kind of wants to kick himself. Why must you argue with the giant spider? He creates clothes for a living!

“Fine,” he says after a tense moment. “I’ll bring you my clothes.” He refuses to admit they always fit better after Tsuna’s redone them, and when Tsuna chooses to create a whole new wardrobe from him at the beginning of the year, the clothes are much nicer than anything he can buy in the stores.

Tsuna probably already knows it, but dammit, his pride can’t keep taking hits.

Tsuna chuckles softly, and his limbs begin to move fluidly again. “That’s what I thought.”

“You’re kind of a bully, you know that?” Reborn grouses as he returns to the room, arms full of clothes. 

“Don’t feel bad,” Tsuna says, snapping the thread and tossing the last of I-pin’s socks into the pile. “My kind have been doing this for generations. You’re just the first unfortunate soul to meet us in a while. Mom’s gotten too good and turning my guilt trips back around on me, so you’re the next person to harass about this stuff.”

“Yay,” Reborn grumbles, and settles in to wait. “Lucky me.”


A little making of footage of some of the skits from Bimyo~, where we see the members just being their silly selves on and off camera. 

They may be idols, but they can pull off comedy so splendidly. Gotta love them all. XD

Skits seen here include:

  • Hostess bar “Sae” (ep 1)
  • Ahokyu (ep 6)
  • Unagi to Umeboshi (ep 2)
  • Master/Apprentice (ep 4)
  • Telop Digression (ep 5)
  • The Animals that Built the Generation (ep 7)
  • Eien Family (ep 7)
  • Cameraman Shinoyama Minegishin (ep 6)
what pentagon member should YOU fight

who wins? nobody
why would you?? just don’t. he’s been through enough already. i have a theory he actually could beat your ass, but let it remain just a theory. he’s the kind of guy who would ask if your fist is okay after you punched him.

who wins? you
hui is an easy target, let’s be honest? but you would have e’dawn on your ass trying to avenge hui so maybe don’t? be more ambitious.

who wins? hongseok
his hobby is working out, it’s a bad idea trust me. prolly he would also give you lecture or some shit on some random historical event so don’t even waste your time.

who wins? e’dawn
he’s like smoller than the rest and wears light up shoes but… he’s also really loud and my-way kinda? one moment he’s pretty chill but then suddenly he has zero chill. if he’s told ‘don’t shoot’ he’ll do it in spite so… hard to predict what he does. also he likes to shout randomly. kinda dangerous type, avoid.

who wins? you
this guy is scared of popping balloons, go for it.

yeo one
who wins? yeo one
he may look like a stick with low body fat but there’s the thing he also does boxing, apparently. he probably took it up to protect himself from scammers? maybe just leave him alone.

who wins? ??????
he may seem to be an actual clueless five year old but he’s legit competitive. prolly doesn’t even think of beating people as possible activity? but if you start a brawl with him, it’ll get ugly just because he’s not really into the concept of losing. at all. but he’s also the type would suddenly fall on his ass while walking a straight road so… better just don’t do it.

who wins? yuto
bad idea. he’s more into sports than white people into mashed potatoes. one time he and wooseok pretended to be thugs and yuto straight up cut wooseok’s throat with imaginary knife. don’t.

who wins? kino
don’t do it. i bet he twirls while throwing punches. not to mention he’ll have a smile of a geniuinely nice person on his face, like he’s doing you a favour. he’s that guy in shoujo manga that picks up dropped pens and even substiute teacher has a crush on him, but tbh he could attend suzuran and be like a top or something.

who wins? you
he may be 188cm tall (and growing) but his masculinity is fragile af. can’t help it! you don’t even need to rise you hand, just say something passive agressive and use no homo as finishing touch. 99% he would break down crying. just don’t let him shout and you’ll win.