It seems that I have now created enough sweets/dessert-related villagers to fill a whole town, so I thought I’d showcase them all in one delectable post! From top to bottom; Crackers the frosted cub, Pepper the peppermint penguin, Ginger the gingerbread elephant, Suzie the strawberries ‘n’ cream wolf, Honeybun the cinnamon bun squirrel, Treacle the donut squirrel, Chip the mint chocolate chip dog, Tootsie the lollipop koala, Flossy the cotton candy sheep, and Confetti the ice cream unicorn.

Glee Guest Star Tournament

Kicking off our 2nd Tournament!! And it’s all about Guest Stars.  

So, here’s the thing.  When looking at the list in we (@multsicorn​ and I) found that, hey, there have been a lot of them.  So, We put together a list of the top 100 candidates to have in the tournament.  To have it narrowed down more, our criteria, btw, was to have anyone who’s been in less than 20 episodes, so if you’re wondering why Principal Figgins or Becky Jackson aren’t on the list, that’s why.  So, we picked the top notable candidates, and this week, we’re going to have you narrow it down to 64!  

That’s right, you get to pick who is going to be in the tournament! (I thought that’d be fair, right?)  So, here’s what you get to do—from the list below, pick 64 people you’d like to see in the tournament!!  Reblog and bold, or just list the people you want.  (I guess you don’t have to do all 64, you can do less if you really want to.)  And then those 64 will go on to be in the tournament starting Nov. 1st.  If you want to spread the love to someone not on the list, feel free!! Write-ins are fine.  

A link to IMDB in case you need visuals: HERE

Guest Star List: 

  1. Carol Hudson played by Romy Rosemont
  2. Rod Remington played by Bill A. Jones
  3. Stoner Brett played by Ryan Heinke
  4. Jesse St. James played by Jonathon Groff
  5. Brody Weston played by Dean Geyer
  6. Roz Washington played by Nene Leakes
  7. Nick (Warbler) played by Curt Mega
  8. Trent (Warbler) played by Dominic Barnes
  9. Shelby Corcoran played by Idina Menzel
  10. Roderick Meeks played by Noah Guthrie
  11. Jeff (Warbler) played by Riker Lynch
  12. Spencer Porter played by Marshall Williams
  13. Jane Hayward played by Samantha Ware
  14. Mason McCarthy played by Billy Lewis Jr.
  15. Madison McCarthy played by Laura Dreyfuss
  16. Ken Tanaka played by Peter GallagherKen Tanaka
  17. David (Warbler) played by Titus Makin Jr.
  18. Thad (Warbler) played by Eddy Martin
  19. Sandy Ryerson played by Stephen Tobolowsky
  20. Millie Rose played by Trisha Rae Stahl
  21. Breadstix Waitress played by Jeanine Anderson
  22. Bree played by Erinn Westbrook
  23. Superindent Harris played by Christopher Cousins
  24. Sebastian Smythe played by Grant Gustin
  25. Wes (Warbler) played by Telly Leung
  26. Rick the Stick played by Rock Anthony
  27. Dottie Kazatori played by Pamela Chan
  28. Clint played by Max George
  29. Carmen Tibideaux played by Whoopi Goldberg
  30. Howard Bamboo played by Kent Avenido
  31. April Rhodes played by Kristin Chenoweth
  32. Holly Holiday played by Gwyneth Paltrow
  33. Cassandra July played by Kate Hudson
  34. Dalton Rumba played by Michael Hitchcock
  35. Elliott Gilbert played by Adam Lambert
  36. Jean Sylvester played by Robin Trocki
  37. Kendra played by Jennifer Aspen
  38. Dani played by Demi Lovato
  39. Walter played by Harry Hamlin
  40. Rupert Campion played by Peter Facinelli
  41. Carl Howell played by John Stamos
  42. Alistair played by Finneas O'Connell
  43. Myron Muskovitz played by J. J. Totah
  44. Hunter Clarington played by Nolan Gerard Funk
  45. LeRoy Berry played by Brian Stokes Mitchell
  46. Isabelle Wright played by Sarah Jessica Parker
  47. Dustin Goolsby played by Cheyenne Jackson
  48. Sunshine Corazon played by Charice
  49. Alma Lopez played by Ivonne Coll
  50. Paul Karofsky played by Daniel Roebuck
  51. Rusty Pillsbury played by Don Most
  52. Adam Crawford played by Oliver Kieran Jones 
  53. Pierce Pierce played by Ken Jeong
  54. Geraldo Rivera played by Geraldo Rivera
  55. Whitney Pierce played by Jennifer Coolidge
  56. Josh Groban played by Josh Groban
  57. Grace Hitchens played by Eve
  58. Doris Sylvester played by Carol Burnett
  59. Maribel Lopez played by Gloria Estefan
  60. Brenda Castle played by Molly Shannon
  61. June Dolloway played by Shirley MacLaine
  62. Hiram Berry played by Jeff Goldblum
  63. Lee Goldblatt played by Jim Rash
  64. Frida played by Jessica Sanchez
  65. Penny Owen played by Phoebe Strole
  66. Alain Marceu played by Nichola Kadi
  67. Harmony played by Lindsay Pearce
  68. Olivia Newton-John played by Olivia Newton-John
  69. Bryan Ryan played by Neil Patrick Harris
  70. Lillian Adler played by Jane Galloway Heltz
  71. Michael Bolton played by Michael Bolton
  72. Andrew Rannells played by Andrew Rannells
  73. Pam Anderson played by Gina Gershon
  74. Carnie Wilson played by Carnie Wilson
  75. Butch Melman played by Fortune Feimster 
  76. Bichette played by Tyra Banks
  77. Nancy Abrams played by Katey Sagal 
  78. Maggie Banks played by June Squibb
  79. Blartie played by Carrot Top
  80. Suzy Pepper played by Sarah Drew
  81. Katie Couric played by Katie Couric
  82. Tammy Jean Albertson played by Kathy Griffin
  83. Cooper Anderson played by Matt Bomer
  84. David Martinez played by Ricky Martin
  85. Mary Halloran played by Kristen Schaal
  86. Andy Collins played by Billy Dee Williams
  87. Barry Jeffries played by Meat Loaf
  88. Britney Spears played by Britney Spears
  89. Sister Mary Constance played by Loretta Devine
  90. Marty Rogers played by Tim Conway
  91. Jake’s Mom played by Aisha Tyler
  92. Lindsay Lohan played by Lindsay Lohan
  93. Dr. Shane played by Kathleen Quinlan
  94. Chandler Kiehl played by Justin Castor
  95. Jean Baptiste played by Skylar Astin
  96. Liz Stevens played by Meredith Baxter
  97. Mercedes’ Mom played by April Grace
  98. Dakota Stanley played by Whit Hertford
  99. Jan played by Patty Duke
  100. Betty Pillsbury played by Ali Stroker

Very Special Guest Stars**:

  1. Tiny Riley as Gospel Choir Member
  2. Mark Sarfati as New Yorker
  3. Bill and Cerina Criss as Funny Girl Audience Members
  4. Joey Richter as an Adam’s Apple
  5. Will Sherrod as focused NYADA Student
  6. and Peter Mayhew as Chewbacca

(**obviously this is a joke list.  completely intended…as a joke. You can vote for Chewbacca if you’d like though, lol.)  

Alright, so you have one week to vote!! And then once the tournament gets up and going, it’ll run much like the last one did.  If you have any questions feel free to ask! 

(Also, for anyone wanting to avoid it, the tag will be: glee guest star tournament)

That suicide joke about Dave really felt like a kick in the stomach
I don’t get why they made a big deal about how bad suicide is with Dave Karofsky when they made fun of suicide in the past with both Suzy Pepper and Sue and now again with Sue making a comment about it in a insulting way. What was the point of her feeling terrible about his suicide when it happened for her to turn around and make it a joke? Glee is the biggest joke if it things it is good at what it does. These characters deserve better.
The first time Dave’s suicide attempt has been mention since it happen 3 seasons ago is not about his amazing recovery, no, it’s a joke Sue makes about whether or not he’s more likely to die than Walter, so Klaine can be together. It’s disgusting.