The Top 5 Stupidest Fitness Ideas in the History of the Universe

I would love to tell you that we shouldn’t sit around making fun of these people, but today is not that day. Today’s case in point is a few moronic fitness devices and trends. Let the games begin.

Is 'Krumping' still a thing?

Because I want to start a Krumping posse and we’ll call ourselves “Easy Krumpany” and we all dress up in Military Garb and “Krump out” to bluegrass. Or maybe my Krump gang will be called “Three’s Krumpany, Foo’” and it will be me and two beautiful ladies and we have a Don Knotts looking fellow who we do “Maximum Krumpage” too.

EDIT:  Just mixed up and combined the movie “O Brother Where Art Thou” with the TV series “Band of Brothers”. Upon looking at B.O.B'z soundtrack, I realize we’ll have to “dance the Krumplet” to something wonderful by the London Metropolitan Orchestra.


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