Sustainable living

Let me put things into perspective.

Each day the global human population drinks: 5.2 billion gallons of water and eats 21 billion pounds of food

Each day the global cow population alone drinks: 45 billion gallons of water and eats 135 billion pounds of food.

85% of starving children live in countries where food is feed to animals, and the animals are fed to wealthier countries.
If we stopped breeding animals for food we would dramatically increase food available to starving people.


Tumbleweed Tiny House Company builds homes that are “smaller than some people’s closets” (Jay Shafer, founder).  Tumbleweed is a company created by Jay Shafer that creates small homes.  Some of their homes are small enough to hook onto the back of a vehicle and move relatively easily.  Tumbleweed Tiny Houses are a sustainable alternative to building conventional homes.  They range from 65 square feet to 884 square feet. 


‘Wind Pecker’ by Goetz Schrader envisages habitable wind turbines

Large-scale windfarms are becoming more prevalent as our need for clean, renewable energy grows. Offshore turbine clusters are one method by which we are making the most of our unused ocean space; allowing harvest of strong winds without clogging up the landscape. But are we using them to their fullest potential?

Wind Pecker - a project by German designer Goetz Schrader - is a concept wherein apartment pods are built around these behemoth structures like hives or honeycomb; accessible via central elevators that travel up the columns. The interiors are kept minimal in these visuals, but no doubt the designs could be expanded further with little extra input. 

On land or at sea, these structures are straight out of tomorrow, and I think they’re fantastic. We need more concepts like this, bring tomorrow’s design into today by adapting our existing structures. 

See more at: DesignBoom


hey guys, I’m excited to announce that I’m now an ambassador for ettitude, a cool clothing and homeware label passionate about organic, sustainable living 😄 🍀 🌿 🍃 🍂 🌿 ….kinda like me!!

check out the little ‘meet tanisha’ interview I did with them at where I talk about my top tips for a restful sleep 😴, opinion on sustainable living, fave brekkies, tea (of course 🍵) and more


Kickstarter - FAIRMOUNT LIVING TILES, a flat-packed, green solution to bringing more plant life to urban settings.

Fairmount is a modular green roof system that allows easy install and requires low maintenance. The benefits of our green roof system include alleviating the urban heat index, neutralized carbon emissions, and beautification of urban environments! - Connor White

My good friend Connor over at SHIFT_DESIGN has told me about this great eco Kickstarter they’ve just launched to utilize existing urban areas and turn them into plant growing space. Check out their Kickstarter video, read more about it, and consider making a pledge and helping to spread this around!