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A Poor Witch’s Guide

One thing that kinda ticks me off time after time is the exclusion of short-on-cash witches in the witchcraft community. I see a lot of posts of people’s fancy new $40 Etsy crystals, or handcrafted leather-bound Book of Shadows. Quite a few of my witch friends, including myself, have found ourselves without proper money and the access to the materials we need for our craft. 

Here’s a few tips I’ve picked up since: 

  • Remember that your description of being a witch shouldn’t be defined by how many things you have. If you have a pack of 70¢ birthday candles, you’re no less of a witch as someone with a collection of $20 Yankee jar candles. 

  • The dollar store (and garage sales!) is your new best friend. Honestly, you can find just about anything there. Candles, glass containers, bottles, dried herbs, scarves, charms, lighters, matches, essential oils - anything. 

  • Steal things from the fridge and cupboards. Go shopping with your mum and gently mention that her cooking is in a dying need of fresh sage or sandalwood oil. Some fresh flowers would look nice on the kitchen table.
  • Make music a special part of your craft. Tie your favourite songs into your handiwork to help with inspiration. 
  • Any space can be made in to an altar or workspace. Whether the corner of your dresser or a drawer of your bed-side table - it doesn’t need to be big or flashy or anything like the displays you’d see on Tumblr. 

  • A lot of perfumes use real flowers/plant essential oils in their contents. 

  • Fancy journals can be found at the dollar store for dirt cheap. Use that and a pack of glittery pens for your Book of Shadows. If you’re not one for writing things down, just about all your witchy research can be done online - no one said that your BoS can’t be on your laptop. 

  • Not all spells require crystals, candles, herbs and/or chants. Make things as simple as you need. 

  • Look into Kitchen Witchcraft if you’re worried about your practice being found out/shunned upon by your parents or other people in your house. No one’s ever suspicious about cooking. 

  • Packets of flower seeds are 60¢ at most Walmarts. 

(Add on any other tips you may have. I have a post about my own low-budget workspace here.)

I don’t wanna hijack @timeforlupsopinion‘s TAZ/AtLA AU post (Taako and Lup are scrappy earthbending orphan twins and also Lup finds out she’s the Avatar), but also I’m having a lot of Thoughts about it, so please take this instead:

-It’s an awful sort of tempting to have Lup disappear for a decade. She hasn’t been the Avatar for very long at all when she and Taako, maybe twelve or thirteen, stumble across what’s pretty much a Hei Bai situation, with an angry spirit terrorizing a village. Lup, too proud/scared/stubborn to ask for help, finds her way into the Spirit World.

It’s a very long time before she finds her way out again.

(Taako’s a bitter, suspicious adult who won’t cook anymore. At least he’s got a couple of “Lup for the love of god they are not my friends” with him, albeit weirdass ones.)

((Possibly, it wasn’t close to ten years for Lup. Possibly she’s still about twelve years old, but the whole world has moved on without her. Taako’s terribly protective and she understands, but also holy shit this is so annoying will you please let me set something on fire without making a big deal out of it-))

-BUT that’s terrible and sad, and even worse it limits my favorite commodity in stories, i.e. children who care about each other. So here’s an alternative:

Lup and Taako spend the story as lovable scrappy orphans who have to grow up and learn to trust people. They’re basically Kai from LoK, except with a much lower risk threshold because of Taako being as close an approximation to a good influence as he can be. There’s lots of adorable twin shenanigans, including “I saw the Avatar go that way!” “No, I definitely saw someone who looks just like her run the other direction!”

Magnus is a couple of years older than them, a nonbender from the Earth Kingdom who helps them out of a scrape one time. He finds out that Lup’s the Avatar in the process, and after that they just can’t shake him. Magnus hates bullies, and the Fire Nation seems like it’s full of nothing but. Team Avatar is the place to be if he really wants to make a difference.

(Ravens’ Roost is definitely from an episode in season one where Magnus gets passionate about the plight of this town suffering under the dictatorship of Governor Kalen, who was installed a few years ago by the Fire Nation. He gets a crush the size of the sun on Julia, a girl who’s running the local rebellion; in another life he would’ve stayed to help, but he’s too dedicated to his tiny team that’s gunna save the world, and she’s too dedicated to her tiny rebellion that’s so close to taking back their home. She ofc comes back up in later seasons, Suki-style.)

Merle is an airbending monk who finds Team Avatar shortly (an episode or two) after they pick up Magnus. Initially he approaches them to tell them the good news about finding balance with the spirits, and also when you kids are a little older I’ll tell you all about the benefits of really communing with nature, but they accidentally pull him into trouble and by the time everyone makes it out they’re hopelessly bonded. Merle doesn’t do “commitment,” but these kids aren’t exactly planning to stay in one place for very long, and… goddammit, they kind of need an adult around, don’t they? (He’s team dad, but he’s only good at it on purpose about a third of the time.)

Lucretia… hm, maybe the show is framed like it’s being read from her journals, records she kept of their adventures. She’s a waterbending prodigy they make friends with in season 2; Lup needs to pick up waterbending but can’t stay in one place long enough to learn much from any one teacher. Lucretia, about Magnus’s age, offers to travel with them in the wildest fit of courage and self-indulgent fancy she’s ever capitulated to. It’s hard, at times, and probably the best choice of her life.

Barry is a nonbending Air Nomad with a talent for both engineering and the spirit world. Merle tends to have a… capricious relationship with spirits in general, given his devil-may-care attitude towards “respecting” them, and if he understands the philosophy behind or application of what it means to be the bridge between the human and spirit world, he certainly isn’t straightforward about sharing it with Lup. Barry helps fill that gap, talking her through his education in spiritual matters and what it might mean for the actions she should take next. He also teaches both her and Taako things like math and how to use it to make stuff do what you want, include blow up. The twins are delighted, Barry is their new favorite. (Lup says that once and Barry’s face is red for a full day and a half.)

Davenport is the last member of Team Avatar to get recruited. He’s an ex-Fire Nation scientist and/or captain who defected so he could warn Lup about a devastating plan he’d until recently been a part of. He also offers to teach her firebending and, if they ever come to trust him enough, assist her in making tactical decisions. (He’s not one to judge, but… it looks as though Team Avatar could use the help.) Merle is immediately and violently offended at the thought of being replaced as Team Dad, and they butt heads over everything until they reconcile and become co-dads. This is at least in part because they’ve started kissing when the kids aren’t around.

This has been ~900 words on an AtlA AU that no one asked for! If you’ve got stuff to add/amend, please…. tell me. I love this

Dr. Faust: Bio & Trivia


“I do this not as a doctor, but as a man.
I cannot turn a blind eye to the spreading of suffering and death.”


Height: 9'3" (Assumed)
Weight: 121 lbs. (Assumed)
Blood Type: Unknown (Possibly O)
Birthplace: Unknown (Possibly China)
Birthday: Unknown (Celebrated August 21st)
Eye Color: Fluorescent (Assumed, may actually be Black)
Hobbies: Unknown (Seems to like Performing elaborate operations)
Favorite Thing: Unknown (Probably his gigantic six-foot ‘scalpel’)
Dislikes: Unknown (Seems to dislike Cancerous cells)
Weapon: Gigantic Precision-Cutting Scalpel Tool “Margarita”
[Kyodai mesu no Marukari futoshi / 巨大メスの丸刈太: マルガリータ]

==Story (GG)==

He was regarded as the finest physician in more than a hundred years.

With a gentle personality and deft surgical skill, the doctor was respected throughout the world. One day, however, a girl under his care died mysteriously during surgery.

Some said the girl’s death was orchestrated by jealous colleagues, but the shock drove the doctor mad. He embarked on a violent serial-killing spree and murdered an untold number of people before finally being captured…

==Story (Pre-GGX)==

<Unofficial Summary>

The Doctor saw many people cheering over the death of Justice as though they had just been saved.

The tournament had ended and the Mad Doctor had survived… but…

He recalled the memories of the death of a girl he was unable to save, and her cheerful voice haunted him.

The blood-thirsty madness that had overtaken him disappeared as though it were just a brief reverie.

He could not face those people with their happy faces. He resolved to atone for his sins then and there, but he knew he could never make up for the lives he took.

And so he disappeared and went on a journey, and donned a paper bag mask in shame.

Though he loathed himself, he chose to use his talents in secret to heal those in need, until he could find his true purpose.

His journey would take him to an old village where a Gear was said to have been sealed… he heard rumors of a certain drug that could cure ailments there… perhaps he had much to learn yet…

==Story (GGX)==

Faust was once a good man and a great surgeon - one of the best in the world.

After committing a simple mistake that cost a young female patient her life, his mind broke and he went on a murderous rampage. He was captured and sent to a Dimensional Prison after taking the lives of scores of innocent people using the most indescribable of means.
The previous Tournament gave him a second lease on life, and now he has returned to his former self.

Wishing to punish himself for his past, Faust resolved to take his own life. Not only would this act finally atone for his sins, but he realized it was the only way he would be able to escape the painful feelings that haunted him day and night.

But just as he was about to end it all, Faust learned that the young girl’s death so long ago was no accident, but rather a cold-blooded murder carried out by a third party.

Finally seeing the light, he now sets out on a new journey to discover the truth behind the girl, saving as many lives as he can along the way.

==Story (GGXX)==

<Unofficial Summary>

After hearing the lonely story of a young Half-Gear girl, Faust was inspired to do good for people even despite their pasts.

Though his virtuous ideals seem to get him in to trouble at times, he has decided to continue wandering the world and saving people until he can find the truth of what happened with his own past.

==Story (GGXXACPlus)==

<Unofficial Summary>

He was finally getting close.

A bit of information he’d obtained from an Assassin by the name of Venom pointed him in the direction of the United Nations.

But he knew his journey was far from over, and his hands were no less stained of blood than they ever were.

Still, undeterred, he decides to visit the Founder of the Assassins, Slayer.

==Story (Butterfly and Her Gale)==

<Unofficial Summary>>

Though he had not planned on getting involved, a group of the rogue Assassins began to attack a young President named Erica.

She was wounded and needed medical attention immediately!

==Story (GGXrd)==

A dark doctor who wanders all over the world, charitably helping people who are sick or in trouble.

He was once known as a great doctor, but a certain medical error turned him into a serial killer.

Regretting his behavior, he now seeks atonement through countless good deeds, but still hides his true face beneath a paper bag of guilt. Though he’s often misunderstood due to his strange appearance and behavior, he’s actually a sensible man.

Knowing that the medical error he made in the past was actually orchestrated by someone, he has set off in pursuit of the truth.

==Personality Profile (GGXrd)==

His mannerisms and speech do not click together logically, though he has a pet philosophy which he likes to admonish on the advancements of human evolution.

Faust has not completely recovered from his deranged mental breakdown, as there are some after-effects, but his personality has calmed down quite a lot since his recovery.

Though his incoherent speech and behavior still need work, he has a gentle heart which is rich in compassion.

==Move List==
“Re-re-re” Stretching Thrust [Re-re-re no Tsuki]
->Pull Back [Biki Modoshi]
Scalpel Centrifuge Chaotic Dance [Souten Enshin Ranbu]
->Move Forward
->Move Backward
->Micro Jump [Kyokusho Jump]
->Taste this! [Ajimi!]
->Growing Flower
->See? I’m a flower! [Hana Daro? Ore Hana Daro?]
->Going My Way!? (Derivative) [Going My Way!? (Haseiban)]
->Doctor-copter [Isha-copter]
->Cancel [Kaijo]
->What’s coming out next~? (Derivative)
[Nani ga Deru ka na~? (Haseiban)]
Love [Ai] *Bag Head Bomb*
Shower Hack [Mettagiri]
What’s coming out next~? [Nani ga Deru ka na~?]
In Your Face! [Mae kara ikimasu yo!]
Watch your Back! [Ushiro kara Ikimasu yo!]
Look out below! [Ue kara Ikimasu yo!]
———————————Force Breaks/EX Force Breaks
Sudden HELLO! [Ikinari OISSU!]
Super “Re-re-re” Stretching Thrust! [Chou Re-re-re no Tsuki!]
It’s a wonderful view from here~! [Koko kara ga mido koro desu yo~!]
Loyal Viewer Fan Service! [Shichousha Zen'in Sa^bisuu!]
———————————Overdrive/Chaos Attack
Wha-wha-wha-what’s Coming out Next?!
[Na-na-na-Nani ga deru ka na?!]
Destructive “Stimulation” Edge
[Shigekiteki Zetsumei Ken] (Gamble Attack)
->Shuffle Time
Neo Scalpel Centrifuge Chaotic Dance
[Shin Souten Enshin Ranbu] (EX)
Mad Operation (GG)
———————————Instant Kill
Peaceful Death from Above [Shouten Raku Goku] (GG)
This weeks’ CLIMAX! [Konshuu no YAMABA!] (GGX - GGXXAC+)
This is me!? [Kore ga watashi!?] (GGXrd)

—Although the story is pretty blatant about stating that Faust is in fact Dr. Baldhead, he doesn’t like to refer to himself as such and even smacks Venom for almost saying it! Interestingly enough, his bio information somewhat conflicts with that of Dr. Baldhead’s depending on the source (I’ve listed both here for convenience).
—Venom has tried to recruit Faust for his abilities in to the Assassins organization (though Faust has declined and even escaped him). It was because Venom was pursuing Faust that the events leading to Dizzy’s discovery in America were triggered in Guilty Gear X.
—In GGXrd, Zato=ONE admits to Faust that he was the one responsible for the botched surgery on the little girl in Faust’s care. Faust is especially angry about this, but is actually willing to hear Zato’s side of the story, which is quite telling about Faust’s kind character, though the exact nature and full story behind the conspiracy that involved the Assassins hasn’t been told yet and has something to do with the Senato and Faust’s “Resurrection Technique” which he meant to develop to save the little girl he was so fond of (which ended up reviving Zato instead).
—Ironic also that Faust is seemingly fast friends with Slayer, who was the Founder of the Assassins. Faust does find his meddling and 'violent methods of greeting’ to be annoying though.
—Fanny who was a Nurse Assistant to Faust went searching for him when he went missing after he went insane as Dr. Baldhead (during Guilty Gear Petit). Her movelist is essentially identical in form to his old GG fighting style, only she uses a giant injection needle instead (which she inherited from her mother who was a famous nurse as well)!
—It’s a running gag that Ky keeps asking Faust “Have we met before?” because he remembers Faust’s fighting style and stance from the first game.
—Faust’s 'pet philosophy on human evolution’ even involves human modification. It’s implied that he’s done surgeries on himself to improve his body’s functionality, though the exact nature of the surgeries is unknown.
—Faust has done nearly impossible things in alternate routes of Guilty Gear’s story: extracting Eddie from Zato’s body and taking the parasite in to himself, and even removing S-ko from Zappa’s body! Of course, those events didn’t really happen, but they could have!? Eddie once remarked that he tried to take over Faust’s body but Faust’s cellular structure rejected his cells.
—Faust also has a strange ability to teleport and warp space around him… how he came to gain these powers is also unknown, but the Post-War Administration Bureau claims it reminds them of a project of theirs in the past. Interestingly enough, Faust had a teleportation battle with Raven and somehow lost, so he has much to learn.
—Faust’s medical exploits have done everything from save a girl from becoming a Gear, making a girl able to see, saving an injured President, and more… he seems to have an extensive knowledge of Gear and Forbidden Beast anatomy and is trying to find a cure for Millia’s hair-bind curse Angra.
—It was thanks to Testament’s desire for revenge against humanity that he gave Faust his huge scalpel (in the first Guilty Gear, prior to the tournament), though the two have never spoken about the subject ever since. Though Faust admits that his ability to summon creatures and teleport are not unlike Testament’s abilities, though he boasts to be more precise in skill with them.
—Little known Fact: Faust’s CV: Takashi Kondou was the “distorted” system voice announcer for Guilty Gear X. He also voices Potemkin and other miscellaneous male voices throughout the series (even the Drama CDs). As a tribute to Takashi’s work with other characters, Faust even summons a “Mini Potemkin / Mini Robo-Ky” as one of his random items at times.

—Faust probably gets his name from the Norwegian drummer Bård Guldvik “Faust” Eithun of the band Emperor, known for Black, Thrash, Progressive, and Death Metal.
—Faust’s design is likely based on the Unknown Comic who made random appearances on the Gong Show.
—Faust’s story is based on Goethe’s Heinrich Faust who made a deal with the Devil in exchange for true happiness.
—Black Sabbath did a song called “Rock'n'Roll Doctor”.
—Frank Zappa did a song called “G-Spot Tornado”, kinda hard not to consider that one a reference to Faust!
—“Going My Way” is a musical comedy-drama film directed by Leo McCarey back in 1944. Particularly notable because the film was presented to the Vatican Pope Pius XII after World War II.
—“Oissu! Koe ga Chiisai! Mou Icchou: OISSU!” is a Japanese encouragement chant used by employees of various merchant shops to psyche themselves up during a workday. They basically say “HELLO!” nice and loud with a bright smile on their face to encourage the customer to buy something! So next time you want to boost your morale at work just get people to say “HELLO! I can’t hear you! HELLO!!! Let’s work with ENTHUSIASM today!” This chant was actually featured in an old anime episode of Hand Maid May.
—Faust often appears floating downwards with an umbrella which is a reference to the old Disney Musical “Marry Poppins”.
—Faust’s burst animation has markings similar to Kenshiro’s chest scars in Fist of the North Star (Hokuto no Ken), only his are in the shape of his Bag Head!
—It’s implied that Faust’s surgical skill is nearly unrivalled and considered “The Hands of God”, May even states at one point “You aren’t a God!” to lampshade this reference to the Anime and Manga series by Osamu Tezuka titled “Black Jack” about a scarred mercenary surgeon who works within the underworld and operates by his own moral code, not unlike Faust!
—It’s a gag reference to Medical TV dramas like E.R. when Faust says “I’m sorry but there’s no cure.” in a serious voice. He even references Game TV shows in his quotes, such as “Who wants to be a Millionaire” (Is that your Final Answer?).

Operation Complete! This bio was a success~!

anonymous asked:

For the ship-thing jeje x mikuni please ^^

Alrighty, will do! I mean… I’ve never done these two before I hope you’ll forgive me for any inaccuracies? X’D But I like this ship so I’m doing this anyway! Here you go~


Drinks all of the coffee: Mikuni, to Jeje’s extreme annoyance. Why? Because Jeje is the one who makes it, originally for himself, and then Mikuni pops up out of nowhere and drinks all of it, leaving absolutely nothing for Jeje, who is then stuck making new coffee for himself and hoping that Mikuni won’t drink it again. Aside from the frustration of getting his own drink and having it stolen from him, Mikuni is also annoying enough when he’s not on a caffeine high, so Jeje always has to watch out for the amount of coffee his Eve consumes before he overdoes it, damages his health and becomes entirely unbearable.

Brings up adopting a pet: Oddly enough, Jeje. Maybe it was just the desire to have someone else who suffers from Mikuni’s shenanigans, maybe it was the desire to have a companion who knows how to shut up and not troll him all the time, but he soon wound up asking Mikuni if they could take in a pet. Mikuni was against it at first because with all their travels they didn’t really have the time for a pet, but eventually he gave in and surprised Jeje with a hamster on his birthday. Jeje has become extremely attached to his pet, to the point where Mikuni gets jealous of the attention his Servamp gives it.

Kills the bugs: Whoever sees them first. Mikuni is very likely to bring out the bug spray or otherwise kill the unfortunate creature, while Jeje very rarely kills bugs, preferring to take them outside before Mikuni can find and end them. Sometimes Mikuni also asks Jeje to take care of a bug he’s encountered, either because he’s too busy himself or just for funsies, and Jeje always knows that 1) this bug will be hell to catch, either because it’s super fast or ginormous or a stink bug, and 2) he so totally won’t get the blood he’s been promised for doing this. He’s stuck doing it anyway.

Cooks the meals: Neither if they can avoid it and buy food somewhere; otherwise they take turns or cook together. Both of them are fairly decent cooks if the situation requires it, and while Jeje is usually the one who has to cook because Mikuni is a jerk, sometimes Mikuni will take on the task himself to give his Servamp some time to relax and treat him to something nice for once. The first few times Jeje was very suspicious when Mikuni cooked for him, but now he simply enjoys seeing his Eve’s kind side shine through for once.

Starts getting into holidays way before they should: Mikuni all the way. He gets excited about Halloween in August and about Christmas in October (while still being fired up for Halloween), and Jeje has to suffer. A lot. Because Mikuni will invariably doodle seasonal ornaments and decorations on Jeje’s paper bags and make him wear Halloween costumes or Santa hats, to say nothing of him decorating the house way too early and overdoing it and asking Jeje to help because he can reach higher.

Initiates the couple selfies: Mikuni. Jeje hates being photographed while Mikuni enjoys taking pictures of himself, and while they’re usually of himself alone or couple selfies with Abel, sometimes Jeje is invited on the picture. Jeje himself doesn’t understand why Mikuni would want a picture of them together when all you can see of his face is the paper bags, but he reluctantly goes along anyway… and don’t tell him, but Mikuni even has a selfie or two with a sleeping Jeje without his paper bags.

Forgets the birthdays and anniversaries: Mikuni pretends to, just to annoy Jeje, but in reality he’d never forget an important date. He just likes to act like Jeje’s birthday or their anniversary is a perfectly normal day and give Jeje surprised looks when the latter drops hints that today’s date is special, but just when he has his Servamp convinced he brings out whatever surprise he had in store for him and watches Jeje shift from surprise and relief to anger to exasperation (”I should have known”) within minutes.

Always ends up with too much junk food after grocery shopping: Neither. Mikuni doesn’t eat grocery store junk food, he prefers overpriced snacks from the nearest Starbucks, and Jeje doesn’t eat much in general and if he does, it’s usually not that cheap stuff (which tastes disgusting to him anyway). He does have to watch out for Mikuni’s consumption of expensive snacks though, both because of his Eve’s wallet and health and because Mikuni on a sugar overdose is even more annoying than a normal Mikuni.

Nicknames the other: Mikuni has a neverending catalogue of lame nicknames for Jeje, the more embarrassing the better, although many of them are also more affectionate than you’d expect from him. Jeje still can’t decide if he likes them or not; on one hand they’re completely ridiculous and he thinks Mikuni should just call him by his name, seeing as he’s the one who named him in the first place, but on the other hand he thinks some of these names are rather cute and takes a secret delight in hearing Mikuni say them.

Okay, I hope I got them right? I certainly had fun doing this, anon! And one more ship meme down, whew! Six more to go so stay tuned~
Ruby Tandoh criticises celebrity cooks for 'suspicious silence' over election
Former Bake Off contestant suggests TV stars such as Jamie Oliver and Paul Hollywood fear damaging cookbook sales
By Hannah Ellis-Petersen

She directed a series of tweets at the accounts of the cooks, telling Slater “don’t leave us hanging pls”, asking Lawson to “please speak up”, urging the Hairy Bikers to “step forward” and calling Oliver a “prick”.

Tandoh said she also wanted to direct criticism at Hollywood but he had blocked her on Twitter. She added: “Imagine being silent on this incredibly important election just cos you don’t wanna lose out on a couple of tories buying your cookbook.”

Tandoh has previously criticised fellow cooks over pandering to food fads and diets as a way to sell books.

In April, she described Tom Kerridge’s carb-cutting cookbook as “total bollocks” and said cooks such as Oliver, the Hairy Bikers and Lorraine Pascale were “swinging from ‘comfort food’ to ‘superfood’ and back again whenever the price is right”.


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Hi, can I get a EXO reaction where their girlfriend can cook really amazing food and desserts and they taste her stuff for the first time. I have a passion for cooking and baking so I wanted this one to be relatable lol. Thank you!!


He’s ecstatic to taste the food you made and is pleasantly surprised. Just one bite made him hungry for it all, but at the same time is proud and wants the others to taste it too. “All of you, you must taste it! This is the work of my perfect Jagiya!”


Is surprised when he sees a beautifully looking dessert and you tell him that you made it, but when it comes out that it tastes even better than it looks, he’s overwhelmed and after eating it all he still asks you for more. “I’m so full but could you make a little more? It’s so good!”


At first he’s a little suspicious of your cooking skills and teases you about you being so into it, but after the first bite he suddenly goes silent and speaks only after a minute. “Yah, this is really good!”


He’s the one who usually makes food so when you tell him that you made something for dinner he’s really curious of it. Since he’s never really seen you cooking he expected that it may not be the best, but after tasting it he’s totally surprised and quickly compliments it, he’s really proud.


He generally prefers eating what he’s used to, but this time he’s happy to taste your food. To be honest he doesn’t really expect much but changes his mind quickly after taking a bite. His eyes go wide and he stares at you in surprise. Now you can be sure that he’ll eat anything you’d make!


He came back home after work and waits impatiently for the food you’re preparing. When you finally come out of the kitchen with a plate, his gaze is immediately focused on the food, but even though he really just wants to eat it quickly, he calmly tastes it first and says that it’s actually amazing.


Is surprised by the fact that you can cook something good and is happy to taste something from you, because until now he could only listen to your friends complementing your skills. Now when it’s actually in front of him, he’s amazed. “Why didn’t you cook for me earlier? I could eat it all day!”


He knows that you can cook and are good at it, but never had a chance to eat anything from you. The moment finally came and as he tasted it, his face goes bright. “I think it’s the best thing I’ve ever eaten… thanks for cooking it, Jagi~”


He never really paid attention to these things and when you gave him the food you made, he was actually a bit hesitant, but gave it a try anyway (and then he regretted doubting your skills). After that he asks you to cook something every day because the first one you made for him was so good.


Is excited that you made something for him when he came home late, and becomes pleasantly surprised after tasting it. It looks delicious and really is. He gives you a lot of compliments after that. “You’re much better at cooking than me. How about you’d cook something tomorrow as well?”


Is happy just hearing the word “food” but when he comes to the kitchen and sees you preparing the already amazingly looking plate, he gets even more excited. It’s super delicious and he eats it all, even asks for more. “Don’t look at me like that! Did you even taste it? It’s so good…”


You ask him for an opinion and he’s happy to be of help, but when he actually takes a bite of the food, he’s amazed and asks if he can eat some more. He’s so proud of you being that talented. “You should totally try to make more dishes! I can help if you want!”

- Admin Gumi and Admin Tian

Start Prepping For Netflix's 'A Series of Unfortunate Events' with Olaf's Overnight Oatmeal

Netflix is bringing us a binge watch of childhood memories with the debut of Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events. Food is a big part of the stories and in the beginning, The Bad Beginning, the Baudelaire children don’t know how to cook, in fact sometimes they even burn toast.

What a suprise one morning when the Baudelaire orphans found that Count Olaf had sprinkled their morning meal with the beautiful fresh red berries they loved when their parents were alive. The kind gesture coming from him was quite suspect.

And if those last few sentences are lost on you, you better queue up the Netflix.

But in the spirit of the upcoming series here’s an impressive oatmeal recipe you can use at home. And because you leave it overnight there’s no suspicious cooking required.

Olaf’s Overnight Oatmeal

(serves 1)

You’ll need:

1 16 oz mason jar with lid


• 1 cup rolled oats

• 1 cup milk

• 2 Tablespoons chopped pecans

• 1 Tablespoon brown sugar

• ¼ teaspoon vanilla

• Dash of cinnamon

• Dash of nutmeg

• Pinch of salt

• Handful of raspberries

• Lemon zest


In a mason jar add the rolled oats, milk, chopped pecans, brown sugar, vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg and salt. Stir together, then top with raspberries and lemon zest.

Cover and refrigerate the jar overnight.

In the morning stir together to eat, or heat in the microwave to serve warm.

Niall-- The Plague

This isn’t really fluff and it’s definitely not smut.  It’s more of a really long version of “Life with Niall.”

Our home was always full of noise.  Niall’s football game going on TV, his shouts of indignation at the calls made by the ref, his loud laugh echoing off the walls, the soft tones of his guitar strings being plucked absently, as easy as breathing, while he watched TV or chatted to friends.  Everything about Niall was loud and full of life and our house almost always reflected that.

But the second I sneezed in the office, silence filled the air.  It was like everything stopped, except for the sound of the football announcers on the television.  I found myself wishing that I was a quiet sneezer, but I had been cursed to be a noisemaker, myself.  I tried to discretely sniff as I searched for a tissue but it was too late.

I heard Niall yell out my name cautiously.  I heard him get up and walk down the hall.  When he came to the office he stood at the door, eyeing me suspiciously.  He looked like sex, standing there in a long sleeve shirt with a few buttons at the top that were mostly undone, jeans that sat perfectly on him so they could define his ass and thighs, and a silver watch on his wrist.  I could tell by the way he was standing, though; arms crossed over his chest and his deliberately shallow breathing, like he could defend himself from my germs, that he wasn’t in here to seduce me.

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Happy Chinese New Year!

Technically it’s Chinese New Year’s Eve, but we’re already exchanging lunar new year greetings! 

This is Part 1 of Tianshan Lunar New Year 2017! I tried to finish everything before I went home to see my parents for the new year, but I don’t think I’ll be able to get it done in time, so I decided to post this little comic up page by page. 

Please do not repost my art! 

Thanks to @thefearofthetruth for helping me with plotting and for introducing me to 19 Days

Part 2 | Part 3

these are 2 of my ocs ryker and z


I’ve been busy I’m sorry but here’s a post to make up for it

•liam using really stupid pickup lines. like REALLY stupid.
“I like this shirt.”
“you know where it would look better?”
“my floor”

•every once in a while the black betty crew has a game night. chubs and ruby team up to play scrabble and no one else stands a chance.

•rubiam doin the cliche movie ‘get behind the love interest and show them how to do something’ thing except ruby is the one teaching liam to do something sports related that he sucks at

•something breaking in the house and liam spends like 3 days like “ruby. I’m telling you I can fix this. I know about plumbing. I can do this. look. I can hold a wrench and everything.” and he just ends up breaking it more and they have to call someone to fix it

•they literally use any excuse to spend the night with one another. “oh you should start heading home? idk it’s a couple hour drive and you seem tired. better stay here a couple days.” and their parents allow it because I mean cmon is separating those two even a possibility at this point

•they make a point of including cole in things even after his death. they bring their kids to his grave and go when they get engaged and everything.

•liam enjoys Jurassic World almost too much. ruby makes sure to check the house for hidden lizards whenever she gets suspicious.

•liams cooking is HEAVENLY. he learned everything he knows from harry and the boy has the cooking skills of an angel.

•when they dance at their wedding it’s real close to being a hot mess because they’re both so giddy and nervous and excited that they’re tripping over their own feet

•suzume cries at the rubiam wedding. chubs gets close but doesn’t actually cry. vida teases them the whole time.

•whenever liam gets ogled by girls ruby takes great pride in the moment where she gets to go over and make a big show of kissing him while the others walk off disappointed and vice versa.

•whenever liams mom asks him about the camps and his life on the run and such he goes “well I found a new mom. his name is Charles. I call him chubs. he’s great.”

anonymous asked:

I have a prompt if it's ok, I'd like to see your take on Regina meeting Roland at the camp. It could have OQ bonding for the first time or just more sass ('cause there's never enough). Brownie points if you include Snow/Regina friendship!

Not much farther, the thief had said. Either he had a peculiar definition of “farther,” or her legs were even heavier than she thought. Her mind still spinning after encountering the magical nexus cocooning her (no, their, she reminded herself) castle and the mystery that it promised, the fact that this dress and cape with the feathers was not made to gallivant about in the woods in (how had she done this all the time before?) and the dull, constant pain in her chest, Regina kept her eyes grimly forward, half-afraid to look back and see if they were all still following her. Our people. She couldn’t believe she was doing this. She couldn’t imagine what she’d do otherwise. They’re looking at me. Watching me. I need to keep it together for them.

There was a clearing up ahead, just visible through the heavy underbrush. Regina cursed as her skirt caught, wasted several moments disentangling herself, then glanced up to see that the thief, as he had after shooting the monkey, was offering her a hand. “Not used to the forest, Your Majesty?”

“Does it look like I’m used to it?” Regina ignored his hand and swept past him with as much dignity as she could muster. Her feet were killing her.

“We’re almost there.” He kept pace with her as the weary group started to filter in, and raised a hand to beckon the hooded sentries to stand down. Regina smelled meat roasting over a fire, and her empty stomach growled loud enough that she was afraid he might have heard. He gestured to a rotten log. “Sit.”

“I am not sitting on some… dead…tree.”

“Well, we’re in rather short supply of thrones hereabouts, Your Majesty.” He pulled off a somewhat sardonic bow. “Unless you’d prefer the cold, cold ground?”

Resisting the urge to give him the sharp end of her tongue — he had saved her and Snow from that beast, after all — Regina sat with a jerk on the least soggy section of the log she could find; she might not like this dress, but she still wasn’t getting it contaminated. There she sat, watching as Robin took easy charge of the group and began ordering the preparation of dinner, wondering if she should help but not sure how. And besides, no matter this little bonding roadtrip, I’m still the queen. It wouldn’t do to go forgetting that entirely.

It began to get dark, shadows slanting thickly through the woods, and Regina unconsciously edged closer to the fire. Then footsteps crunched next to her, and Snow sat down, offering her a bowl of hot stew. “Eat up, Regina. I’m sure you’re hungry.”

Regina sniffed at the stew suspiciously. “Who cooked this?”

“Little John.” A corner of Snow’s mouth twitched. “He looks like the kind of man who knows how to eat well. I’m sure it’s not poisonous.”

Regina harrumphed, but was indeed too sore and starving to resist, and even without the benefit of a spoon, began to slurp it down. It was warm and savory, heavenly, and she felt almost weak with the goodness of it, finishing her bowl while barely stopping to breathe. Guilty, she glanced up only to find Snow watching her sympathetically. “More?”

“No, I’m — ” Regina hesitated. “It’s not a problem, you should — ”

Whatever else she had been about to say, she completely forgot, her newly restored heart seizing up in her chest, as a dark-haired little boy ran out from one of the tents and gleefully threw himself around Robin’s legs. “Daddy! Daddy, you’re back!”

“Aye, that I am.” Robin, grinning widely, tossed him up in the air, caught him, and swung him around, all to the boy’s evident delight. “Were you good while I was away?”

The boy nodded eagerly — but then, catching sight of Regina, stared. “Who — who’s that?”

“That’s the e — that’s the queen.”

Something in Robin’s voice had changed, and Regina remembered what he’d said about being on the run from her black knights for so many years. Suddenly, however, she couldn’t stand the thought of this little boy knowing that, of looking at her like something mad and dangerous, and she glanced at him sharply. Wanted to say something, wanted desperately, in fact, but couldn’t think how. She bit her tongue, staring at the ground. Mute as a stupid schoolgirl.

“He’s adorable,” Snow said warmly. “Robin, is that your son?”

"Aye. My Roland.”

“Come here, sweetie.” With the ease of an experienced mother, Snow held out her arms, and Robin obligingly passed the boy into them. It seemed she had spent the entire walk back from the castle catching Robin up on the particulars of her situation, her missing daughter and grandson, and Regina felt her chest twist again. I should have left my heart in the woods. Any appetite she had had left was gone, watching Snow play with the child, and more to escape Robin’s gaze than anything, she turned her head, staring out into the dark forest, the black sky lucently filigreed with stars. Were there always so many? After years in her castle, after years in Storybrooke, she was starting to forget.

“And this,” Snow said, “is my stepmother, Regina. Can you say hello to her, Roland?”

Startled by the tug on her skirt, Regina turned back, just in time to see Roland beaming widely at her. “Hello!” he announced. “You’re beautiful!”

Robin chuckled. “You’ve got good taste already, my boy.”

Regina opened her mouth, then shut it. To her horror, she was close to tears. Instead, she managed to summon up a smile. “Thank you,” she said graciously to Roland. Felt her fingers clench with the effort of wanting to lift him into her own lap, smell his hair, think about how Henry had been at four years old, always wanting to cling to her leg, to curl up on her for his afternoon nap. She looked down at her hands, saw them shaking, curled them into fists. “You’re quite the little gentleman.”

“Here,” Snow offered. “You should hold him.”

“I — no.” Regina got to her feet. “I’m — I’m tired. It’s been a long day. I — think I need to sleep.”

“You can have my tent, my lady,” Robin offered. “It’s not much, but it’ll keep the rain off. Roland and I can find other lodgings.”

Regina stared at him again, then snapped her mouth shut with a click. She gave him an icy nod, swept past him, ducked into the tent, and as soon as she was alone, collapsed. Pulled the collar off, the mantle, the cloak, the jewels, as if she could not shed her skin fast enough, then lay down heavily among his quilts and blankets. Clutched them to her face, pulled them tight against her, imprinting Henry’s features into her memory again, terrified that she might start to lose them. Listened to a soft mist patter on the roof, the rumble of voices, talking strategy. Until at last, she began to drift off despite all her protests, and sank slowly under into dreams.


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I’ve been working hard on the development of this little and I’m feeling proud enough to submit them.

Possible spoiler ahead (in case)

As the name suggests they’re Sans and Toriel child. They live together with Frisk and their parents in a post pacifist end AU where monster live freely between the Underground and the surfice.

Saying that, consider that Frisk has no reason to reset and another human can take the role of the ‘Chara’

Everything about them will be tagged as #Soriel (fc) to not use the ship tag #soriel, in case you want to search for them in my blog (•̀ᴗ•́)و ̑̑

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Δ i want a puppet Δ
lyr rsu mel iss cxmz qc, sj wyy byr'r obgcx? (cipher message)

1. gravity falls remix -  underpΩny, 2. immortals - fall out boy, 3. under my skin - jukebox the ghost, 4. turn the lights off - tally hall, 5. speakeasy sleazy - paul j. borg, 6. 2 ghosts - berserk III soundtrack, 7. suspicious cook - guilty gears sound complete boxset, 8. lets kill tonight - panic! at the disco, 9. novocaine - fall out boy, 10. haunt you everyday - weezer, 11. aha! - imogen heap, 12. lullaby - the cure

listen here - cover by sapphireweasel25 on deviantart