Home Sweet Home- Last month I have finally fulfilled my long-time dream of living alone. And that has been the main reason for rare blog posts- I haven’t connected internet yet, so for now I blog from my phone, from work, from friends’ homes!

I will tell you one thing- it is a great feeling to be on your own. Not only because you’re free to do whatever you want, but also because you can finally listen to your thoughts, and your thoughts alone. Having all these things and matters under your control makes you more responsible and content. Yes, there is a bit of stress there, but you learn to keep a cool head and deal with it.

So in other words, it is an awesome feeling and I strongly believe that everyone should live a part of their life alone, before getting married or starting a family. Discover yourself first, before trying to discover others. 

As you guessed, I have been spending a lot of time hunting for inspiration and home ideas. Pinterest has been very helpful in this. I finally truly appreciate that App! 

I am a little worried about how my apartment will look in the end. I do hope I have a good taste in decor. Till now my friends who visited left me with compliments and that leaves me optimistic! I am very lucky with them, they have been very helpful and supportive, gifting useful things for home and sorting out  a few issues. Love you guys! 


Chanel Cruise Collection- Ah Photoshop is so annoying! It doesn’t work with other languages properly. I tried typing “Chanel” with Arabic letters and it ended up looking like it’s looking..When in reality it should be like this “شانيل”! (Letters should be joined together)

Aaaanyway, so the big news for Dubai this Spring was the Chanel Cruise show, which took place on an exclusive island. SO many people got offended for not being invited…Honestly, friends- not making it to the show is not the end of the world, you know! But the Fashion Industry is known for brewing a lot of arrogance which can’t be helped! LOL

I am enjoying the feel of this collection so much that it doesn’t matter if I have seen it live or on screen! Be proud people- Dubai is really becoming a serious FASHION SCENE! 

The modest outfits, harem pants, heavy jewelry of ethnic structure, the Arabic scarf print, Moroccan-inspired pointy flats and brave print mixing- this is the essence of Arabic and Middle Eastern culture, which Chanel made applicable to the rest of the world with its sometimes very European designs. When I say “European” I mean the skinny trousers, see-throughs and knitted cardigans.

So please stop whining about not being able to “FROW” it beside Karl Lagerfeld. Look at the big picture- we are on the verge of becoming a Fashion Capital, which means people are likely to become more aware of fashion, street style and WILL HOPEFULLY STARE LESS when you strut down the street looking F A B U L O U S! :D

(Photo source: None other than VOGUE)


Birthday Post- Today is 1st of March, my Birthday! Yay! I have started celebrating on the weekend, with my friend Tarang, whose Birthday was on 25th! We had a great time with our friends, went to an amazing new club on Yas Island called O1NE. Atmosphere there is insane and Abu Dhabi is really fortunate to finally have a place like that! 

So this was my outfit on Thursday and it’s all ZARA, expect for the Ray Bans of course! LOL. I didn’t even realise it till I was doing a selfie in a bathroom! :P 

I am really happy cause my friend Katia got my a traditional Ukrainian drink called KVAS! 2 litres of happiness! And it’s already nearly finished! :(

Also she got me a eye-shadow palette by Two Faced! So fabulous!

So I am 26 and enjoying life! Happy Birthday to me!


Woman In Black- One sad thing about UAE is that it doesn’t have such scenery- the old buildings from last century, which can create an atmosphere worth a movie shoot. While writing this post I realised how dumb of me was not to make a full shot just of this incredible building from pre-revolution Russia! Yeah, like 1910s if not earlier! But no matter, I am sure this building never thought it would end up on the internet anyway. Let this post be a little tribute to it.

As you may know from my previous Call Of The Wild post, I was visiting my bestfriend Sonia in her hometown of Gus-Khrustalny, which translates as “Crystal Goose”. This town used to home talented crystal masters, which provided crystal decor for centuries! But as with everything nowadays, hand-made intricate craftsmanship is dying out and it is sad.

Anyway, on the first day of my arrival we went for a walk when I stopped in my tracks staring at this 3-floor building…Broken windows, with turquoise wooden frames, faded egg-shell paint, shabby roof in a shape of a tent or a triangle top with engraved wooden hangers. People were evacuated from there recently as conditions became too unbearable for living (No Shit!). Preparations for demolition were going on, and all interiors were burned and destroyed.

It was a petty sight with some creepiness to it- darkness starring out of the windows, with broken pieces of glass reflecting a bit of sky for one last time. 

It was creepy and dangerous in a way, but I knew I had to use this poor old building destined to be put down to rest. Hours before I had to leave, Sonia braided my hair, let me borrow her black ICONIC dress and folk silver earrings from Yemen, and took the role of the amazing photographer that she is. 

My inspirations came from The Woman In Black, 2012 movie, and my favourite American Horror Story series, therefore, I wanted to make the whole scene both vintage and mysterious. The hairstyle helped a lot- the symmetrical twisted braids added that pre-revolution Ruski flare to the look. I also wore my NastyGal bodysuit under the dress, to add a bit of lace and sleeve to the ensemble. 

Regarding the make-up- this time I decided to ditch my black eye-liner, just adding some mild eyeshadow, turning all the focus to the lips and eyebrows. When I saw the photos I was glad to see how unintrusive yet present the make-up looked.

When we were done, I was sad knowing that I will never see this building again, and right on queue, next day Sonia Whatsapped me an ugly sight of rubble, slightly recognizable from the sticking out turquoise frames…  

I am wearing:


Lace Bodysuit worn under- NastyGal

Heels- ZARA

Lipstick- MAC Russian Red


Merchant Of Arabia- Thought for a while what to call this photoshoot. Wanted something philosophical, inspirational…and then decided not to break my head to much over the title, and just go with the style. 

When I created this look I saw myself as some merchant in a market in the Mediterranean area, may be a few centuries ago. A colourful lady of hardly-guessable-background sellingspices or exotic fabrics, with a few countries travelled and adventurous stories to tell…Or may be a lady Pirate?! :D 

This photoshoot also happens to be the last one me and my dear friend Sonya did together, before she travelled to Sochi and then Moscow! I miss her a lot, and that HEART photo is dedicated to her! <3 

Thanks for the beautiful photos and your friendship! 

I am wearing:

Turban- old piece of fabric

Top- Dorothy Perkins

Skirt- Vintage

Sandals- Aldo

Necklace- from Yemen


This is my first Food Post! Hoorray! What inspired me? Oh I was lucky to be invited by my good friend Khaula to a pre-opening of a new restaurant, called Leopold’s Of London, at the Boutik, located on Reem Island, Abu Dhabi. 

The cosy place will be officially opened to public tomorrow & advise you to go down there and try their delicious meals! I tried a Vegetarian Lasagna, a Stuffed Aubergine with beef, and a whole line of desserts! 
I would have tried more, but I was full! And it was the amazing kind of full! You know, the one where you go like “Mmmm,I’m full!” and then you rub your belly! 

I hear that Leopold’s will be opening another branch in Dubai soon, and then there will be a fabulous launch party! Must go there! Yummy! :D