I have wings, I always had them, it’s just not everyone is blessed enough to see them & fly beside me. 🐲🐲🐲 Got these lovely shorts in #MexicoCity 💙💚

Dancing to a Bruno Mars’ remix by The Nef Project.

His vast wings ripped through space with immense force.

  The Dragon knew no boundaries. His whole being was drawn to a certain tiny spot in the Universe and he needed no compass to know where it was exactly, for instinct was strong and he trusted it fully.

  It was a flight of life & death. He had to make it on time. Skilfully manouvering to avoid countless meteors, space whirlpools and even blackholes, he flew at the speed of light, but even that was not enough.

  The Dragon closed his eyes, his ancient head bowing in concentration. He had to summon all his powers and all the powers of the Universe to aid him on his quest. The calling of the Great one was heard in the farthest corners of existence. He opened his eyes and they were no longer fiery orange, but pitch black with mysterious shimmer of stars reflecting in them. Every matter present in cosmos, from the tiniest star dust to gigantic planets slowed down, slowing down the whole Universe.

  The Dragon returning from his trance, made one last massive flap with his wings before disappearing, soaring away as fast as a thought, for the power of thoughts was greater than any other, and his were engrossed in reaching his soulmate before she dies…again. (Susanna Vesna, 2017)

(Artwork found here)


My little freestyle to a song I heard on Twin Peaks: The Return performed by Rebekah Del Rio- No Stars


Importance of Freestyling:

I always spend an extra 10-20 minutes after my classes to improvise and put together some random moves & spins that come to mind. Helps me keep my creative mojo in check. 

My advice to everyone, a starting or continuing pole fitness student, a new or seasoned instructor- always devise some time for yourself to freestyle. It does not have to be a combo loaded with advanced tricks & impressive kicks.

Just make sure you choose a song that you love, press the record button and forget about everyone & everything.