Let me begin with that this is in no way me attempting to call anyone out, hence my going out of the way to cross this beings name out to prevent any sort of backlash for posting this….

Now let me remind you guys of some shit, really quick, for the sake of battling this idea that Sisters in Sin is good for nothing more than ERP– stuff written and explained in the Guild Advertisment

Yes, this is an ERP tolerating guild,
Yes, this guild is in a mature setting,
Yes, you are required to be 18 and older to interact,
No, ERP is not the only thing this guild is good for,
No, you are in no way entitled to ERP “simply because”,
Yes, we have a right to refuse rp with you, as any person has the right.

Now look. I understand.

You may have received a bad taste from a single experience interacting with us.

You may have met a character in our guild who may have taken their status as a “Sister” (which in the guild is the ranking term for “Working Whore”)  as seriously as they are suppose to, to fabricate this sense that, yes, they’re a fucking whore. Because who doesn’t like an authentic guild?

You may have felt scorned at some point, rejected– I don’t fucking know.

But I beg of you…

Until you can say you have studied this guild inside and out, until you can say you know each person in this order to their very core, until you have properly interacted with us and seen us as more than just the term of our description, “Whore House”, “Brothel”….

You have no right to pass judgement.

But I can assure you. Even if you don’t like us? There are still plenty more men and women willing to look past the description of our order and see our potential as writers, to see the worth a den of sinners can be for their stories.

Like us.

Don’t like us.

We’ll continue to write the way we desire to, and will continue to bring more to the table as often as we are able. Because that’s what a guild does. Thrive and prosper, like a true community of like minded folk.

How have we contributed thus far?

Sisters in Sin has officially (well unofficially) become a den of dealers of the Chimera drug brand. Yes sir, that’s why Bobby Brandy is slumped in the alley way, his high was so good he thought he could lick the grime off the walls– Thanks to Mindy the Kinkster spotting him a Mellow Bat Lollipop!

Sisters in Sin have officially gotten into bed with the Hudson Shipping Company, providing luxury for their clients and general traveling folk looking for lodge (Yep, practically an ic RP Hub, where meals and lounging are offered, not only the drugs, alcohol and women).

Lets not forget while, true, it is a Brothel… It is most specifically a den of sinners. Here you will find the man or woman necessary to get your dirty job done – Assassins, Mercenaries, Silencers, cutthroats, robbers, thieves. Something even as simple as an information broker, as typically all the women have loose lips. For the right price.

Susan is currently in production with making her own brand of adult toys. While this does not help break the illusion that sex is all we’re good for, it is meant to assure that Susan is a business woman. Whomever wishes to get on board with this is welcome to message me, we still need ic smiths, leather workers, enchanters, alchemists and artists-in-general to make the actual toys themselves.

We are barely two weeks old and already we’ve accomplished what is, in my opinion, so much good. We, as a guild, have made a great many friends and companions to make our experience thus far so very enjoyable. 

And we look forward for what else is to become of this “erp and nothing else” guild.

Mentions– @misspleo and @renlavaye (Chimera), @braxtonhudson (Hudson Shipping Company)

She’d become a governess. It was one of the few jobs a known lady could do.
And she’d taken to it well. She’d sworn that if she did indeed ever find
herself dancing on rooftops with chimney sweeps she’d beat herself to death with her own umbrella.

Terry Pratchett,


Some of the small things Gravity Falls does that make me really enjoy the show

Booths at the fair. [Baby Parts by lazy susan - irregular heads half price]

[Cheep cheep tires] - Includes a chick in the middle of a tire

[Diner chalkboard reads: Ask about our steak dinner! We don’t have one!]

[TV reads: UTBAHC - Used to be about history channel]

[Box of fireworks with such hits like “Smokey Joker”, “Cop Callers”, “Poor Choices” (which is my personal favorite), “The Heart Attack”, “BOOM!”, and “The Lawsuit Maker”]