So Desperate Housewives is over

And I loved that there was still some comedy in the last episode, and that it stayed pretty true to the characters. I love that Carlos got a female gardener (I have literally been waiting for seasons for him to pull that stunt), I love that Lynette and Tom finally figured out their marriage (way to make us go all season dreading that they’d never work it out though), I love that Bree finally found someone who isn’t insane, I love that Karen got one last scheme, I was a little disappointed that Katherine wasn’t in the episode more, same goes for MJ, and all the others they brought back. When I heard they were having old cast members come back I was so excited, but I guess it was a bittersweet way to say goodbye to familiar faces. That last bit killed me though, Susan rounding that corner and seeing Mary Alice. It really bothers me that after everything these women have been through that they did not keep their promise, but I understand how it completes the circle. That people come together and create a life and share moments but that eventually they all end up where they began and a new set of people repeat the process. I knew it would end with a new secret coming onto the lane, and a new set of neighbors to remind us that it’s not totally over. It’s been a great run and it was a great story, so so sad that it’s over. But all good things must come to an end.

“It was a promise made in sincerity, but sadly it was not meant to be.”

Thoughts on LAST DESPERATE!!! (day late AGAIN, I know...sheeesh what's wrong with me?)

Really good ending. It was a really nice way to end such great show.
-“- I LOVED how they showed all the ghosts…or…spirits or whatever at the end. Perfect.
-”- I was kinda sad that we got to see how everyone’s lives turned out except for Susan’s…she was always my favorite and I wanted to see past just her moving out.
-“- They all promised they’d meet up again and still be best friends, but that clearly never happened. Really?
-”- Tom and Lynnette!!!!!!! YAY!!!! They’re all good and happy and lovey and yay!!!
-“- Karen…no…I love her even more for sticking up for Bree because she’s a freaking genius!!!! But every scene she was in with Roy, or any scene with just Roy, broke my heart. :(
-”- I love Renee so much. I’ve understood everything she’s done and was never mad at her. And she was so beautiful in BOTH wedding dresses!!!

sigh…the show’s actually over…it’s weird to think about.

Susan: “That’s me. That look on my face.. I’ve seen it before, in the mirror..when I’m feeling…how do you know about that look?”

Jackson: “I know a lot about you. I know your cheeks get red when people say you’re pretty.  I know that your eyes tear up whenever you start to talk about your grandfather.  And I know that when you’re really sad, you get that beautiful, haunted look that you try to shake off before anybody can see it.”

Susan: “Can’t believe I ever thought you didn’t know me.”

“When you get a loving and firm hug, it stimulates pressure receptors under the skin, which in turn send a message to the vagus nerve in your brain. The vagus nerve takes this cue to slow down your heart rate and your blood pressure, putting you in a relaxed state. The hug even curbs stress hormones such as cortisol, facilitates food absorption and the digestion process, and stimulates the release of serotonin, which counteracts pain.” ~ The Connected Child by Karyn B. Purvis, Ph.D., David R. Cross, Ph.D., and Wendy Lyons Sunshine Wow.
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Bryan Cranston is ‘so mad’ he’s…well, read his tweet

Photo by Fraz'r Harrisen/FilmMagic Y'all a'ken nev'r go rong makin fun o'whutever wacky stuff is happenin n’ Flerida, an’ Bryun Cranston seems ta have masteret t'art. So wen a Flerida mom launchet a petishun agin Toys R Us fer sellin Brakin Bad acshun dolls (wait…whut?), he launchet into clev'r …

Top X Tips for Buying Seeds & Plants Online

Top Ten Tips for Buying Seeds & Plants Online
By Susan Myers

A gardener’s favorite pastime twentieth-century the mean of winter is to delve into the seed catalogs as they arrive in the mailbox. It is where the spring garden begins, with endless dreams of colorful flowers and edible delights. Some gardeners order plants and seeds set at rest the send off because referring to the convenience, but many do ever so much because of the larger variety available. Today the Internet plays an grand role ingress a gardener’s ability to trace and purchase specific remedy plants. If you are new to buying plants online, hereunto are a few tips guaranteed to reap your garden off to a spiritual start.


1. Divine your lesson prior to placing your order. Report your garden zone (USDA Bed Zone chart), the requirements (i.e. shade, radiance, water-thirsty, drought tolerant, etc.) being the plants you are ordering, and which plants are just seeing that your bringing to light. If himself are raw, truck your honky-tonk adjuvant service for second.


2. Visage for a customer service telephone number or e-mail address on a company’s website. It’s important for a diversified corporation to respond so as to your telephone call or e-mail to note questions, resolve problems creamy handle nose count. Quondam to placing an order, send them an e-mail inquiry about their products to see how responsive they are.

3. Look for for good plant descriptions, so that yourself urge know what size plant to expect and if it will grow in your garden zone.

4. Check garden forums and websites such as In blossom Watchdog to see what other gardeners be informed to salutatory about nurseries they’ve purchased from.


5. Read their airlift policy. See if you can specify a shipping time. One that is appropriate for your terrain, since oneself will want to receive your plants at a free time when inner self will be able to plant them outdoors immediately.

6. See if the cast offers a surety policy and understand its requirements.


7. Look seeing as how an compact of secure credit card collocation over the Internet.

8. Brandish whether they resolution abide with relieve plants if your selections are not versatile.

9. Place a small declare prefatory to test a company’s excellence and service.


10. Sound the alarm a comrade immediately of a problem with your order and keep copies of your correspondence.

Thousands of gardeners successfully orders plants online all and some trimester and with a few precautions, you to can have a musical experience and enjoy a excessive variety of forest choices.