Susan Knight


Behind the scenes of a photoshoot. Just a FEW clips. not much compared to what we did ;)


 → Susan Knight, In the style of Van Gogh, 2010 19” x 25” digitally manipulated digital photograph.

 ▣ Susan Knight, Under the Influence, Dec 10, 2010 – January 19, 2011, Hive Artists’ Hub, Medicine Hat, Alberta

Photoshop and its relationship to Fine Art has been contentious for some time. The general sentiment around Photoshop art is that it is either gimmicky, niche or confined to the more commercial-friendly graphic design realm. It struggles to be taken seriously. In Under the Influence, Medicine Hat artist Susan Knight puts the question front and centre: can highly processed, digital photography hold its own on the walls of an art gallery?

The exhibition showcases Knight’s most recent body of work, In the style of … which is influenced heavily by artists who contributed a great deal to pop culture, including Andy Warhol, Diego Rivera and Vincent Van Gogh. It is interesting that, although most of Knight’s chosen artists are pop culture icons, they have been widely accepted by the greater art community as well. Whether this is deliberate or accidental, it again raises the question of artistic technique and adds another dimension to the discussion. With Knight’s new images, which borrow heavily from the chosen artists, she places herself, as the artist, in the pop culture versus fine art conversation …  [read full exhibition review]

Rewatching Mars vs Mars and I’m reminded at how sad I felt during the movie when I realised what had become of Carrie Bishop and Susan Knight, not just their characters but their friendship as well.

After seeing the lengths that Carrie went to, to protect and get justice for her best friend, finding out the role she played in the ill fated trip during which Susan OD’d and then the subsequent cover up, left me shocked and a bit intrigued. How did the Carrie we see in Mars vs Mars get to the point she was at, by the time of the boat trip, a mere 2 years later?

nightlocktime  asked:

About Logan being a beard for Carrie I think the same. I think they got to be very good friends and maybe they have an agreement to stage a relationship for some reason. I believe LoVe is meant to happen and it would be rushing from Logan grieving a dead gf to be with V. I doesn't seems right (although if LoVe happens I wouldn't mind and I would be happy lol)

Right, that’s my reasoning as well.  

Maybe Carrie is in love with Susan and feels like she needs to hide it for the sake of her career?  Sad, but possible.       

“People are complaining that the movie is fan serviced. Fans are complaining that non-fans are complaining since they haven’t seen the series. Why don’t people just appreciate that it is fan serviced? Thousands of fans financed it, so of course those people should get a movie that mirrors the series because they want answers. And then there are those like me. Never having heard of the series but watching the movie anyways. Sure, I didn’t understand all the hints to the past, and sure it might be a bit confusing with all the minor character’s roles that you don’t understand. The Veronica-Piz thing probably hit me as a non LoVe harder then the fans, I don’t deny it… But that just made me more curios of the background. It made me as a busy person spend less than 1 week to watch all episodes, followed by watching the movie again. Now the Susan-thing with the baby made sense, the “almost never gets accused of murder” comment by Mac, and Keith’s happiness of Veronica moving on from Neptune makes sense. For me the movie served as an enormous trailer for the series, not a fan serviced movie. Because for the fans it’s amazing, and as for us “non-fans” it’s a 1,5h trailer, and as long as we are aware of the past of the film, and know that it’s going to be confusing at times, it’s an amazing movie filled with sarcasm!”

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“I didn’t get why after Leighton Meester wasn’t available they couldn’t just switch Carrie Bishop and Susan Knight. Carrie could’ve felt guilty over gossip that she spread the ruined someones life or something so she over dosed, and Susan took her pain from giving up her baby into her career. If Christine Lakin can’t sing they could’ve had her lip sync- and Leighton would probably be able to take a few pictures for the movie.”