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So I’m in university and I’ve started reading the Dresden Files for the bus rides and I’ve reached the point where I just want to quit school and spend my days reading the Dresden files because I still have 11 novels and a few Side stories to read.


What a Guy Wants • The Time Warp is not hard to learn

“Carrie, Luke, and Gia disposed Susan’s body to the ocean is a call back to the original plan of the show; Jake disposed Lilly’s body to the ocean. But I found the similarity ends there, because Jake did it to protect Duncan. Carrie, Luke, and Gia did it to protect themselves and then killed Carrie too, and framed Logan.”

Note: Click HERE to watch the underwater scene / Lilly Kane’s deleted scene

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Dark narnia AU?!


(but first allow me to remind ya’ll that my english is super duper shitty - lil Frenchie over here - so it might not be amazingly clear but I do my best okaaaaay)

Also, I /love/ angsty stuff so get ready, it’s about to get dark and ugly.

What if, in order to defeat the White Witch, the Pevensies had to forget morals and righteousness, and started to fight a war, a desesperate war against the woman who’s holding their brother prisoner…?

  • Lucy comes first in Narnia and she meets Tumnus, who fails to drug and kidnap her
  • (woohooooo)
  • the Witch doesn’t tolerate failures
  • so when his spies tell her what happened she orders Grimmault to bring the faun to her
  • mr tumnus is tortured (because she wants answers, and because she’s angry about this lil human coming in /her/ kingdom)
  • she’s so angry she let Grimmault eat the poor faun
  • as a warning to the other creatures who’d might wanna follow his example and not follow her orders, what’s left of Tumnus’s head is nailed to the door of his cavern
  • anyway
  • (this is only the beginning i’m so sorry)
  • Edmund comes second in Narnia and doesn’t see much of it except snow… at first
  • he doesn’t know but someone’s watching him in the woods; Grimmault’s still here and he intends to catch this human
  • he starts to chase him, and plays with him, pleasing himself with the child’s fear
  • but the Witch stops him
  • she understands that there’s more than just Ed, and she knows she needs to kill them all
  • and Ed is so thin and so hungry because of the war’s privations
  • and he feels so lonely and the lady in white is so nice
  • so when he comes back, he’s so happy, he wants to tell his siblings he found food and someone as nice and caring as their mom
  • but Peter and Susan are listening to the radio
  • the news from the front are bad
  • so, so bad
  • they’re still in the middle of the Battle of England and V2s starts to strike London
  • Peter is so afraid at the idea they might not be safe here either
  • the elders are both so scared and helpless that when Ed comes with his bright smile, they just think he did an other prank
  • they don’t believe him, of course
  • don’t trust him
  • he insists, and insists and starts to get angry at Peter
  • but Peter’s angry and scared too
  • he lashes out and yells at his brother
  • the kids argue, Ed runs away
  • lucy tries to convince her elders but it doesn’t work more
  • let’s go a lil quicker now
  • lu goes back
  • sees what happened to mr tumnus
  • she runs back to the house, screaming and jumps into the arms of peter, with blood on her dress
  • they don’t understand where that blood comes from
  • then they discover that ed is missing
  • he went his the wardrobe
  • so peter and susan follows lucy in narnia
  • they discover the war, the prophecy, blah-blah-blah and everything
  • but it doesn’t end the same way
  • because jadis has edmund
  • she still needs him to lure the others to her
  • so she can’t kill him, but keeping him alive is still a risk that the prophecy becomes true, right?
  • so, well, she makes sure he’ll never be able to sit on Cair Paravel’s thrones
  • tortures him
  • to insanity
  • lucy and susan doesn’t know this, but peter understand this since oreius tells him all the rumours he can gather
  • and aslan?
  • oh, he’s here, and powerful
  • but susan can’t stand him, because he does nothing to help them, to rescue edmund or to help peter
  • so she trains
  • bow and arrow, for sure but not only
  • she talks with the naiads, the dryads, the old gods and the magical creatures, finds books about magic
  • she was defenseless when she arrived in narnia, lucy and peter are learning to fight with swords and those knights things
  • susan? susan learns magic
  • and she’s driven by anger and fear, which feeds her magic
  • she becomes powerful
  • aslan doesn’t like it, thinks it’s dangerous
  • oh he’s right, it is dangerous; but susan doesn’t care, she needs that power
  • and she knows where to find more power… aslan’s here, right? and he’s powerful
  • well
  • susan’s more vicious than the lion thought
  • and she has this hex, and she sets up this plot, and -let’s shorten here ‘kay, it’s super complex- she kills aslan
  • well, she sacrifices him
  • and takes his powers, his strength
  • susan becomes a sorcerer, a witch… and a powerful one, always carrying the Lion’s fangs with her
  • she’s the Tormenter
  • and with her magic and spells she protects her siblings, protect the armies
  • it needs a lot of blood tho to realize this spells
  • blood sheds aren’t really a problem for lucy actually
  • she lost something when she saw mr tumnus head
  • all that blood… she can’t forget it, so she kills, and kills, and kills
  • she’s a monster on the battlefield
  • she’s feared
  • she’s the Destroyer
  • and peter seconds her in this destruction
  • but he’s more of a tactician
  • lucy’s a fighter, a savage warrior
  • peter is more vicious, he always comes up with twisted plans
  • killing innocents? well
  • if it helps him, why wouldn’t he hesitate?
  • he wants to defeat the witch, sure
  • but he wants to make her pay for what she did
  • scare one to terrify a thousand, right? that’s exactly what peter does
  • he wants the witch to fear them
  • to know they’re coming for her
  • tadaaah
  • to sum up, i love creepy and angsty stuff
  • hehe
  • (not even sorry)
  • (okay just a little)

And the edits are coming tomorrow … !

El Godly Tier 2/8

Name: Tiffany Susan Pompoms

Title: Knight of Doom

Strife Specibi: Hammerkind, Bladekind, Clubkind

Planet: Land of String and Dolls

Dreamer Type: Due to apparent Doom properties, she is on both Prospit and Derse. If this only applies to Captors, she is on Derse.

EGS, Susan © Dan Shive

God Tiers, dreamer types, etc. © Andrew Hussie


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About Logan being a beard for Carrie I think the same. I think they got to be very good friends and maybe they have an agreement to stage a relationship for some reason. I believe LoVe is meant to happen and it would be rushing from Logan grieving a dead gf to be with V. I doesn't seems right (although if LoVe happens I wouldn't mind and I would be happy lol)

Right, that’s my reasoning as well.  

Maybe Carrie is in love with Susan and feels like she needs to hide it for the sake of her career?  Sad, but possible.       


Bonnie DeVille celebrated her 28th birthday last week, and the party she threw was exactly what you’d expect: trendy rooftop venue above a quasi-landmark Hollywood hotel; celebrity guests culled from lists A through D; a paparazzi’s-­wet-­dream altercation between her one‐time boyfriend Logan Echolls and part‐time lover/music video director Sean Friedrich; and Bonnie herself casting a pall over the proceedings by way of a maudlin mini-set from her latest album, Confessional, before passing out onstage. Her rally back into consciousness a half-hour later included a wardrobe change: for the rest of the night and well into the morning, she proudly displayed a custom t-shirt bearing a “27 Club” logo — a reference to the notorious number of musicians who’ve met their untimely end at that tender age. Over top of the logo was a red rubber-stamped label reading “Rejected.” By reaching her 28th birthday, Bonnie had escaped inclusion in the macabre club — just barely, by some accounts — but it was anyone’s guess as to whether she was actually happy about it.

Though it may be difficult to imagine now, it wasn’t always thus with Bonnie DeVille. Her self-titled debut in 2007 was met with nearly universal acclaim, and she booked a cross-country tour immediately on the heels of its release. Her pop-punk lyrics and stage energy elicited comparisons to Gwen Stefani, while some saw in her vocal style and arrangements a throwback to early female punk pioneers like Patti Smith and Chrissie Hynde. The album gained gradual but significant traction, largely on the strength of Bonnie’s engaging live performances. She quickly signed a multi-million dollar record deal, and by the time she was in studio recording her follow-up album,Wish I Was There, it was already among the most highly anticipated releases of 2009.

Her sophomore effort arrived, however, to mixed reviews. Missing, to some extent, was the upbeat vibe, along with any traces of self-deprecation and tongue-in-cheek humor that had marked her debut effort. In place was a more introspective, somber album, with undercurrent themes of sadness and guilt. Bonnie’s loyal fan base remained supportive, if understandably curious about this new and unexpected direction Bonnie’s music was taking. Some chalked it up to an expression of her Catholic upbringing; others to the tragic death of her best friend, Susan Knight, just before her career took off. Bonnie refused to answer specifics about her intent, preferring to let the music speak for itself.

Perhaps not coincidentally, it was around this time that the first signs of extracurricular indiscretions began to surface. First was the requisite DUI, dismissed as merely a celebrity-rite-of-passage at the time; then, the bizarre Mexican talk show appearance where Bonnie appeared to fall asleep mid-interview. That was followed by a brief hospital stay, attributed to an adverse reaction to medication, and charges of assault brought by a former backup singer, eventually settled out of court. Despite the tepid critical response, and possibly due in part to the increase in Bonnie’s tabloid-friendly fame — or, more accurately, infamy — record sales soared. A third album, Take It All Back, was released the following year, to similar critical and commercial results. And as it usually goes, Bonnie’s increasingly concerning behavior was ignored by her handlers-slash-enablers, as long as she was topping the charts. A clear habit of drug and alcohol abuse was developing, not unnoticed, but unfettered.

Enter Logan Echolls. The narrative of their romance was so made-for-TV perfect that it became, for a time, ubiquitous: troubled musician with personal issues meets real American hero who has overcome a laundry list of personal issues himself; he becomes the stabilizing influence she’s always needed to get her back on track, focused, and ready to realize her full potential; and the public learns that fairy tales really can come true. And that’s how it actually happened… for almost a year. In the long haul, it was, as they say, too good to be true.

The first clear warning sings of a return to old patterns of self-medication and self-destruction appeared with the release of her fourth album, Confessional, last fall. Though generally regarded as a solid effort with a few real gems, the album had a level of darkness previously unreached in Bonnie’s work. In addition to the underlying themes of sadness and guilt that were now bubbling to the surface, references to atonement were constant and pervasive throughout. Rumors and conjecture as to Bonnie’s state of mind were given further fuel when Bonnie no-showed at a series of promotional appearances on Confessional‘s release date, and was later found wandering the canyon trails at the base of the Hollywood Hills, wearing only a fur coat and cowboy boots, babbling incoherently. At Logan’s insistence, Bonnie checked herself into rehab — and checked herself right back out. A second stint a few weeks later didn’t even last that long. Reports of loud arguing between Logan and Bonnie — first at her home in an exclusive gated community, then, repeatedly, in public — plagued the couple for months before her well-publicized affair with Friedrich finally sounded the death knell of their relationship.

In the end, it seems Bonnie simply could not be content with contentment. Echolls, by all accounts, is still making an effort to help her course-correct, despite her transgressions and the dissolution of their romance. Unfortunately, he may be the lone voice of dissention in Bonnie’s camp, the only one with her long-term health and happiness in mind. She is fully insulated once more in a cocoon of hangers-on and yes-men, and judging by her latest string of public embarrassments — including a New Year’s Eve performance in Amsterdam where she tossed the microphone to a fan in the front row and walked off-stage in the middle of a song — her downward spiral is only getting deeper. While a few remaining core fans cling to the hope that she will once again pull herself out and return to form, many industry insiders now privately dismiss her as a lost cause. Her career, once so promising, has primarily become fodder for late night talk show hosts.

Bonnie DeVille threw herself a party because she didn’t die at 27. A dubious accomplishment to be sure, but perhaps, in Bonnie’s world, one worth celebrating. What remains to be seen is if there will be anything left to celebrate this time next year, if and when Bonnie turns 29.

-Needed to blog this before it disappeared from EW website…research.