MORE Lapithyst ideas!

Human Au (again):

+Amethyst is a skater, in the other hand, Lapis is a surfist, they both tried to teach the other one how to do what they do… they failed.
+Lapis Parents are barely with her, so they usually go to her home.
+Sometimes, when Amethyst knows that Jasper (her big sis) is going to fight her, she runs to Lapis home, after all she is usually alone.
+Pearl and Garnet had some troubles with letting Lapis join the group, more because she used to treat bad Ame and vice versa, at the end they mixed pretty well.
+Lapis used to had a little crush on Peridot, but she discovered it wasn’t her type, now she’s dating Jasper.
+Amethyst have a couple of scars in her back, her mom used to hit her when she was drunk.
+Besides all the school knowing how gay they’re, their parents don’t know about their relationship, Amethyst mom doesn’t even care about her, but in the other hand, Lapis parents would kill her if they discover it.
+Lapis is pretty good at cooking, she always cook little things for Ame.
+They usually change gf nicknames really fast, almost all of them are puns