Smaller Side Tables!

Now don’t get too excited, I haven’t learned how to mesh or anything, these are still just good ol’ recolors of EA meshes. However! I picked most of these tables out from the ‘Misc’ section where I nearly ALWAYS forget to look when searching for the perfect side table, retextured and recolored them to work better around the house, and then recategorized them as ~accent tables~ so they’d actually show up where I go looking for them.

Most of the options we have for side tables currently are ENORMOUS. They’re just giant, blocky, monstrosities that hardly fit anywhere, and I find them very difficult to use. There are a couple of patio tables though that are a much nicer size, and a ‘pedestal’ from Get to Work. I’ve started using them in lieu of the “real” side tables, but of course felt limited in my color options, and it was hard to rock the patio look indoors. SO. I made these!

Each table comes in 31 colors: 15 from my candy palette, and 16 in @peacemaker-ic​‘s wood tones. The tables in my candy palette have minimal to no wood grain and white accents where applicable, and the wood toned ones have been retextured with a wood grain pattern, including the legs, to make for more versatile and ‘normal furniture’-like tables. I think the Book Nook in particular looks really nice as a proper wooden side table, and not some snap-together plastic thing.

The Book Nook requires Cool Kitchen Stuff and the Lost Pedestal requires Get to Work. If you do not have the corresponding pack, that table will not work!

The round tables are both base game compatible.



Party Tables

I like to use this base game table for birthdays and weddings, but the colors were never quite what I was wanting, and I didn’t like the color block line along the bottom. It’s still there as a satiny accent strip, but the color matches the rest of the tablecloth now. This table comes in my emotions and candy palettes (though the candy palette did turn out a bit more pastel than normal), as well as 6 sprinkle patterns, for 36 swatches total. Enjoy!



Boring Tables by Plasticbox @ MtS

These are two simple dining tables ‒ a long and a small one ‒ that match the other Boring stuff I made, as well as a bunch of Maxis things. You need to download the Boring Dresser since it contains almost all of the undercarriage textures! 

The tabletops are derived from the Maxis “Ate + Salvage” tables (textures are referenced directly from that), the long table also has one that matches the Kindermade desk.

The small table costs 200§ and has 46 colour variants, the long table costs 320§ and comes in 30 variants. They are sorted by tabletop colour in the tooltips.


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