Kathy Marshall  - The Queen of Surf Guitar

“She was rightly recognized for her talent, but it was the fact that she was a girl and could show up the boys that earned her the big buzz.”

“During the heyday of surf instrumental music in the sixties, there was a now-legendary Queen of the Surf Guitar. She was a 13 year old girl named Kathy Marshall. She didn’t have her own band, but she did sit in with several of the top bands of the day. Kathy was a frequent "member” of surf legends Eddie and the Showmen, the Blazers, and the Crossfires (who later became the Turtles). There were no releases with her guitar on them (only two unheard acetates exist that I know of), but her double picking talent made quite a stir in those days.“  From BOYS WILL BE BOYS (And Girls Won’t), at


Since we are going to see the Trashwomen today, I thought I would post this cool flyer from 1995. A simple yet effective flyer executed by McKinley Richard of Jackknife. In fact, i have lots of great flyers and graphics work by McKinley that I think i will be posting soon.

(ps. Rich, say hi sometime)

  • Yakuza
  • Victim Cache
  • Chipsurf Pipeline

2012 was the year that I’ve been the most excited about bands discovering, forming and using the various sounds and melodies that a vintage console can provide.

Victim Cache’s “chipsurf” sound is pretty unique to chipmusic so far, combining the classic-but-often-forgotten surf guitar with SID and 2A03 chips. Their debut album Chipsurf Pipeline is the soundtrack for what I wish had been an SNES game about cowboys and surfers, think Ecco the Dolphin meets Sunset Riders. “Yakuza” is my favorite track from the album and would probably make an amazing ending credits theme for this game I now wish existed.

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