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Reasons To Date Simon D

The way he looks at you 

The way he watches you 

Shopping together

Taking pictures of him 

When he gets all shy

Celebrating his birthday together

Snaps and selfies

Being cute for you 

When you make him smile but he doesn’t want to show it

When he can’t hold it in 

When he only looks at you when performing 

Looking so fine

Being the perfect boyfriend

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Calm [Simon D]

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Artist: Simon D | Word Count: 1.622

Hey there anonn! Sorry this took super loong, and I hope it’s just the way you requested it:D Hope you’ll like it<3


Everyone was tired, bits of their energy was drained from the long plane flight from the other side of the Earth. AOMG have just finished another world tour, and the plane you all boarded arrived in Seoul around twelve in the afternoon. But Jay and Kiseok said there was an important meeting that everyone needs to attend. So without being able to fly protests at the two CEOs, all of the artists lounged at the AOMG building while waiting for the two bosses to come out of their office.

Mintaek was conversing with Jukyung and Wegun, as Sunghwa was taking over the piano while Chase and Hyukwoo sang in weird and off note voices. The DJs were off sleeping at the sofa while you talked with Hyunjung, trying to hold yourself from sleeping by chatting near the window. The sunlight was effective enough to prevent your eyelids from closing, although yawns still successfully escape your lips.

“They’re taking too long,” Hyunjung sighed, brushing her hair to the back, “What are they even discussing about?”

“Beats me,” You huffed, “I am Kiseok’s girlfriend, but I don’t really know what top secret things he talked about with Jay. It’s probably some serious talk between CEOs.” Hyunjung nodded, silently agreeing to your explanation.

The soft sound of the piano kept on buzzing from the other end of the room, and you felt yourself slowly being lulled into sleep when a loud shout was heard, loud enough that it reached the room everyone was in.

“Is that what I think it is?” Jukyung muttered, glancing up to the stairs that led to the office and studio.

“Shit.” You cursed under your breath, dashing upstairs and following Sunghwa and Chacha who had darted to the office sooner than you.

Kiseok and Jay must’ve had a clash again, you thought, picking up your pace as you didn’t want the fight to turn even uglier.

“But we can’t have any more artists now Jay!” Kiseok argued, slamming his fist against the wooden table, “We already have too many artists and making their comeback time as even as possible is already hard enough. We would have a hard time organizing song and album release if you recruited someone.” Jay’s knuckles were formed into a fist as well, his rage boiling inside of him.

“But she’s a really good rapper! We have too much male rapper. And by bringing her in, we could have a fresh vibe and all the money we spent on her debut would return back to us when her song hits the charts!” The younger CEO didn’t waste any time to prove his point, as Jay believed that recruiting a new female rapper would be a benefit for AOMG.

“But we’re working on Hyukwoo’s album! And Jukyung said he have a few songs ready for his album that should be released after Hyukwoo’s. You’re going to postpone an album that has a higher success rate to focus on releasing a new artist?”

"That’s it! I am recruiting her and this is my full decision, and you cannot interfere with my decision, Kiseok.”

“But that’s unfair! I am the CEO as well and I’m trying to stop you from recruiting more artists because it’s a reckless move! You’re being plain stupid now.” The argument just grew more heated as Kiseok finds it hard to believe that Jay have turned into a hard headed person, unlike the Jay he knows.

“This is my final decision Kiseok. You can-” A punch flew to Jay’s face, stopping his speech as Kiseok’s knuckles hit his jaws. Jay was sent tumbling down the floor, and now he was staring at his co-CEO fuming with fury.

“You little-” And the fight broke just like that, jabs and kicks thrown everywhere as their faces turns ugly in just a few seconds.

Sunghwa was fast enough to break through the door, quickly getting a hold of Jay and dragging him further away from Kiseok with the help from Chase. You entered the room and grabbed a hold of Kiseok’s right arm, while Jukyung helped you hold onto his left arm.

“You little shit! You should consider my opinions first before making decisions!” Kiseok screamed, his deep voice booming and dripping with fury.

“Well your eyes are fucking blind about the future, Simon! I’m predicting more success to AOMG and here you are ignoring my wise words!”

Sunghwa and Chase gave you a look, trusting you to calm Kiseok down while they both dragged Jay out of the room, turning the door shut. And after they disappeared, Kiseok was still trying to free himself from the grips that were holding him down. Your boyfriend was like a ticking bomb during these times, just waiting for the right time to explode.

“Oh my god I fucking hate that bastard!” Kiseok shouted, “Let me go! I need to get to him and kick his ass for being so fucking disrespectful.”

Jukyung was giving you a confused look, clearly not knowing how to calm down his boss. You then motioned to the door while Kiseok was throwing his tantrums, signaling him to go out and guard the door while you calm Kiseok down. Although he was hesitant at first, Jukyung reluctantly went to the door, leaving you alone with your boyfriend.

“Who does he think he is? That fucker doesn’t even have much experience than me, yet-”


“He’s ordering me around? We’re supposed to be working together, not alone! What age does he think he lives in? Does he thinks himself as a king who absolutely owns the-”

“Kiseok!” This time it was your high-pitched voice that snapped him back to reality, as Kiseok finally got to calm down and get a good look at your tired form.

“(Name)…?” Kiseok trailed, suddenly feeling so lost staring at your relaxed eyes.

“Kiseok, look at me,” You didn’t hesitate to cup his face and let him lean his forehead on yours, “Calm down, and take a deep breath. I know Jay was stupid for saying those things, but this conversation wasn’t at the right time. You guys were tired yet you both decided to pinch in a little work before going home.” You stared deeply into Kiseok’s hazel eyes, your thumb caressing his cheeks as you gave your best attempt to put his temper down.

“I say why don’t we talk about this the next day? When there’s not jetlag, with enough sleep and rest, and with a full happy tummy. That sounds better, right? This all happened because it was at the wrong time and situation, that’s all.” By now, Kiseok have regained his normal breathing, his eyebrows were not furrowed anymore and his muscles weren’t as tense, as the anger roaring in his heart have disappeared slowly.

Kiseok gave a smile towards you before pulling you into a tight hug, snuggling his head at your shoulders and leaning some of his weight onto you, since he suddenly felt immense tiredness hit him. Maybe it was the jetlag taking effect, Kiseok thought, although he was quite content sleeping in your arms just like this. You raised your arms and circled them on his waist, gently rubbing his back.

“The magic you can do on me is amazing, (Name),” Kiseok sighed after letting you go, “Thank you for stopping me from doing even more stupid thing.” You beamed at Kiseok seeing your boyfriend have regained his normal mood back.

“It’s alright, but you owe me a cuddle session at home because you and Jay held me back from sleeping, alright?” Kiseok burst into a laugh and nodded, grabbing your hand on a firm grip as he guided you out of the messy office.

Jay was waiting outside, eyes casted down to the floor as his right hand awkwardly rubbed his nape. And Kiseok lets another sigh escape his chapped lips, not having the guts to face Jay.

“Come on guys, go and apologize,” You pushed Kiseok to take a step forward, “Quickly apologize and hug it out so we can all go home!” Your statement earned snorts from the other artists as Kiseok and Jay’s face burned in embarrassment.

“Look dude, I’m sorry for what I said earlier. That was so not me and so not cool, so let’s just put that in the past and discuss this some other time, alright?” Jay said, sincerely apologizing to Kiseok.

“I’m sorry too Jay. I guess we discussed this at the wrong time and situation. Let’s forget about this, okay?” They both accepted each of their apologies, and then hugging it out in front of the rest.

“Alright! Drama’s over, so let’s go home.” Everyone laughed out loud hearing Pumpkin’s statement, but everyone quickly walked downstairs to pick their luggage.

“Get home safely and have a good rest guys!” People exchanged goodbyes as they went to their respective ways, and you were the only one left with Kiseok as he locked the building.

The taxi was still going to arrive in a few minutes, and the sleepiness have hit you again as you leaned against Kiseok, closing your eyes for a moment. Without you noticing, Kiseok had leaned in to press a kiss on top of your hair, since that was the furthest he can reach.

“What was that for?” You ask, peeking in on one eye to see Kiseok grinning widely at you, with love and warmth radiating from his eyes.

“I don’t know. I just feel grateful that I have an amazing girlfriend by my side.” These times where Kiseok was clingy and being a hopeless romantic was a sweet memory, as his sweet words would always make your heart beat faster without fail.

“I love you too, you big idiot.”

Seen (Prologue)

A/N: Here’s the prologue for my new series!! Thanks again to @xoxomimo  for the idea!!

    “See you tomorrow!” You waved over your shoulder as you walked out of the office, your heels clicking on the shiny floor of the hall. You checked your phone as you waited for the elevator to arrive, carefully stepping inside when it came so you wouldn’t get either of your heels stuck in the crack between the elevator and the side of the shaft. You took the bus back to your apartment building, riding the elevator up to your floor, where you finally slipped off your shoes with relief, padding down the hall in bare feet.

    Fifteen minutes later you were sitting down on your couch with a bowl of ramen, dressed in sweatpants and a loose hoodie. You tucked your feet under you, flipping on the TV before digging into your food. Friday nights always were exciting for you…

    You’d just taken your first bite of food when your phone buzzed. Your brow furrowed as you read the message on the screen. You didn’t recognize the number on the screen, and the message wasn’t in English, although you certainly recognized the language, since you’d been studying it for just over two years now. You managed to make out a couple of the words on the screen though. Hyung… That word you knew. You tried to decipher the next part… I want to study? You unlocked your phone, poring over the message for a few moments before you decided you weren’t going to be able to figure out any more. Did the person who had texted you speak English? It seemed like you should respond… You could at least give it a shot.

    I’m sorry, you’ve got a wrong number, you texted back.

    Intrigued, you paused the show you were watching, your eyes remaining on your phone screen as the ‘seen’ notification popped up, followed by the typing bubble. It pulsed moment after moment, and finally after a whole minute had passed, a response came. sorry.

    Well, considering how long that took, the person probably really didn’t speak much English. You considered. Maybe they needed help? do you have the number you need? Maybe I can help.

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Seven Is Just a Number [Simon D]

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Artist: Simon D | Word Count: 923

Sorry this one’s pretty short and took so long to finish:( But I hope you like this, anon!<3


Today, AOMG was having a celebration yet again, and this time was because Sunghwa had announced that he was getting married with his girlfriend that he has been dating for four years. Everyone was ecstatic about this and of course, celebration isn’t complete without throwing a party and having beers to drink the night away.

Among the sea of small people that Sunghwa invited over, you had managed to lose sight of your boyfriend, Kiseok, and so you decided to tag along with the girls. You recognized Hyukwoo and Jukyung’s girlfriend talking with Sunghwa’s fiancé, their expressions lighting up in excitement.

“Hey guys! Can I join you?” You greeted the three girls, and they all motioned you to step closer to them.

“Sure! Come and listen, Minhee is telling about the how Sunghwa proposed to her!” The new fiancé was grinning ear to ear, clearly looking very happy because of Sunghwa.

“It was really unexpected! He proposed to me in Jeju and at that time we were on a cruise ship. Suddenly there were fireworks spelling ‘Marry Me?’ and Sunghwa was kneeling down. He’s a sweet guy but I never knew he could be this romantic!” You felt awe hearing her story and so does the others, but then the comment that followed soon made your emotions change drastically.

“You’re marrying at an ideal age! And your age gap with Sunghwa is only two years.”

Somehow, hearing them say that was as like a harsh slap to the face. Sunghwa’s fiancé only had two years of age gap with him, while you and Kiseok was a total contrast of the two. You and your boyfriend have a seven years gap, much bigger than Sunghwa and Minhee.

And you were instantly pulled to your thoughts, your insecurity ruling over you. There were a lot more negative than positive effect of having a big age gap, such as Kiseok would be so old when you reached your ideal marriage age, how Kiseok would grow older than you, how it wouldn’t be easy for the public accepts this big age gap, and many more. You grew silent as you felt emotions mixing up inside of you, and the air inside the room suddenly felt so stuffy.

“I-I’m going to get some fresh air for a moment,” You said, picking your glass filled with champagne up, “If Kiseok is looking, I’ll be right at the balcony.” The girls didn’t seem to notice the storm going up inside your mind as they nodded and continued to chat away.

The air felt chilly with the wind hitting your bare shoulders and gently playing with your hair. Negative thoughts and your insecurity are flooding your mind again and again, even the city lights that shine below you couldn’t seem to light up your mood. You hated being born much younger than Kiseok, you wished to have at least one to two years of age gap like other normal couples.

And suddenly strong arms circled around your waist and a chin rested on your shoulder, making you jolt and almost spill your drink. With the similiar smell of cologne dancing around the air, you recognized Kiseok immediately without having to turn around.

“Babe, why are you here all alone?” Kiseok whined, “We’re celebrating inside, it’s not complete without you.”

You twitched while holding onto the railings tighter, contemplating on whether you should spill the truth or not.

“The air just feel a little stuffy, I’ll go back inside in a few.” You said, turning around and faking a smile that you hoped looks genuine enough to Kiseok.

But of course, because of dating with Kiseok all these years, he had managed to read your expressions like a book, including seeing through the fake smile you used in situations like this.

“Are you hiding something from me, (Name)?” Kiseok asked, eyebrows furrowed and his eyes full of concern, “You know you can tell me anything, right?”

“It’s nothing Kiseok-”

“Babe.” Kiseok’s voice turned deeper, and when he’s acting this way, you knew you had to tell him the truth.

“Alright, I just- Me, and the other girls talked with Minhee, and they all said that she and Sunghwa had the perfect age gap. While we have, like, seven years of difference? I just feel so insecure right now, because I seem so young while you’re-” You weren’t able to finish your jumbled-up thoughts when Kiseok slammed his lips on yours, holding onto your chin to stop you from talking.

And just like that you melted into the kiss, closing your eyes and leaning closer to his body. After a few seconds you both parted away, gasping for air. Your cheeks turned pink as Kiseok stared at you with such seriousness, yet so full of love.

“I love you, and that’s all that matters, you know that?” Kiseok muttered, “Seven is just a number, and my love for you is much bigger than seven years, (Name).”

How can you be so stupid? You scolded yourself. Who the hell cares about age gap? As long as you both love each other, that’s what matters for you both. Releasing a wide grin, you were very thankful of Kiseok for reminding you that.

“Right, seven is just a number and my love is bigger than that,” You whispered, “Thank you so much Kiseok!” Giving him a peck on the cheek, you received his usual confident smirk on his face.

“Anytime, love. So shall we go in and party?”

“I Think I’m Dreaming” (Simon Dominic) [Family AU]

Requested by anon

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    You watched in silence, a wondrous smile spreading across your lips as Heejun’s tiny, wrinkled fingers wrapped around one of your own, only making it partway. You felt Kiseok’s arm tighten slightly around your shoulders, his forehead resting lightly against yours as he looked down at the baby with you.

    You’d just brought him home from the hospital two days previously and it still hadn’t quite sunk in that it was your baby, the same one that had been growing inside you for months.

    Heejun slowly fell asleep on your chest and after you and Kiseok settled him into his crib, the two of you went to bed yourselves.

    “I still can’t believe this is all real, you know?” Kiseok said as he pulled up the blankets over the pair of you. “Like sometimes I just… I think I’m dreaming.”

    You smiled, nodding sleepily as you moved closer to Kiseok. “It seems too good to be true.”

    “Exactly,” he said. “And that there’s three of us now- you, me, and Junie.”

    Kiseok had started calling your son by that name the very night he was born and it always made you smile. “I knew you were going to be a great mother way before we ever had him, you know,” Kiseok continued after a few moments.

    “Really?” you said.

    He nodded. “Remember when we were hanging out with Hyukwoo’s little cousins?”

    You grinned. “Yep.” That had been a fun day.

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I Don’t Need You (Simon Dominic)

“I don’t need you, but she does.” - Simon D, exes

A/N: This was supposed to be a short prompt request, but I got inspired and it came out longer than most of my regular oneshots lol. Hope you like it!

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    “When’s daddy coming home?” Minseo asked. You swallowed, your eyes dropping to the table. You didn’t know how to answer.

    “You’ll see him soon, honey,” you said finally.

    “But when’s he coming home?” she implored and you sighed.

    “He doesn’t live here anymore, remember?” you said, reaching to take her small hand in yours.

    Her lip quivered and then she began to bawl. Every time you went through this with her, it had the exact same effect and it never seemed to register with her that he wasn’t coming back.

    “I’m sorry, baby,” you said, getting out of your chair to kneel next to her, wrapping your arms around her. But she didn’t embrace you back, instead just continuing to cry, “It’s your fault he’s gone!” she wailed.

    Again, you didn’t know how to answer. She wasn’t that far off the mark… When she finally stopped crying, you said softly. “Why don’t you finish your breakfast, Minseo?”

    “I’m not hungry,” she said, crossing her arms.

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