NibAttack A Skype Group for Webcomic Artists

So a lot of people on Tumblr are trying to create a webcomic or have already created a webcomic, so Bin and I decided to create a Skype group specifically for webcomic artists. In this group the plan is to have a diverse group of people to talk about their webcomics or OCs and ask for advice. Anything that goes along with making a webcomic is the topic of discussion. 

The group has been formed to support upcoming artists and help older more experienced artists learn new skills and become more inspired. Both mods are LGBT+ and while this is an art centerd group that anyone can join this is also a good opportunity for LGBT+ older people and youth to join and make new friends.

Rules to join: 

  • Fill out this application
  • Must be 14+
  • Must have an art tag or an art blog
  • Must have a skype
  • You don’t have to but following headlessdirkstrider and electro-ponce for updates would be beneficial 
  • Please only apply if you have or plan on having a webcomic this is not a “fan of webcomics” group
  • Read the rules of the group. THIS IS ABSOLUTELY REQUIRED

Benifits of joining:

  • Meet new people with common interests possibly making friends
  • New information on webcomic writing/style/drawing/design that can help with your comic
  • Artists there to critique and help improve your art
  • A blog will be created not only to submit your art and share it with the group but to view others and get resources

Applications close on June 1st