A fic where Sam and Dean have long been family friends of the Fentons. And they’re halfway across the country on a job when they catch the first whispers of weirdness in Amity Park and they’re like okay after we wrap this case up, we’re going to go back there and see what we can do to help.

But then they hear on the radio-of-all-things-weird that the new ghost in town is Danny Phantom and Dean’s like pfffft for a moment there I thought they said Danny Fenton and Sam’s says yeah me too and they laugh about it.

But then they see a picture of Danny Phantom and they frantically make calls. Sam’s on speakerphone like Jack, Maddie, is Danny alive??!? and they’re like yeeeeeeessss…? and then Dean’s already dialing Danny’s cellphone and starts chewing him out as soon as he picks up like DANNY WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU’RE DOING FLYING AROUND TOWN SHOUTING YOUR NAME AT NEWS CAMERAS TRYING TO BE A HERO AND HOW ON EARTH ARE YOU A GHOST ANYWAY

I now very much want to write a superphantom fic where Danny runs away and ends up staying with Bobby.

He doesn’t tell him about his powers at first, but Bobby pretty much inevitably finds out. (But they’re even because Bobby didn’t exactly tell him up front that he HUNTS MONSTERS)

Danny helps him work on cars and stuff, helps out any way he can, eventually starts helping him with hunting and stuff.

I dunno Bobby probably finds him hiding out in his back yard on a rainy night, and is basically just like “God damn it… just… get inside.”

And eventually Danny runs into the Winchesters and it’s unspeakably awkward. But eventually they become part of his brand new family.

And also whenever Danny gets in trouble Bobby totally tricks him into getting trapped inside a salt circle.

It happens like TWELVE TIMES.

And every time he just sits or floats in the centre like “Screw you Bobby" until he figures out he can cross the salt line in his human form and it only stings a little.

Then he’s like ”HA! Screw YOU Bobby!“

I’m not sure why he’d run away yet, but probably your typical "My entire family died” thing.

(What does it say about this Phandom that “my entire family died” is a run of the mill plot point)

But maybe Jazz is alive and he just doesn’t know it yet.

And eventually he starts going with Sam and Dean on cases.

And ends up back in Amity.

And runs into Jazz.

And it’s a beautiful family reunion.

And shit.

Dani would probably show up too because she’s cool.


I am SO going to Hell for this.

Art belongs to gammija as part of this comic. Blame lies entirely on phantomrose96, who did not ask for any of this, but has dragged us all into the fiery pit enough times that we shall celebrate the day of this demon’s birth by ritualistically throwing ourselves into the Sun.


A fic where Jazz is off at college and something strange happens at her campus or to one of her classmates so the Winchesters come to check it all out as they normally do and end up talking to her as a witness, friend, suspect, person who knows way too much about the supernatural in a situation like this.

So I was thinking yesterday about that post about people being able to summon Danny (which is glorious- here’s a link because my tablet won’t let me add one to click: ) and I wanted to share an idea that came to me

Because this whole idea is great crossover material and it blends into the world of Supernatural so much, I would love to see a Superphantom crossover that includes Sam and Dean summoning Danny. Maybe they’re trying to summon the ‘Ghost King’ that they’ve heard so much about and then they’re surprised when it turns out to be a fifteen-year-old kid (who seems very /alive/). Or maybe they’ve already made friends with Danny and they summon him and he’s like: 

Danny: What’s going on? Do you need help? Is the world ending again?

Dean: Nah man we just need you to settle a bet for us. Do ghosts sleep?

Danny: …And you couldn’t just call because…?

Sam: Dean’s phone got destroyed on a hunt and we lost your number. Sorry.

Danny: Really? You lost my number but you didn’t lose the three pages of Latin instructions on how to summon me? Gimme that.

And then Danny would write his phone number on the top of the page and they’d go out for burgers and pie or something. And also wouldn’t Danny be able to call Sam, Tucker, or Jazz  to summon him back? Yeah idk but this thought amused me and I wanted to share


“I, uh, I’m Danny.”

“Oh, uh…Sam.”

Okay so I know they’re nowhere near the same age or anything but they are the cutest little things ever with eerily similar stories between TUE and The End (there’s a lot on their shoulders, they lose everyone they’ve ever cared about, the sympathetic antagonist offers them a way out, said way out causes the end of the world, time travel happens, blah blah blah) 

Anyway, SuperPhantom week is the best thing to happen to my life since hot chocolate with milk thank you

A superphantom fanfic where Jazz went to college with Sam and was a close friend of Jess.

And she’s out of contact for a while when Jess dies, but when she finds out about it, she begins to look into it. Finds out about the appearance of a stranger on campus and then the disappearance of Sam Winchester right after the fire.

So she tracks them down. In the Fenton Family Assault Vehicle, weapons blazing, demanding answers.

I would love this to happen just for their reactions. Like, imagine Dean glances into the rear view mirror to see this tricked out camper gaining on them, and before he can even utter a confused “What the fuck?” It barrels off the road, taking out a wide swath of the local flora, picking up speed and careening out in front of them, screeching to a halt and blocking off the road.

Dean slams on the breaks, cursing, as the door to the crazy, futuristic vehicle slams open and a redhead wielding, holy cripes, a bazooka steps out.

“Who the hell…?” Dean squints out the windshield at the girl, hand moving to the gun in his jacket as she strides to the care with confident steps and murder in her eyes.

He glances at his brother, but Sam is merely staring at the girl with wide eyes, mouth hanging open dumbly.

“Jazz?" He whispers, something like a mix between awe and horror in his voice.

"You know her?” The older brother asks, incredulous, as the passenger side door is yanked open, and suddenly they’re staring down the glowing metal barrel of a weapon like nothing they’ve seen before as it makes a distressing whining sound, powering up.

“We had a mutual acquaintance.” Jazz glared down her nose at the stunned pair. “Care to tell me what the hell happened to her?