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Sense8 is like…

  • a kung fu movie set in Nairobi
  • a mafia film set in Berlin
  • a Shakespearean tragedy set in Mumbai
  • a supernatural thriller set in blue-collar Chicago
  • a gay comedy set in Mexico City
  • a 21st century Nancy Drew escapade set in San Francisco
  • an arthouse ghost thriller set in Iceland
  • and a feminist prison drama set in Seoul

This show fucks me up on every level. It’s so good. 

My second novel releases in less than a week. So if you haven’t read the first, get on that!

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Vittoria da Verona, made into a vampire in 1347 A.D., has faced many trials in her lifetime. Heir to the throne of the Coven Sanguinis, Vittoria casts her life of vampire royalty aside and severs all ties after a betrayal from her maker, Marcella. But, a new foe is on the rise—one that is ancient and evil—seeking to destroy all that the vampires and werewolves have built since their creation. 

Vittoria must enlist the help of witches, werewolves, hunters, and even her maker, to protect their kind from exposure. The young queen has one advantage on her side though—the aid of the First vampire created, who has come out of hiding for this specific battle. Religion, history, and the supernatural, blur together to form an enticing tale of bloodlust, power, and chaos.

This manga is by far the best thing I’ve read in a long time. I wasn’t bored reading this no matter what page it was and it always kept me on the edge of my seat. This manga updates weekly and is definitely going to be a masterpiece in the future if it isn’t already.
Also, Ray is best character and deserves everything good in this world for all he has done and sacrificed. They all deserve everything good but especially Ray and Normon

Name: The Promised Neverland (Yakusoku no Neverland)

Summary (taken from mangahere): Emma and her friends have a pretty good life at the orphanage they grew up in. Though the rules may be strict, the caretaker is kind. But why are the children forbidden from ever leaving…?

Genres: thriller, psychological, mystery, supernatural, horror, tragedy
The Visitor Chapter 2: the sleepover, part ii, a walking dead fanfic | FanFiction
“I am not a prude, Rick Grimes…” Michonne whined, grinding on him, indeed already wet for him, the horror movie totally forgotten about as it flickered in the background...Rick peeled off his underwear and tossed them somewhere, now grabbing hold of his favorite asset of hers yet again -- his sign that he was ready to fuck. “Prove it, baby.”

A new chapter has been posted to The Visitor. Rick and Michonne take full – and I mean full – advantage of not having kids in the house. Then Granny Sandra explains to Judith why the visitor that scared her might not mean her harm…






Angels: prologue

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parings: nephilim!reader x dean winchester.

warnings: none.

a/n: I was catching up on supernatural and this idea hit me so hard I just had to turn it into words. I hope y'all like it. 😘💞

word count: 245


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There was an assignment few months back in school. Our task was to create an animated comic. I was in a mood for some fanart so I chose one of the most chilling (and one of the most memorable) scenes from the storydriven supernatural thriller game Oxenfree.


It’s the suicide scene where Alex and Jonas find Clarissa but they end up in a time loop that ends with Clarissa jumping to her death from window of abandoned marine facility.

So here are few pictures from that. If you haven’t played it already log into steam and buy it. Worth every penny!