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Request by Anon: Hi! Could you write me a dean x reader where they are already a couple but reader almost dies when she was kidnapped by demons, she survives and all but Dean is starting to be kind of overprotective with her because he is scared. Angst &fluff? Pleaser 👄 

Word Count: 1592

Warnings: None

A/N: After all the angsty Dean that came with A+ Secrets, writing a fluffy, happy, overprotective Dean was a blast!!

You were so far from pain. It was as if every cell in your body knew that this would be ending one way or another, and there was no point in sending shrieks of agony along your nerves to your brain any longer.

No, the time for pain was long gone.

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Fearful Love Part 7

Jared x Reader

Word Count: 1,292

Warnings: language, hints at being in an abusive relationship

Summary: Months after everything that happened, are you positive that you’re 100% yourself again? 

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6

*Gif is not mine*

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Hanging Tree

Originally posted by out-in-the-open

Characters: Sam x Reader

Word Count: 547

Warnings:  Fluff and a stubborn Winchester

Summary:  Your taste in movies differs drastically from Sam’s taste in movies.  

A/N:  Written for Karolina’s Playlist (1k Followers Celebration Challenge).  My Song was “The Hanging Tree″, from The Hunger Games.

It started out simply enough.

“What do you want to watch tonight,” Sam asked, perusing through Netflix for a movie to watch before bed.  You wrapped your arms around him, idly watching as he flicked through different options.

“Oh, I’ve been wanting to watch The Hunger Game movies again,” you said, squeezing him a little tighter. “Let’s watch that tonight.”

Then it got complicated.

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A Not-So-Christmas Story

From this request: lucifer x reader where the reader makes him watch Star Wars or the nightmare before Christmas




Lucifer turned his gaze from the tree to you.

“What’s wrong? Do you not like the tree?”

“It’s… very pretty. But Christmas has never been one of my favorite holidays,” the angel replied. His eyes drifted back to the tree, more specifically, the angel on top.

“Oh,” you said, realizing the stupidity of your mistake. “Lucifer, I’m so sorry.” You stepped forward and bounced up on your tiptoes, trying to reach the angel.


“No, it’s okay. I was stupid. How could I be so selfish and mindless and–”

Lucifer reached forward, his hand wrapping around yours. He pulled you away from the tree. “Y/N, it’s okay. I’ve been dealing with this ever since… well, since the beginning, basically. Honestly, it’s fine.”

“Are you sure?”

“Of course. I would never ask you to change any of your holiday traditions because of me. And who knows,” Lucifer said, wrapping his arms around you. “Maybe you can change my mind.”

You smiled. “I’m glad. Especially because I wanted to watch Christmas movies with you.”

“I would like nothing more.”

“Good. Because I have the perfect first one.”

You led Lucifer to the couch before stepping over to the DVD player. You hid the case with your body, back to Lucifer, as you placed the disc into the player. Then you stepped back over to Lucifer and snuggled into his side.

“So, what are we watching?” he asked, looping an arm around your shoulders.

“You’ll see.”

The familiar Disney logo popped up, the castle lit up with fireworks. Then the orange letters curled across the screen.

“‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’?” Lucifer said. “Sounds like my kind of movie.”

You did your best to resist singing the songs (but you still hummed along). You found yourself peeking up at Lucifer more often than not, hoping that he was enjoying himself. There was a small smile on his face and you felt his leg bouncing along in time to the music.

As the final credits began to roll, you turned to face Lucifer head-on. “So… what’d you think?”

“It was cute,” Lucifer said, smiling at you. “Definitely not the typical Christmasy story.”

“And you liked it?”

“I loved it.”

Supernatural S1 Ep4 Phantom Traveller - Pt 2

Part 1|Part 3|

Word Count: 2,038
Warnings: none.

Your name: submit What is this?

You relax into the soft leather seats of the Impala, your fingers tapping the ashtray, where Sam’s small green army man was still jammed into. You and Dean never bothered to take it out, as the memories are still there.

You see a sign reading NAZARETH 3, and you can see black smoke in the distance, yet you can’t see where it’s coming from. A factory, perhaps?

The road is smooth, and you think you can smell the polluted smoke coming through the air vents of the Impala, although you aren’t sure. 
“De?” You ask from the back seat. He hums in response.

“Can you turn on the radio?”

Dean grins from the front seat and turn on the radio, classic rock music filling the car. You smile as Sam rolls his eyes playfully.

This went on until Dean pulled over at Jerry’s office.

You all walk in and meet Jerry in his office. He’s looking through a microscope, and you and Dean stand around his desk as Sam sits down.

“Sulphur?” You ask. Jerry stands up straight and nods. 

“Well, that’s great,” Dean says sarcastically. “All right, that’s two plane crashes involving Chuck Lambert. This demon sounds like it was after him,” He suggests.

“With all due respect to Chuck, if that’s the case, that would be the good news,” Sam says from his chair, which is in front of a computer. His hoodie is unzipped as he makes hand gestures to emphasise his point.

“What’s the bad news?” You ask curiously.

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Imagine not being able to find a motel to stay in, so you and the boys have to sleep in Baby...

Originally posted by kayaka11

“Dean we have checked every hotel, they are all booked.” You reminded as Dean once again lapped the small Minnesota town to try and find a place where they could get two beds and a couch. 

“This is a small ghost town practically, how can all the rooms be full.” He grunted at you 

“Well seeing how there is only one hotel, and it looks like it is a hotel for druggies and whores, it isn’t all that shocking.” You sassed back as he looked at you through the rearview mirror. 

Your hair was pulled into a ponytail, and your face had a natural glow to it. Even though you weren’t making eye contact with him he could tell that they had their normal sparkle to them, and they were just as hypnotic to him as always. 

 "Maybe we should just pull off to the side of the road, sleep in baby for the night.“ Sam suggested as his head rested against the window. 

"No Sam we are findin…" 

"Listen D, we are all exhausted and it’s late, and I just want to sleep. So can we please just pull over.” Sam groaned at his brother, who knew that his brother was being honest with him. 

So he proceeded to pull out of the town and over to a safe spot where no one was likely to brother the trio in the impala. 

“Thank you, now if you could so kindly move your ass so I can lay down that would be wonderful.” Sam instructed as Dean exited the driver door, and leaned against the car, he then heard the back door open and shut and knew a presence was next to him, “why don’t you take the back, we have all had a rough day and you look like you could use some sleep." 

 "What about you, like you said we all had a rough day.” He asked as you shrugged your shoulders. 

“I am short enough I could probably curl up and sleep in the trunk, as long as you keep it open slightly so I can get some air.” You joked 

“Yea so what, the police can open it easier and accuse us of kidnapping you." 

"If you kidnapped me, why would you leave the trunk open for me?” You asked, raising an eyebrow at the older Winchester.

“Why don’t we just share the back seat, I can sit on the left and you…" 

"Or you can just lay on the seat and I can lay on you?” You suggested thinking he would never agree to that, however you had no idea that at the very suggestion his heart beat sped up and he was fully on board. 

“Ok, just let me get the blankets out of the trunk, I am sure Sammy will want one at some point. 

"Yea yea okay.” You smiled, happy that he agreed to your crazy plan. 

Once he had covered Sam partly with the blanket he laid down on the cool leather seats, and waited for you to climb atop him and settle down. 

 "Maybe I should just take the…“ 

"Nonsense it will be fine.” He insisted as you slowly got in the car, shut the door and laid on top of Dean, his chest providing you with a warm, gun powder and whiskey scented pillow as he pulled the blanket slightly up to cover you and wrapped your torso up in his embrace. You smiled at the advantage of being able to hear his heart rate freaking out, since your’s was probably doing the same, but he would never know. 

“You know Dean, If your heart is going to keep me up all night then maybe I will just curl up with Sam.” You whispered as you felt his grip tighten a bit, as though he feared you would actually leave. 

“Well I am sorry I can’t control how fast it beats when I have a beautiful woman laying on me." 

"Well as long as little Dean doesn’t pitch a tent by my leg I will be ok.” You joked before falling into a deep silence, and soon into a comfortable sleep. 

When Sam woke up his watch said it was about nine o'clock, and the bunker was still a ways away. He slowly sat up and peered in the seat behind his, and smiled to himself. For in the backseat was his brother, his face turned to the side and his mouth slightly opened, snores leaving the cavern known as his mouth. One arm rested against the floor as the other laid across the bump under the blanket. [Y/N]’s face was facing the back of the leather seats, however you had one arm tucked under your head, and gently rested on Dean’s peck muscle, as the other hand was wrapped around his neck. To Sam you both looked too cute to wake up, so he quickly snapped a photograph on your disposable camera in the glove box and prayed you were both in a deep enough sleep to not awake when he started the impala and started towards home. 

 About half way there Dean woke up, the sound of the impala filling his ears, when he tried to get up to investigate though he felt a weight on his chest, and immediately thought of what supernatural creature would have enough power to hold him down and make so that he couldn’t get back up. And then he heard your barely audible moan as you shifted slightly on his chest, suddenly the memories all came back to him, and he slowly started to panic, not because the car was moving but because you were so close. 

 "Well good morning sleepy head.“ Sam chimed from the driver’s seat. 

 "What time is it?" 

"Almost noon. I’d say we have another two- three hours to go." 

 "Oh. Has…" 

"She hasn’t woken up yet, You two must have had fun…" 

"We didn’t do anything, we just fell asleep.” He said, rather defensively. 

“Well did you at least tell her how you feel?” Sam asked, fully aware that his brother was harboring a crush on you, and that you were harboring a crush on Dean. 

“No, like I said we just went to sleep.” His hand rose from the ground and immediately went to your back, gently rubbing it, his nose was filled with the scent of your body wash and conditioner, your body felt cool against his, and then in your sleep you mumbled, “I love you Dean." 

It was as though the world stopped, he heard you loud and clear, his eyes widening at the realization that you loved him, or at least you said you did, and in his panic he was failing to look at your fully awake form looking up at him. You pushed up a bit and kissed his jaw line, drawing the attention back to you. 

"Maybe before you talk about a girl, you should make sure she is asleep.” You smiled as Dean exhaled. And as he did you leaned forward again and kissed him. 

 And finally your life felt right.


48 – “Baby…”

Dean x Reader

You wake with a jolt – for once, though, it’s not because of dark and horrible images flitting through your own mind: it’s because Dean is whining and flailing just feet away from you. You kick the blankets away from your legs, squinting at him in the darkness as he tosses and turns, writhing within the confines of whatever his mind is producing.

“No… please…” He begs, his voice strained and weak. You’re suddenly glad that Sam decided to sit this one out and it’s just the two of you in the motel room, “Don’t do this.”

“Dean?” You hiss, legs already sliding out of the bed and landing on the thin, rough carpet, “Dean, wake up.”

It does nothing as he twists within the blankets, the sheen of sweat on his face shining by the light of the streetlamp outside, “Baby… baby, no.”

He’s dreaming about his car?

Only then do you spot the tears trailing across his cheeks, wetting the pillow beside him. He’s obviously seeing something horrible and distressing and your stomach twists just thinking about it.

“Baby… Y/N… no…” That catches your attention and though you’re already standing, ready to go over and wake him up, a sick part of you wants to listen in further.

“Stay… Y/N…” He twists, gasping for air, “I- I love you… don’t… no!” His eyes fly open and he inhales sharply, chest heaving as he scrambles for the lamp. You lean over and turn it on for him, his wide eyes meeting yours. He hastily wipes the tears from his cheeks but the evidence is clear.

“You’re alright,” He breathes, watching your every move as you pad across the gap, and sit down on the bed beside you, “You’re okay.”

“I’m fine, Dean,” You assure him, resting a hand on his shoulder, “Are you?”

He goes to nod, but then hesitates, “No.” He admits, pulling his eyes away from you and looking down at the floor, “I- I’m not.”

Instead of pressing him for more information, you simply climb into the bed beside him and nudge his shoulder until he lies back down. He wraps his arms around you tightly; protectively, as if he’s shielding you from the world around you.

“It’s okay.” You whisper as you look up at him, gingerly wiping the tear tracks away from his face, “I’m not going anywhere.”  

It’s Just Me

There was a certain calm that settled itself in your bones while walking around the bunker at night. When both brothers were asleep and you could hear the soft sound of your feet walking on the tiled floor. The light of the only lamp that remained on, casting a glow against the warm, dark wood. Or the metal of the kitchen counter under your fingertips, cool and untouched.

“No!” A shout bounced off the walls of the hallway. You were ripped from your thoughts. In seconds you found yourself sprinting towards the halls.

“Sam.” You knocked on his door, “Sammy.” You turned the doorknob.

His sheets were kicked down to his legs where they wrapped around his ankles. You watched his chest heave as he mumbled incoherently.

“Please.” He begged for something in his sleep before slamming his fists down against the bed.  

Slowly, you walked over and sat on the edge of his bed.

“Sam.” You whispered and reached for his hair. “Hey.” You ran your hand through his hair. He was sweating.

“Sammy, wake up.” You whispered, leaning in until your face met his. He grabbed your wrist and opened his eyes.

“It’s just me.” 

He exhaled and stared at you with bewildered eyes. “Hey.” You wrapped your fingers around his hand and pried it from your wrist.

“Sorry. Sorry, sorry, sorry.” He repeated like a mantra.

You turned and laid by his side. “Come here.” You moved his head onto your chest. He gripped your t-shirt tightly.

Slowly, you began to run your fingers through his hair. His hold eventually loosened.

“Shh.” You whispered to him, “It’s all OK now.”

“Y/N.” He whispered.

“Yeah, Sam?”

He never answered. You kicked up the blanket with your foot and pulled it up. You draped it over his large frame. As you continued running your hands through his hair, his breathing began to even.

“Goodnight.” You whispered to him in his sleep. “Sweet dreams this time, alright?” 

Imagine Dean proposing to you

(Gif Credit)

You walked into the bedroom, drying your hair with a towel, wondering where the hell was your phone, when you noticed Dean on the bed, completely absorbed in his laptop. “Hey, babe, have you seen my phone?”

Dean, startled, slammed his laptop shut and looked at you like a deer caught in the headlights of a car. “Uh?”

Your old question was quickly forgotten as suspicion made its way into your head. “What were you doing?”

“Me? Nothing.”

Oh man, what a terrible liar he was! Sure, maybe his words could be convincing, but his face was telling another story entirely. Plus, the way he was holding that laptop was strange, as if it contained the world’s greatest secret, only for him to know.

“Yeah, I totally believe you,” you said, placing the towel on the bed. “Were you watching porn or something?” 

“What? No,” he replied quickly, but his hands said otherwise, gripping tighter that poor laptop.

Okay, time to try a different approach.

“Remember that thing you asked me to do the other day?” You inquired of him with raised eyebrows. “Show me what’s on the laptop and I’ll do it, like whenever you want.”

His eyes widened at your offer. “Really?”

You smiled at him and nodded, sure of having won, but Dean looked at his laptop, frowned and cursed under his breath, then looked back at you. “No, I, uh – I can’t do that. Dammit. I can’t.”

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So I finally made a Masterlist and I will reblog it once in a while so everyone who wants to check it out can do it.

Bold = Smut

Here we go!

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For Dean’s Hands Only

From this request: Can you do a Deanxreader where they do all these cutesy romantic stuff. Like his hands are always around her, when he gets jealous he lightly slaps or squeezes her ass, always cuddling and what not.


Sam sat at the bar, watching you and Dean shoot a round of pool with another couple of guys. He was glad to see his brother so happy and he knew it was all because of you. Ever since you’d blown into the lives of the Winchesters, Dean’s demeanor had brightened.

(Sam was also glad that Dean wasn’t pulling his typical move of contorting his body around yours, ‘helping’ you shoot.)

You pocketed the eight-ball and Dean let out a small cheer.

“Nice shot, baby,” he said, pressing a kiss to your temple.

“Learned from the best,” you replied with a smile.

Dean turned to the opponents. “All right, pay up. Next round of drinks is on you.”

One man handed a bill over to Dean, who headed over toward Sam. He ordered a round while Sam kept watch over you.

You were an inconspicuous girl, keeping yourself covered so as not to attract any wandering eyes or unwanted attention. But your aura still drew attention to you and as Sam watched you, he got an uneasy feeling in the pit of his stomach.

He watched as another bar patron walked by, glancing at your backside.

More specifically, your ass.

“Uh, Dean,” Sam said, grabbing his brother’s arm.

Dean turned just in time to see the man’s hand connect with your ass.

You turned around in surprise. You barely had time to clench your hand into a fist before Dean was on the man, grabbing his shoulder, which was Sam’s signal to start moving.

“Hey,” Dean said. “What d’you think you’re doing?”

“Nothin’, man.”

“Really? ‘Cause it looked like you were trying to move in on my girl.”

“Hey, man, I didn’t know.”

Dean’s hand landed on your ass. “This… her… she’s mine. Understand?”

“Sure, man. Whatever.”

“And even if she wasn’t, I doubt she’d want you slappin’ her ass in a place like this. Or anywhere, for that matter.”

The man looked Dean over and then saw Sam behind him. He narrowed his eyes slightly before stepping away.

“You okay, baby?” Dean asked.

You nodded as you turned to Dean. “I could’ve handled that, y’know.”

“I know. But if I let you handle it, then I wouldn’t get to do this.”

From your slight jump, Sam could tell Dean had squeezed your ass.


One Saturday morning, Sam wandered into an empty kitchen. It was surprising that no other living soul was around—usually Dean was up by now, nursing his second cup of coffee (sometimes laced with whiskey).

Sam checked the garage—the Impala was still there. Sam turned and began to search the bunker.

He carefully knocked on your door. “Y/N?”

After a moment of silence, Sam poked his head in.

And what he saw surprised him.

You were laying in bed, sound asleep. Dean was curled around you, your back to his chest. One of his arms was wrapped around your waist, holding you close. He, too, was asleep.

Thankfully, the two of you were fully clothed (well, pajama-ed). This meant that the two of you hadn’t had a roll in the sheets before passing out.

No, this meant that Dean had crawled into bed with you with no intention of sex. He’d simply wanted to share the space with you, to feel you next to him.

Sam knew that the two of you had sex (he’d heard a few things he wished he hadn’t). But this… this was a new form of intimacy, a deeper form.

As Sam watched, you stirred slightly, making the slightest noise. Sam saw his brother’s grip tighten around you, pulling you even closer. In his sleep, Dean nuzzled his nose in your hair.

Dean never talked about marriage. At first glance, he didn’t seem like the type. But there was not a doubt in Sam’s mind that you would be Dean’s wife one day.

Possibly one day soon.


The Power of Love

You tried to ignore it. The bruises, the scars, the tattoos, all of it; but how could you? Ever since you were a child, you had unexplained cuts travelling up your back and across your hips. Your fingers tips would graze the edges of your skin as you continued to worry. You never really did understand what he was going through, especially on the morning you woke up to an anti-demon possession tattoo on your chest.

You stared into the mirror, frowning as you wondered what it was. In that moment, it made no sense; but it would. The day your family was killed by a pack of werewolves was the day you decided to seek revenge; your hunter lifestyle beginning. You were only 17 years old the night you heard shatters of glass as your parents fought against those clawed beasts.

Your sister wasted no time before grabbing you and leading you out the house, telling you to make a run for it. Till this day, you wished you’d been there to protect her; the sounds of screams still echoing in your ears.

You told yourself that when you finally found that pack and avenged your family, you’d quit this life. But things don’t usually turn out as they seem. It took you 2 years to find that pack and even though you got your revenge, it didn’t change the fact that your family was gone. That was the moment it hit you, they were gone; and there was nothing you could do about it.

So instead, you kept on hunting; taking down every crossroad demon bitch to every sharp toothed vamp. You could barely tell the difference between your own cuts, and Dean’s. But he knew. He knew something changed in his soul mate’s life after having the occasional cut to being scattered in scars, bruises and even bullet wounds.

On the rare day that you finally got a break, you’d stare down at that tattoo on your chest and think about the hunter life your soul mate must lead. Dean was pretty sure his soul mate was a hunter, but you knew for certain.

You stood still in the empty hall, the concrete walls keeping the cold in. Your knuckles turned white as you gripped the gun in your hand. Another pack of wolves. This should be easy to handle, right?

You already shot and killed three, leaving one more to go… the alpha. Your eyes darted around the hall as you walked quietly along the ground, trying everything you could to not make a sound. You ducked into an open room as you noticed the shadow of a man turning the corner. You spread your fingers; stretching them as you held the gun with your thumb.

You took in a deep breath before stepping out into the hall, locking eyes with the werewolf standing before you. He growled; revealing his sharp teeth as his claws sprung from the tips of his fingers. You grinned, only for it to fade away as you heard the laughter escape him. You frowned before you felt an elbow slam into your ribs from a werewolf behind you.

Pain burst through your body as you slammed into the wall, letting out a loud groan. The werewolf’s claws sprung free as he swung his arm across your stomach; his claws digging into your skin. You screamed in pain as the other werewolf lunged forward, his arm wrapping around your waist before throwing you onto the ground.

Your head pounded as your skull slammed against the ground, excruciating pain bursting through your body. Your arm reached out across the ground as you attempted to pull yourself along the cold floor, but immediately failing as a foot collided with your ribs.

The werewolf stared down at you, an evil grin printed across his cheeks. You could barely breathe as the pain continued weighing you down. As the two werewolves stood over you, ready to attack; the panic began settling in as you realised there wasn’t anything you could do. One of the werewolves raised his arm as you squeezed your eyes shut, covering your bloody face with your arm. His arm swung down across your face, leaving your vision to turn black.

Your eyes peeled open as the bumpiness of the road caused your back to keep moving. You attempted to move, but quickly gave up as pain shot up your spine.

You looked up and realised you were in the back seat of a car, two men sitting in the front as they drove down the road. They definitely weren’t those two werewolves… so who the hell were they?

“Listen Sammy, It’s gotta be her” one of the men said as his eyes stayed glued on the road. The other man shook his head before turning to look in the back seat, causing you to immediately close your eyes.

“We have the exact same scars… and the tattoo!” his voice grew louder as he looked over at the other man.

“Let’s just focus on patching her up” was the last thing you heard before passing out once again, the pain causing your body to tire.

The light stung your eyes as you woke up to see the man leaning over you, his long hair draped over his face as he stared down at your wounded stomach. Your head sprung up as your hands moved to the arms of the chair you sat in.

“Hey! Calm down, everything is fine. I just need to stitch you up, okay? Can you let me do that?” he asked with a nervous smile across his cheeks. Your eyes darted around the room as the other man stood against the wall, his eyes focused on you. You looked back at the man in front of you and gave him a small nod; knowing that you couldn’t leave your wounds like this.

You winced as he began stitching you up, your eyes staying shut as you tried picturing yourself somewhere else; somewhere else where you weren’t in pain. You looked down at your other stitched up wounds, a sigh of relief escaping you as you realised this was the last one.  

“There you go, you’re gonna be fine” he said with a smile as he stood up, walking over to the motel bathroom across the room.

“My name is Sam Winchester by the way, that’s my brother Dean” he said, gesturing for you to talk. You struggled to speak, still processing what just happened.

“I’m Y/N….Are you hunters too?” you managed to ask as you slowly stood up from the chair.

“Yea we are” Dean spoke up as he stepped away from the wall and over to you. He looked as if he were about to say something, but decided against it as he walked past you and over to the table against the wall.

“I’ll be back soon, I’m gonna go get some food so you can just settle in” Sam spoke as he grabbed keys off the table and walked towards the door; shooting you a smile as he opened the door and walked out.

As the door shut behind him, you looked over at Dean; remembering his words in the car. You shook your head and turned around, avoiding eye contact.

“How’d you get that?” you heard him ask; you turned around to see him pointing at the small scar of the back of your neck.

“…I don’t know” you whispered, knowing very well that it was your soulmate’s.

“What about that one?” he spoke quietly as he stood up, reaching out to hold your hand as his thumb touched the scar across the back of your hand.

“I… c-can’t remember…” you stuttered as you stared into his piercing green eyes, your heart beat beginning to pick up as you felt the touch of his hand against yours.

His hand moved to the edge of your sleeve, pulling it up along your forearm to reveal yet another scar towards your elbow.

“And this one?” he asked, his eyes focused on your arm as you struggled to find words.

Your hand moved to his as you rested it on the back of his wrist. His eyes moved to yours as his other hand rose to your chin, holding it softly as he slowly leaned forward. You eyes closed as you leaned in to meet him, feeling his soft lips against yours as his hand moved to yours; fingers intertwining. You felt as if you were going to melt in his arms as your fingers tightened around his.

He slowly pulled away, his face only inches away from yours as he let out a deep breath. He barely moved as the kiss took him back, fireworks bursting in his stomach as his hand held yours.

“Did… Did you feel that too?” he let out a breath as you nodded slowly, your eyes looking up to meet his. His hand moved from yours as he tugged the bottom of his shirt, slowly pulling it up to reveal the same wound across his stomach.

Your finger tips grazed his stomach as your eyes darted across his skin, noticing every little scar and mark you’d ever gotten now left on him. You couldn’t stop yourself when you leaned in once again, your lips colliding with his as your arms wrapped around his neck; fingers feeling the scar across it. His arms wrapped around your waist as he pulled you off the ground, allowing yourself to melt in his hold.

2 A.M

“Y/N?” Dean knocked at your bedroom door.
“Come in.” You propped yourself up on one elbow. Reaching over you switched on the lamp. Its yellow light spilled across the room, casting a soft glow on everything it touched.
Dean walked in slowly and stood a foot from the edge of your bed. You looked down and saw that his hands were shaking.
“Are you alright?” You leaned forward.
Dean nodded and met your gaze, holding it. His shirt looked damp around the neck and you furrowed your brows.
He quickly looked down and closed his fists.
“Sorry I woke you.” Dean looked up at you once again, briefly this time.
“That’s fine, Dean.” You pursed your lips, “But you aren’t.”
He looked like a terrified child, eyes bewildered and hair mussed up in every direction.
“You were d-“ He began to describe what you guessed was his reason for showing up at your room. Another nightmare.
“It’s ok.” You moved over in your bed, motioning for him to lay by you. It wasn’t often that Dean came to your room at two in the morning, but when he did you knew he had seen something horrible. Dean’s nightmares left him shaken, even though he would never admit it.
The bed dipped beside you and he rolled in close against your side. He rested his head on your stomach and you softly ran your hands through his hair.
“I’m here.” You whispered. “Always.”


Sister Imagines

Finding out your Sam and Dean’s sister

Impressing your brothers

Coming out as asexual

Coming out as pansexual and you’re dating Charlie

Your brothers saving you from torture

Patching your brothers up

Falling asleep in the Impala

Getting your first period

Having a nightmare

Being imprisoned with your brothers

Going on a solo hunt

Your brothers watching you get arrested

Protective brothers when John get’s angry

Getting your brothers out of jail

Your brothers finding your antidepressants 

Running from the police with your brothers

Dean accidentally shooting you

Your brothers teasing you about your crush on Cas

Your brothers waiting for you to wake up in Hospital

Your brothers helping you with your homework

Your brothers saving you and your twin from demons

Finding Dean drunk

Seeing Dean for the first time back from hell

Getting back to the bunker injured

Gordon kidnapping you P1

Gordon kidnapping you P2

Your brothers finding you drunk

Finding out your boyfriend is a demon

Your brothers finding out a guy hit on you at school

Running away from your foster home to hunt with your brothers

Spending Christmas with TFW

Your brothers finding you self harming

Your brothers nagging you to get the anti possession tattoo

Keeping Sam awake whilst Dean drives to the Hospital

Being tortured in front of Dean

You and Dean getting into a fight P1

You and Dean getting into a fight P2

Your brothers trying to convince you not to finish the trials

Your brothers and Cas patching you up

You and Sam setting up Cas and Dean

A witch cursing you to be mute

Sam telling Dean you’re in Hospital

Finding out Sam ships Destiel

Dean comforting you after you were supposed be protecting someone

Telling your brothers you’re with Gabriel

Dean getting drunk when he’s supposed to be looking after you

Getting into a fight at school

Coming out as non-binary

Ganging up with Sam to prank Dean

Sam carrying you to bed

Dean comforting you when you can’t sleep

Coming out as a lesbian

Dean waking you up early to train

Being told you’re the antichrist

Your brothers saving you from drowning

Hiding a nightmare from your brothers

Telling your brothers you have a binge eating disorder

Your brothers looking after you when you’re sick

Your brothers curing you as a demon

Asking your brothers how to talk to your crush

Your brothers pulling you out of school for a hunt

Your brothers finding out your boyfriend is abusing you P1

Your brothers finding out your boyfriend is abusing you P2

Telling your brothers you’re pregnant

Your brothers comforting you after your boyfriend dumps you

Living with Sam and Jessica in Stanford and Dena turns up (pilot)

Getting in the middle of a fight between your brothers

Not being able to sleep unless Sam is holding you

Visiting Dean in jail

Your brothers realising you’re bleeding

Your brothers calming you down from an anxiety attack

Playing Never Have I Ever with your brothers

Asking your brothers to help you get fit and loose weight

Being scared Sam will leave again

Sam and Dean being jealous of each others brotherly moments with you 

Having a Disney marathon with TFW

Being in a car crash with your brothers

Your brothers find out Cas is the father of your baby

Your brothers find out you got a detention

Your possessed and your brothers take forever to figure it out

Being mistaken for Sam and Dean’s daughter

Falling asleep on Cas

Calling Sam after having been missing (and tortured) for a week

Telling your brothers you have a girlfriend

Dean’s girlfriend taking a secret disliking to you P1

Dean’s girlfriend taking a secret disliking to you P2

Realising you’re genderfluid when a Witch changes yours and TFWs gender

Running into your brothers at Vidcon as a famous Youtuber

Waking up to your brothers in hospital after a suicide attempt

Being selectively mute and your brothers struggling to deal with it

You and Sam eating a pack of mints and Dean thinking they’re drugs

TFW cheering you up

Your brothers catching your rocking out to Eye Of The Tiger

Having a prank-war with TFW

TFW comforting you after having seen a car crash

Dean realising he has a drinking problem when he scares you

Finding out about the Supernatural the hard way P1

Finding out about the supernatural the hard way P2

Coming home early from University to surprise your brothers

Finding out your Cas’ soulmate

Getting pen all over the bunker and your brothers

Impressing your brothers by snapping back at someone in a bar

Your brothers finding out you’re with Claire

Confronting your brothers about how you’ve felt ignored by them

Breaking your arm and Cas can’t fix it

Introducing your boyfriend to Sam who puts the fear of God into him 

Introducing your boyfriend to Dean (P2-ish)

Your brothers helping you deal with your PTSD

Being Sam’s twin sister and everyone mistakes you for a couple

You and Sam being kidnapped by Cole P1

You and Sam being kidnapped by Cole P2

Celebrating your birthday

Cas taking Sam and Dean to your graduation

Ruining Dean’s “date” because you didn’t want to sleep in  the car

Your brothers saving you from a creep at the bar

Finding a cat in the rain

Daughter/son Imagines

Being a Winchester son/daughter would include

Dean talking to your first date

Your Dad, Dean, and Uncle Sam defending you after rejecting a guy

Your Sam’s four year old daughter, get lost and Crowley finds you

Being Dean’s fifteen year old daughter

Being Dean’s 16 year old daughter and getting a piercing 

Your Dad, Dean, leaving you when he gets the Mark of Cain

Your Dad, Dean, looking after you when you’re ill

Liking modern music and your Dad, Dean, gets annoyed

You and your twin sister playing tricks on your Uncle Sam and Dad, Dean

Meeting your grandmother, Mary Winchester (Dad!Sam, season 12 perspective)

Your Dad, Dean, getting angry when you let Crowley out of the dungeon

Asking your Dad, Dean, where babies come from

Your Dad, Sam, being there for you when your depression gets bad


Kevin x Reader- protective brothers

Lucifer x Reader- Flirting about

Meeting Ben Braeden

Family- Meeting your brothers for the first time

Runaway P1

Runaway P2


Runaway P4

Like Father Like Daughter P1 (Dad!Dean)

Like Father Like Daughter P2

Like Father Like Daughter P3

Like Father Like Daughter P4

Blackness (Dad!Sam)

Beware The Fairies (Dad!Sam)

Like Usual (Dad!Sam)

Hide and Run (Dad!Dean)

Winchester Tradition (Brothers + Mary/Mum)

Huntress- P1: Screw You (Dad!Sam) (Personal fav)

Huntress- P2: Family Reunion

Huntress- P3: I Have To Go

Huntress- P4: Like Me

Huntress- P5: Let’s Kill Hitler

Huntress- P6: Reaper


Follow You Into The Dark -Death Cab For Cutie (Brothers)

God Gave Me You -Blake Shelton (Cas x Reader)


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Dating Dean Winchester Would Include:

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Author’s Note: Hey guys, I’m hitting y’all with another one of these. It’s the day after Thanksgiving while I write this and I have a cold and I don’t have the mentality to finish up a oneshot for this week, so I hope you all like this instead. - Haley xx

  • Knowing Dean your entire life 
  • Being a hunter’s kid so you know what Dean has gone through 
  • Sitting up front with him in the impala 
  • Even sitting in the middle when Sam’s there 
  • Listening to his favorite songs while he’s gone 
  • Taking long showers together 
  • Watching tv on your off days together 
  • Calming him down after a fight with Sam or Cas 
  • Getting into fights with Dean as well
  • Having makeup sex 
  • Sam loving you like a sibling 
  • Dean saying I love you first 
  • You and Cas being best friends 
  • Sometimes you get to drive the impala 
  • Dean teaching you how to make his mom’s tomato and rice soup 
  • Hunting beside him and Sam 
  • Never leaving Dean’s side 
  • Loving him forever
  • Dean being fiercely protective over you
  • Sam teasing both of you
  • Dean always holding your hand

Characters: Sam x Reader

Words: 1082

Summary: A girl, with no memory, appears in the bunker, and the Winchester brothers, more specifically Sam, decide to help her.

Part 1 in the Strange Series.

I am happy to announce, a new series!! :D I’m really excited for this series, and cannot wait to see what you all think! Enjoy the first part!

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Fearful Love

Jared Padalecki x Reader 

Word Count: 2,051

Warnings: none so far…unless you want me to warn you about angst :) 

Summary: You can read that here!! [xxx]

Tags: @abaddonwithyall, @bovaria, @balthazars-muse, @bookshido, @sinceriouslyamellpadalecki, @pada-ackles, @sincerelysaraahh​, @demondean-for-kingofhell

Let me know what you guys think of this one, positive or not! Also let me know if y’all want a part 2!!!

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Request: Ricochet

Request: ‘Imagine Dean whispering ‘I love you’ in your ear when he thinks you’re already asleep’. The idea was submitted as an image from @multifandom_imagines on Instagram, so all credit to them!!

Word Count: 1,127

Thank you!! Maybe this one could possibly work with a second part so if you feel like that would be nice, just let me know!! Have an awesome day<33

“Sweetheart, hey, look at me,” Dean grabs hold of your chin, leaving a bloody handprint on your skin as he angles your head up to look at him. He’s blurry, his face wavering in an out of focus, “You’re gonna be just fine, you hear me? It’s just a scratch. Just a scratch.” His own voice betrays him, catching in his throat and revealing the bubbling pool of fear behind the calm, determined mask he’s struggling so hard to keep in place.

“Dean!” Sam yells, somewhere in the background. His voice is vague and echoes in the room… or maybe you’re outside. You don’t know. You can’t see past Dean’s eyes, so close to yours.

“We’re coming! Y/N, keep your eyes open for me. This might sting a little, okay?” He slips one arm around your back and the other beneath your knees, lifting you from the hard ground. He feels a wave of warm blood spill onto him and your cry of pain sends shivers down his spine, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry. We’re getting you out of here, just stay with me.”

Dean runs over to the car and slides into the back, effortlessly pulling the door closed with his foot, “Drive, Sam. She’s already lost too much blood, I don’t- I don’t know-“

The Impala screeches away from the pavement and onto the road – it’s late enough that the roads are deserted and the road is quiet, so Sam flies through the streets. He’d called the hospital ahead, and knowing that they’ll have a team ready for you, right now, is their only comfort.

“Y/N? Look at me,” Dean begs, clutching you close to him and pressing harder on your side, a small whimper escaping your lips at the pain, “I know, sweetheart, I know. You just gotta hold on, okay?”

You nod minutely, but with every moment the darkness is advancing on you further and keeping your eyes open is becoming more and more difficult with each passing heartbeat. In fact, if you just close them for a few seconds, maybe… maybe it would be easier.

“Y/N? Y/N, no! No! Stay with- shit, Sam, drive!”


The sterile smell invades your nose and even before your eyes are open, you know exactly where you are. You just take a moment, drinking in your surrounding – hunter’s instincts have gifted you with the ability to figure out a lot about a room without much to go on. The room is quiet, apart from the soft beeping of an ECG reader and the gentle whir of the oxygen tank, the tubes of which are draped over your face and fixed into your nose. The air being blown into your lungs tickles your nose a little. You’re lying in a bed, your top half slightly raised and a woollen blanked tucked up to your hips. The hospital gown is cotton and, thankfully, not one of those awful open-backed ones.

There’s a window open, judging by the gentle breeze, and… and there’s someone in the room with you. Not a doctor or a nurse, they’d be moving around. It takes a moment before you recognise the pine and leather scent you’ve only ever been able to describe as Dean. Even more surprisingly, he has your right hand – the one not hooked up to an IV – enclosed in both of his as if it’s a wounded animal he must protect.

You prise open one eye, unprepared for the barrage of white light you’re flooded with. An involuntary groan sounds from somewhere in your throat and you close your eye again, but it’s too late – you’ve caught Dean’s attention.

“Y/N?” He asks, and you feel as he leans down close to you. Every couple of seconds, his warm breath ghosts over your face, “Are you… are you awake?”

“No.” You whisper, unable to do anything but. How long have you been out? A day? Three? More?

He laughs softly, “Shit, Y/N. You scared me there.” He says, squeezing your hand gingerly, “You’ve been out for a week, they didn’t know when you’d wake up.”

“A week?” You force your eye back open and this time, it isn’t so bad, but when you pull the other open too it takes a few blinks for the pulsing pain in your head to wear off.

He nods, “You lost a hell of a lot of blood. They said you shouldn’t even be alive, but you’re too stubborn for that.”

“Damn right.” You smile slightly, earning a laugh.

“Yeah. Sam went to get lunch, it’s about midday. You hungry? He can sneak you a burger in.”

You think about it for a moment, and then shake your head, “I’m good. Thanks. You should go eat, though. And shave. You’re starting to look like a caveman.”

He grins, “There’s my Y/N. I’ll go, but only if you promise to be awake when I get back. Oh, and don’t move, you ended up with 30-something stitches in your side and you don’t want to split them.”

You groan softly, but nod, “I’ll be awake. Maybe there’ll be a hot doctor I can bother.”

Dean chuckles, “See you soon, Y/N.”


He isn’t at all surprised when he and Sam return an hour later to find you sleeping peacefully. The greyish pallor is gone from your face, though, and there’s a small plate on the nightstand with the remains of a sandwich.

“You tell her?” Sam asks softly, and Dean shakes his head. He crosses over to you, watching your chest rise and fall with each breath you take, “Why not? Dean, you can’t-“

“Sammy, just let it go.” Dean replies, his voice tired, “She’s okay. She’ll be fine. She just needs to recover and then… then… I don’t know. If this has proved anything, it’s that she shouldn’t be around us. Me.”

“What are you talking about? She’d have gone in there anyway. You saved her.”

They go back and forth for a little while – little do they know, you’re very much awake and trying desperately to keep your breaths deep and even, so your heart doesn’t betray you and display racing beats on the little screen to your left.

Eventually, Dean sighs, “It’s not like I can do anything now, anyway. It’ll be a few days before they let her out, and even then she’ll be in no fit state for big discussions.” You hear his footsteps as he crosses over to you, and then once again his warm breath on your face.

“See you later, Y/N,” He whispers, “I love you.”

He presses a light kiss to your forehead and then… then he’s gone.  His footsteps, quickly followed by Sam’s, disappear from the room to leave you alone with Dean’s words ricocheting around your mind.

Guardian Angel

Word Count: 2,707

A/N: I have never written anything like this. I’m not even sure what to call it. What I can explain, though, is what it’s about. In this, Castiel is the readers assigned guardian angel. I hope you enjoy it! Let me know if you like this style of storytelling~

“She will be taken from you. You must know that?” Michael stared at his brother.

Castiel gave no response.

“Do not get too close to her, brother. I fear you may lose her completely if you do.” He spoke while staring out over the clouds.

~You were four when you first scraped your knees on the concrete. It was a hot and humid day, the sun had been in your eye. Laughter bubbled out from your lips, seconds later followed by a rush of crimson blood staining your skin. Your mother cried out, hustling you into her arms.

“Stay here.” She brought you inside the house, plopping you down on the counter top. Nearly five minutes had passed before she came back with a bandage, only to find your skin completely healed.

Her eyes wandered over you. “Honey, did you wash your knees?”

You nodded an enthusiastic no, causing your hair to fly around your face. She immediately picked you up, holding you close to her as if you would disappear if she didn’t.

“So, how did you get clean?”

You shrugged as high as your little shoulders allowed, keeping the man who came to fix you a secret.

~Rain pattered against the roof. You curled further up into your bed, clutching the blankets. With your parents fast asleep, you felt vulnerable.

“It is just water.” A familiar voice spoke. You peeked out from under your sheets.

“It’s loud.” You whispered. He smiled at you and pulled out a book from your shelf. Staring at the cover you nodded fervently. As he read, your eyes fluttered shut.

“Goodnight, Cassie.” You whispered out a child’s version of Castiel.

“Cassie?” He questioned his new nickname. You were already asleep.

~Castiel remembered your tenth birthday well. Besides for every near-accident he guided you away from until then, this day was a tragedy in itself.

Candles littered your birthday cake in a beautiful design. You huffed and puffed away at them, celebrating by yourself. Of course, you hadn’t known that Castiel was standing next to you. It was that moment when two police officers came banging at your door. The smoke from the last candle rose to the ceiling as you ran towards the noise.

“Who’s there?” Your fearless voice asked.

The two men forced the door open to find themselves staring at a young girl.

“Hey, there.” One of them crouched down. “Are you Y/N?” He asked. You nodded.

He looked up at the other officer then back at you, “Do you have any aunts or uncles in town?”

Castiel nearly showed himself in that moment, wanting nothing but to protect you from the news you were about to hear.

Scrunching up your nose, you shook your head. “I dunno.” You combined your words, “Where’s my mom?”

The officer who stood, spoke into his receiver, “Yeah, we got her. We’ll bring her to the precinct while we find her a guardian.”

~A month later, you remained inconsolable. Castiel was by your side every night, his presence holding you tight.

“It’s not fair!” You would cry. Tears streamed down your face as you imagined what had happened to your parents. You couldn’t understand how it could have been wolves. There had to have been a mistake, you thought.

~After that year, you gave up celebrating your birthday all together. Perhaps it was cursed; you didn’t want to take the chance of getting hurt again.

Castiel didn’t understand humans that well, but he had been watching them celebrate birthdays since the dawn of time. So if you weren’t going to, he would. Every year, he would leave a gift for you. Happy with the presents, you never questioned them.

By the time you were sixteen, you had a wonderful collection of every electronic out there. Castiel would leave an iPod one year, and a new phone the next. He knew you loved music. For years you would drown yourself in the loud sounds, thinking of absolutely nothing.

~It wasn’t until you were eighteen that Castiel showed himself to you again. Suddenly, the man who healed your every scratch, returned. Some part of you forgot about him, believing him to be a figment of your childhood imagination, but another knew it was him watching over you all this time. So, as you lay on the ground, hot blood pumping out from your side, tears streamed down your face.

“I know you.” You whispered, looking up at his frantic blue eyes. He got to work quickly, holding your broken skin between his hands that were glowing with a bright light.

“How could you throw yourself into danger like that?” His deep voice asked. He lifted your head onto his lap and you let out a wrangled laugh of relief. It was that voice that you remembered suddenly, which used to read stories to you when your parents were gone for three, four days at a time. You were so focused on staring at him that you hadn’t noticed that you no longer felt pain.

He lifted you up into his arms and carried you out from the werewolves’ den. Your gun hung loosely from your fingertips.

“I found them.” You said softly to him. “I waited eight years for this.” Mid-sentence, you were whisked away from the night’s cold air, and into the warmth of your bed sheets.

~Two years had gone by. Slowly, you became accustomed to Castiel’s presence. Every month or so, when a hunt would go worse than expected, he would be by your side.

You had so many questions for him, but he never spoke much. When the rare occasion did arise in which he tried to give you some advice, or console you, you willed him to continue speaking. His voice became a place of comfort; a new home.

This time, you weren’t going to let him slip away. Sitting on the creaking motel bed, you locked eyes with him.

“Don’t leave.” You whispered right before you knew he would disappear. He tilted his head at you. Never before had you asked something of him.

“I must go, Y/N.” He said your name for the first time. It sounded like honey from his lips.

“Please.” You begged, “I don’t want to be alone.”

He looked conflicted. “I-”

“Just stay for five minutes.” You interrupted him. The possibility of being taken from you turned in his mind. He had seen it happen to his brothers and sisters. They had gotten too close to a charge, and reassigned. He never understood why they would take the risk until he was assigned to you.

Slowly, he stepped closer to you in agreement. The bed dipped as he sat down, awkwardly at that.

“You don’t get out much do you?” You lay your back the bed, keeping your feet planted on the floor.

He turned to look at you. “What do you mean?”

“I mean, I get the whole angel thing. I may be new to hunting, but I get how it works. But whenever you’re here, you never stay.” You rubbed your face with your hands. “Do you not like that you were assigned to me?”

Castiel clenched his jaw. His hands remained clasped on his lap, although he found himself fidgeting his thumbs. Considering he knew every language known to man, he could not formulate a sentence to explain to you just how wrong you were. He settled for something simple.

“It is the contrary.” Then disappeared. Just like that, your bed felt cool once again, and you rolled over to where he was just seated.

~For the next couple of months, Castiel had not showed himself to you again. Instead, you found that your bruises would heal overnight. Some part of you hated him for not visiting you, yet another part felt safe knowing he was with you at night. It was a constant battle in your mind towards the angel.

For weeks you continued to wonder what he had meant, that night when he sat with you. Even when he did begin visiting you again, he never spoke of it. For some reason, neither did you.

~“When was the last time that you ate?” Castiel nudged your plate closer to you. You shrugged, feeling nothing but pain boiling under your skin. Burns covered your chest and stomach.

“Then let me heal you.” Castiel saw the damaged flesh peeking out from under your shirt.

“I did this to myself!” You exclaimed suddenly. “Why should you have to worry?”

Castiel stared at you, “You really feel as if you are burdening me?”

You nodded slowly. “I always get myself hurt, and you always….you’re always there. Aren’t you tired of me?”

“Never.” He replied, “I will never get tired of you, Y/N.” Gingerly, he reached his hand forward, and gripped yours. A warm flush went over you, dissipating all the pain.

You looked up at him and reached for your plate.

~Castiel’s chest began to hurt with a pain he had never felt before. It was loss; a realization that he had lost something so close to him. Suddenly, it became hard for him to function.

“No.” He whispered to himself, over and over again like a mantra.

He could no longer hear your thoughts.

He could no longer sense your location.

Everything burned inside of him. All he wanted to do was scream your name until you answered.

~”I’ve been what?” You stared into the eyes of a new angel.

He stepped closer to you and you stepped back, nearly tripping over bedframe.

“You have been reassigned.” The nameless angel repeated for what seemed like the twelfth time.

“Where is Castiel?” You said his full name outloud for the first time. “What did you do wi-”

He cleared his throat. “You have just exemplified why he had been reassigned.”

“What the hell are you talking about?” You began to shout.

“You cannot speak to me using such terms.”

“What are you talking about?!” You began to shout even louder, frustrated.

“Castiel may have led you to believe the two of you were equals, but you are not. He had become too close to you, therefore his rights to guardianship have been revoked.” He explained.

Since you found out that werewolves had taken out your parents, rage like this had never taken over you.

“Get out.” You commanded.

“I’m sorry?” He asked as if you needed to clarify.

“I don’t want you. I don’t want any of this. Get out.” You kicked the chair by your feet towards the angel. Before you could lift up the lamp from the nightstand, he disappeared.

For the rest of the night, you prayed. You never had to before…somehow Castiel always knew when you wanted him near. But now, it felt like speaking to a wall.

~With each passing month, the ache grew stronger. Whether it was someone walking down the street who looked like you, or knowing that your birthday had passed - Cas stopped whatever he was doing. He once shoved a man aside, thinking he saw the back of your head in a crowd, only to be met with an unfamiliar face.

~For you, the pain was dealt with differently. Every couple of weeks, a new angel would be assigned to you. Each one, was removed and replaced rather quickly.

The angel who first told you the news, you physically beat. Anger overtook you and punches went flying.

The second, you completely ignored. After a specifically dangerous hunt, in which you fell into a trap, huge gashes were left running down your thighs. She pleaded with you, saying it was her responsibility, but her words didn’t mean much to you. Castiel would show up on his own, before and after a hunt. She came out of duty. You knew she didn’t care.

After the sixth angel, you became exhausted of the same back and forth game. Years went by and you grew tired. By the time you were twenty seven, you refused a guardian angel all together.

~”Back already?” You raised a brow at Sam who shrugged. Six months ago you hunted with them by recommendation of a mutual friend. Ever since then, you’ve been inseparable from the Winchesters.

“Did you get any chips?” You began rummaging through his shopping bags.

“Like I could forget.” He smiled, shoving his phone full towards you. “I think that’s the twentieth text reminding me.”

Smiling, you opened the bag and rolled over the edges. “What about Dean?”

“What about him?” He began filling up a glass of water.

“He’s gonna be so pissed you forgot to buy beer.” You smiled, watching Sam’s back stiffen at the realization. He gulped down his glass of water and you tossed him the car keys, “Run, Winchester, run!”

~Sometimes, more often than not, you tried remembering Castiel’s voice. How he would read you bedtime stories as a kid, scrunching up his nose when he couldn’t understand why the wolf wanted to blow down what he called: the ‘perfectly constructed houses’. You pulled the blanket up higher on yourself, staring at the wall. You realized, with each passing week, you began to forget how his presence felt around you. Unable to hide your emotions from the Winchesters for too long, Dean once commented on how you occasionally looked lost. He then, offered you a drink.

~It’s a funny thing how timing works. Always either good or bad, there is never really an in between. For Castiel, it was always bad – although he didn’t know it.

Whenever he came to Sam and Dean, you were always out. Either on an errand, or fast asleep somewhere else in the bunker. Castiel knew that they had a new hunting partner, but never felt the need to question further of their identity. The brothers never stuck with someone for too long.

~Your alarm clock rang obnoxiously, tearing through whatever dream you didn’t want to wake up from. Rolling over, you slammed the button and began to sit up. Usually, you could hear Sam watching the news or Dean slamming pots in the kitchen. This morning, it was unusually quiet. You weren’t one to complain.

Your shorts became damp from leaning over the sink as you stared at your reflection. Running your hands under the faucet, you raised a decent amount of water to your face. As the cool droplets ran down your neck, you reached for a towel and dried yourself off.

“What are you talking about?” You heard a deep voice ask. As you listened closer, you realized a very intense conversation was echoing into the halls. Quietly, you slid out from the bathroom and made your way towards the library.

Sam and Dean faced you; both of them tried to speak to whoever was there in unison.

“What’s going on?” You asked, looking into the War room.

~Human senses were one thing that Castiel could never truly experience. Yet, there was no doubt in his mind that chills ran up his spine. He turned around slowly and stared at you.

You were older, he could tell by your eyes. Cas didn’t need to see any other part of you.

“Cassie!” You exclaimed before letting your feet off the ground. You ran past the dozen chairs and down the steps, flinging yourself at him.

You jumped on him and wrapped your arms around his torso, while linking your ankles around his hips. His arms held you tight to him as Sam and Dean stared in bewilderment.

Dean cleared his throat loudly. You jumped down from Castiel with the largest smile the brothers had ever seen, plastered on your face.

“Care to explain?” Dean’s finger motioned between the two of you. Ignoring him, you turned to Castiel, beaming.

“They tried! They tried to give me new angels! Every month!” You exclaimed and he raised his brows at you. “But I kicked out every single one!”

For that, you earned a laugh. You had never heard him laugh before.

“Please don’t leave again.” You looked up at his blue eyes. “Promise me you won’t.”

“I promise you.” He gripped your hand. All the scars you had that remained unhealed by the trial angels, suddenly rose from your skin in a familiar light.


You started avoiding Dean, he didn’t seem to notice, he’d give you an awkward look every now and then but soon be distracted by Victoria again. You’d started skipping meals, hiding out in your room just to make sure you stayed out of their way. Sam noticed first, he kept on insisting you told him what was wrong but you couldn’t bring yourself to.

Until now.

Closing the door behind you, you crawled onto Sam’s bed and sat next to him, he was lent against the headboard busy researching on his laptop. He gave you a smile “You okay?” He asked, still looking at the screen and busy typing.
“Sammy…” You managed, biting your lip and locking your jaw as not to cry.
You felt a tear roll down your cheek and looked away from your brother shamefully.
“Y/N?” Sam stopped what he was doing and brought you into his embrace.
“What’s wrong?” He asked.

“She hates me.” You whisper, looking into your brothers eyes.
“What?” He frowned.
“Victoria, she hates me. She wants me to leave and she says I do nothing but get in the way.” You spill out between sobs.
“And you didn’t say anything? Have you told, Dean?” He asked, staying calm.
“He didn’t believe me, he got really angry.” You admit, hugging your brother back, clutching onto his shirt. More and more spilled out as you told him what she’d done or said. Sam listened, his heart breaking to see his baby sister like this and he hadn’t done anything about it. Sure, he’d noticed, but you’ve got to do more than notice to do good.
“Okay, come here, come with me.” He said, rubbing your back and getting up from the bed.
You follow his lead reluctantly, silently weeping.

“C’mere.” He took your hand gingerly and lead you out to where Dean and Victoria were, laughing and talking over wine.

“Dean.” Sam grunted through gritted teeth.
Dean looked up and frowned, looking back and forth between you and Sam.
“Is she okay?” Dean asked- bemused.
“No, Dean! Funnily enough she’s not okay.” Sam growled.
“Why-?” Dean began but Sam cut her off again.
“Because of her!” He pointed at Victoria who shot you a glare, you shuffled closer to your brother not letting go of his hand.

“What?!” Dean laughed.

“Because she’s been treating, Y/N like shit!” Sam spat.

“Excuse me?” Victoria gasped dramatically.

“Oh shut up! Y/N’s told me everything.” Sam cried “Everything you’ve said, everything you’ve done you son of a bitch!”

Sam continued to repeat what you’d told him, shutting both her and Dean up every time they tried to speak. You blanked out slightly, not wanting to think about it. You refused to look at anyone, clutching onto Sams hand and hiding from anyone’s gaze. You sniffed when silence took over, feeling Sam wrap his arm round your shoulder and pulling you in close.

“Are you sure?” Dean managed.

“Does she look like she’s making this up?!” Sam cried out.

You wrapped your arms round him and wept. You’d done the exact thing you’d told yourself you weren’t going to- you’d given in.

The next few moments were a blur. You knew Victoria left, you heard Dean shouting something at her as she made her way out, you felt Sam stroke your hair and comfort you. But you didn’t listen to anything people were saying to you. Not because you didn’t care, but because you did.

After a few minutes everything was silent, footsteps sounded towards you and you felt Sam hold you tighter. “Dean, maybe you should go.” He sighed.
“Y/N, I’m sorry…” Dean choked through a sob- you said nothing.
“Dean, we can talk tomorrow.” Sam offered, his hand running over your hair comfortingly/

**** **** **** ****

You woke to the sound of muffled voices on the other side of your door. Your mind flashed back to last night and you bit your lip as you dressed yourself. After getting ready you leaned up against the door and listened:

“I should have listened to her.”
“Yeah, you should have.”
“Do you think she’ll forgive me?”
“Look, as much of a jerk you’ve been… she’s your sister and she still loves you, Dean.”
“I still can’t believe Vicky would do something like that…I thought she was better than that…”
“We both did.”
“I’m sorry, Sam.”
“For what? It’s not me you hurt.”
“I know, I feel like I’ve let you both down though. You’re my little brother and Y/N’s my little sister and- and I wasn’t there for you.”
“You were happy.”
“I was a dick.”

You’d heard enough, you opened the door to see your brothers lent up against the wall opposite your room. They both silenced. You looked from Sam’s sympathetic eyes to Dean’s. His mouth was open ever so slightly and his body was tired.
You took a step forward and hugged him. He stood there, stiff and frozen, unsure of what to do at first. But his hands went from hanging from confusion to your shoulders, his fingers curled round your arms and he brought you in close, resting his chin on your head. He sighed with relief and pressed a kiss to your head.
“I’m so sorry, Y/N.” He whispered.
“Me too-” You sniffed, feeling your eyes moisten.
“No,” he cut you off, shaking his head “No you have nothing to be sorry about, you hear me? This is all down to me and I am so sorry.”
“It’s okay.” You mumble, neither of you letting go.
“No, it’s not…I’m sorry, sweetie.”