Quick Thinking

Words: A little under 600
Description: Just a short Dean x reader drabble/imagine I thought of earlier. Completely fluffy. The reader has a hurried plan that she has to execute before Dean arrives.


A pair of shorts might look nice day to day, but for what you’d been doing it wasn’t the best choice. You gulped, looking down to your stcratched legs, blood beading slightly on one of the scrapes close to your ankle. The thorns had been killer on your bare legs but there hadn’t really been time for a change of clothes. When you’d gotten word, thre hadn’t been time to hang around.

“Nothing like those perfect summer legs,” you muttered sarcastically to yourself, shifting the backpack higher on your shoulder. You walked back to the motel as quickly as possible, ignoring the sting from the wind. You had to be quick, Sam had already said Dean would be back soon.

You found the key where he had said it would be, under a nearby rock. You’d scold him later for the lack of originality in his hiding places, but for now you let yourself into the room. Carefully placing the bag on the bed so as not to damage the contents, you looked around trying to think quickly. You had a plan and you needed to do this before Dean got back for this to work properly. If he walked in before you were finished there was going to be far more questions than you wanted.

Grabbing the Tupperware box out of your bag, you prepped the ingredients you’d collected and chucked them into a large mug - it was the closest thing you had to the kind of dish most people would use. Nodding to yourself, determined, you glanced back to the website you’d bookmarked on your phone. Now, the theory of the next bit was easy but since when did theory translate to real life? With a grimace, you pressed the makeshift lid onto the mug and placed it in the microwave. It was close timing as you heard the rumble of the impalas engine but this would only need 2 minutes… fingers crossed.

You watched the dull yellow glow from the microwave as the mug went round and round. Heavy footsteps were approaching now - it just needed a few more seconds. You heard the key enter the lock and you bit your lip just as the microwave ticked down to 3 seconds. Close enough. You yanked the microwave door open, before it could make a noise, grabbing the mug out, and turned to face the front door just as Dean entered.

“Happy Birthday,” You said louding, presenting the cup out to him. You were slightly breathless from the rush but the surprise on his face was enough to make it all worthwhile.

“Y/N? What are you doing here?” Dean said, eyes wide. He started to smile but then his eyes dropped to the offering in your hands. “Is that…?”

“The closest I could get to home made pie.” You nodded, laughing as you spoke, “A freshly cooked blackberry pie. Berries picked by yours truly less than an hour ago.”

Dean grinned and dumped his bag on the spot, striding over to give you a hug. He practically crushed you, but you didn’t really care.

“Y/N, have I ever told you how much I love you?” He grinned, squeezing you once more before letting go and standing back. He shook his head in disbelief as he took the mug off you, sniffing it and letting out a contented sigh.

“A few times,” you poked your tongue out,“ Now come on, you’ve got to try it, I’ve never made one of these before so I’m dying to see if it worked.”


Imagine: meeting Sam at a coffee shop.

(Sam X Reader, Fluff)

Your nose was pressed against the pages of an old worn out book. Your eyes flew across the pages in rapt interest as the character made an impassioned speech. You nearly squealed in delight as he spoke a favorite line. You folded the book on the cafe table trying to maintain some modicum of composure. Fortunately, the barista called out your order. You pushed away from your table weaving through the tables towards the counter. You reached for the cup brushing hands with someone else. You glanced over at the interruption in confusion. Your eyes met with a wide plaid chest. You glanced back at the cup. Your order was checked off in the boxes on the side. You pulled your hand back struggling with the social awkwardness that had just presented itself.

“Oh, sorry.” The man said revealing an incredibly bright embarrassed smile. “Was this yours?”

You nodded overwhelmed by how beautiful his smile was. You wondered if he was some sort of model or actor, but why would someone like that be somewhere like this? He awkwardly handed the cup to you. He nodded to the black ink scrawled on the side.

“Sam, huh?” His lips twitched back into a shy smile. “Nice name.”

“O-oh… actually, I accidently told the barista the wrong name.” You blushed bringing the cup closer to your body like a shield.

His amused gaze became imploring. “Accidently?”

“Y-yeah. I was reading and I accidently read the name out of my book.” You resisted squirming under his gaze trying hard to meet his eyes. They were beautiful easily meeting yours easily, drawing you to them.

“Which book?”

You hiked a thumb over your shoulder towards your table wondering why he chose to continue speaking to you. He followed your gesture tilting his head. You averted your eyes to the plastic lid concealing your drink. When you looked back up at him he was accepting his drink from the barista, a pretty brunette with flawless skin and a cheerful smile. You wavered on your feet debating whether you should return to your table now, especially since the barista’s smile turned into something more inviting. You took a tentative step back, but the man turned back to you after simply nodding a thanks to the barista. He met your eyes again just as attentive as before.

“You know, the only Sam I can think of off the top of my head is from Lord of the Rings.” He continued thoughtfully. Despite the anxiety, you immediately brightened. He chuckled a warm laugh that mirrored the warmth of the coffee in your hands. “Is that what you’re reading?”

You couldn’t help the smile that twisted your lips. You nodded. “The Return of the King, I’m rereading it.”

“I haven’t read that in so long! I was in… high school.” He admitted. “Although, The Two Towers was my favorite.”

Your nose scrunched up automatically. “Return of the King is hands down the best.”

“Why’s that?”

Your mouth dropped open, all anxieties vanishing for a moment. “Are you kidding? The best battles happen in the last book! And the character development actually hits its apex!”

He shot you a look with equal parts teasing disagreement and amusement. “Oh c’mon, but Lothlorien and, okay, and Treebeard?”

“You must have read it a long time ago.” You grinned. “Treebeard’s best is in The Two Towers.”

His shy smile broke into a beautiful grin that lit up the room. Immediately, you shoulders relaxed and you felt comfortable. His gaze dropped to his coffee. You looked around, confidence budding within.

“Are you waiting for someone?”

“Uh, yeah, actually.” You shoulders fell. “For my brother.”

“Oh, then…” You trailed off biting your lip.

“He’s late though,” He cast you a hopeful look from beneath his knitted brows. “Do you mind if I wait with you?”

“Sure.” You tried to hide your excitement. “But only if we can keep talking about Lord of the RIngs.”

He laughed softly nodding his head. “Of course.”

What, you're jealous?

Request: Could you do a Cas x Reader x Dean where Dean has a crush on reader but Cas kisses her in front of him and he gets all jelly *jealous*?

Characters: Sam, Dean, Castiel, reader

Pairing: Dean x reader

Warnings: none

You sat on the bed in the motel that you were staying in with Cas, Dean and Sam. Sam was out getting some supplies while you, Dean and Cas stayed behind to do research.

“Dammit!” You shouted as you slammed your hand down on your laptop.

“You ok?” Dean asked.

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His Last Request - Part 5: Step by Step

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Mentions of Character Death, Grief, Self-Loathing, Night Terrors, Swearing, Angst, Fluff, Getting Stuck on a Slide

Word Count: 5000ish

Summary: Dean pushes himself to be the uncle his niece deserves.

A/N: Wait…is that…a smiling Dean gif?! Yeppers, kiddos, it’s finally starting to get happy! Feedback is much appreciated!

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4


Dean watched from the kitchen table as you played with Jenny on the living room floor. Toys were scattered around you, but Jenny’s attention was on a blanket she was clutching. She held it up in front of her face and you let out a shocked gasp.

“Where did Jenny go? She was just here?” You asked, looking around concerned. Giggles came out from behind the blanket and Dean watched fondly as you smiled down at Jenny’s blanket wall.

“I can hear her…Can’t you hear her Uncle Dean?” You asked, looking over your shoulder and winking at Dean.

He stiffened a bit at his cue but smiled and responded, “I can. Maybe she’s a ghost?”

“No! Not our Jenny!” You said in mock horror. You looked back down at the blanket and said, “Wheeeeereeeee’s Jenny?”

Jenny dropped the blanket and you let out a squeal, “There she is!”

Jenny laughed as you peppered her face with kisses. Right when you pulled away she immediately threw the blanket in front of her face and you gasped in confusion, repeating the process.

Dean watched you do this for a solid 20 minutes, perfectly content. He still was unable to join the game without feeling overwhelmed with the memories of Sam. He appreciated your patience with him, but couldn’t help but hate himself more with each second he was unable to push himself to join your game.

“There she is!” Your excited shout rang through the living room. Jenny laughed, clutching her blanket tightly.

“You sneaky little thing!” You teased, tickling Jenny in the stomach and eliciting more laughter from her. “You keep scaring Uncle Dean and I!”

“Unca Bean!”

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Imagine being a Prophet of the Lord and Dean trying to calm you down after you get stressed over the tablets. 

Requested by Anon~

The symbols were starting to blur again. You closed your eyes and heaved a sigh, throwing the pen across the room and covering your face with your hands. The pounding in your head wouldn’t cease, no matter how many pain pills you took. And the Winchesters needed what was on the tablet. What if you couldn’t get it in time? What if more people died because you weren’t fast enough? What if-

“Y/N, what’s up?” Dean’s voice piped up, and you felt a large hand on your shoulder.

You shook your head, not responding, causing Dean to exhale and take a seat next to you. He noted all the scratched-out mistakes on the paper. “What’s goin’ on?” He asked again, this time more gently.

After being silent for a moment, you removed your hands from your face. “This is too much, Dean. I don’t think I can do this.” You admitted with an unsteady tone.

His grip on your shoulder tightened, causing you to look up at the Winchester. Dean’s eyes were sympathetic, but hard. “I know how it feels to have all that weight on your shoulders. But you’d be surprised at the things you can do. Besides, me and Sam are with you every step of the way.”



Imagine: Having feelings for both Crowley and Dean, so they make you choose between the two of them. [x] [x]

Y/N: You want me to choose? Between the two of you?
Crowley: Well, you can only be with one of us, love… So?
Y/N: I… Both of you mean so much to me.
Dean: But one of us must mean more? Who is it?

Want to request an imagine? 

Imagine: Dean telling you he’s in love with you.

You couldn’t allow yourself to develope a crush on the older Winchester. But it happened.

You couldn’t allow yourself to fool around with him, to fall for his constant flirting. But it happened.

You couldn’t allow yourself to fall in love with Dean. But it inevitably happened.

Here you were. Dean sitting on the edge of your bed and you pacing through your room. He had just dropped the bom, unanounced he walked in here and told you he was in love with you. His face deadly serious as he watched you freaking out.

“Dean, we can’t do this.” Your mind was racing with thoughts, something would go wrong. He would cheat on you or he would ditch you for another, more beautiful girl. And besides that the hunters life was a to dangerous enviroment to be in love.

“(y/n), please, listen to me. I know you’re afraid of taking a risk..” You cut him off mid-sentense. “i’m not afraid of taking a risk, i take risks all the time. It’s kind of our job.” His face turned softer as he took both your hands in his.His rough fingers caressing the back of them. “Then permit yourself to take this risk, allow yourself to love me, like i loved you from the moment i laid eyes on you. Love me like i will love you, forever.”

authors note: would you take the risk? Admit your feelings and starting this new adventure with Dean. Or would you deny him, hurt his feelings to keep you both safe??

Also is there someone else you’d like me to write about? just let me know.

xx Venora


Sam and Dean

Could you do an imagine where the reader is an older sister and she really really loves her little sister but her sister really could t care less and is a bit of a jerk and one day she shows up in the middle of the night at the bunker and like needs a place to crash and she’s their for a couple of days and says something trash about Dean (readers bf) and THATS IT! And the brothers walk in on a screaming match? 

Requested by Anon~

“I just wish he didn’t drink so much.”

You tried hard to ignore your sister’s voice, concentrating on the TV.

“Like, I know you like him Y/N, but I really think you can do better than him.”

Instantly, your head snapped in her direction, hot angry replacing the mild annoyance. “You don’t know him!” You snapped angrily. “And I’m tired of you talking bad about Dean. He and Sam are letting you stay here.”

She met your gaze evenly, and neither of you noticed that Sam and Dean had walked into the room. They were watching to two of you with wide eyes, probably waiting for something else to happen. Dean had to admit it’d be cool to see you fight.

devsfan55  asked:

Because I love your drabbles...Crowley x reader (of course) h/c fluff please. THANKS!! “I’ve got some bandages, just wait a sec.” “Are you following me, or do we just end up at the same places on accident?” “Let’s play this game called I do something stupid and you don’t judge me.” “The way you flirt is just shameful.”

aww thank you so much!! Writing this one was fun!

I’ve got some bandages, just wait a second.” Crowley’s suddenly beside you, rummaging through his pockets, and though you’re slightly startled, you just shake your head and watch him, cradling your elbow.

Are you following me, or do we just end up at the same places on accident?” You ask suspiciously, and Crowley freezes, glancing at you with wide eyes before shrugging and going back to rummaging around, pulling out a band-aid with a victorious grin.

“Here, take it, cover up that bloody elbow of yours. Seeing you hurt makes me uncomfortable.” He grumbles, and you grin.

“The way you flirt is just shameful. You know that, right?” You tease, and Crowley glares at you. 

“I am not flirting! I’m just treating you well!” He denies, and you giggle for a few seconds before thought pops into your head, making you quiet down.

“Crowley? Let’s play this game called I do something stupid, and you don’t judge me, okay?” You suggest quietly, and when he nods, you reach out and pull him to you, pressing your lips to his in a soft, shy kiss that deepens when he grabs your hips and lifts you onto the table, bringing you closer to his height.


The two of you are sitting down for breakfast, a cup of hot coffee sitting before you both. Suddenly, you hear a horrible noise stuck between a shriek and a squeak from your open window. 

“Is that the damn squirrels again?” Dean asks, rising to look out. Sure enough, there was a battle going down between a few squirrels and a blue jay over your birdfeeder. This had been quite the issue lately; the same few squirrels kept returning to steal the grains and causing commotion between other suburb animals. 

“Wish we could just make them go away, but nothing I’ve done keeps them out,” you sighed, watching the scene go down outside. Dean sent you a wink and stood, pumping his fist in the air.

“Don’t worry, babe. I can take care of this.”

He went outside, and you braced yourself for the possible sight of Dean killing the rodents. What happened instead, though, had you instantly laughing. 

Dean was yelling at the squirrels. Not just insults, either.

“Why do you think you get to steal food from there, huh? You son of a bitch, find your own damn lunch!” He started throwing pebbles, not at the squirrels but close enough to scare them. As quickly as you could, you whipped out your cell phone and began recording.

“There stands the ferocious Dean, protecting his rightful territory,” you narrated, zooming in on his face. “Unfortunately, he seems to be losing this round.”

Dean looked towards the window and saw you were filming, instantly fighting off a smile. “Nobody sees that,” he yelled, shaking his head.

“No promises,” you replied.

Requested by @justlikedaylightsavingstime. GIFs found on GIPHY.

Prompt project

This one is a gift to my editor ( @randomly-awkward-thoughts ) Who still thinks im a flaming whore for writing that sad fic with the song

Pairings: Sam Winchester x Reader 

Written by: @dean1winchester1dreams1of1pie

Edited by my shiny new temp editor: @sleep-silent-angel

Words: Over 900

Warnings: Uhhh I mean it’s a little painful but psh you’ll be fine

Summary: …I just, okay do we really have to do these. WE KNOW I SUCK AT THEM

Prompt: “Excuse me for falling in love with you”

And away we go…


Originally posted by bandss-and-youtuberss

“I can’t believe you! I asked you not to come and you did anyway.”

“Sam you can’t expect me to always sit on the sidelines! I’m a hunter too! I worked my ass off to get as good as I am and I’m not letting myself get soft just because you don’t want me to hunt.”

“What?! So I’m just supposed to be okay with you going out everyday and putting your life on the line?”

“You do the same thing! What, is it because I’m a girl? Is it because I’m smaller than you?”

“Y\N you know it’s not because you’re a girl. It’s neither of those reasons.”

“So let me fucking hunt! We’re used to getting knocked around and thrown all over the place! Let me do what I’m good at!”

“I’m not letting you hunt anymore Y\N, that’s the end of the conversation.” Sam turned and grabbed his coat. “I’m going to go get dinner.”

You ran forward and shoved him.


He stumbled forward but caught himself. He turned back around and grabbed your wrists, slamming you into the wall.

“Say it to my face.” He growled and you fought to get your wrists away.

“I hate you Sam Winchester!” You spat, “I hate you for not letting me do my job and acting like I’m some princess. I can handle myself, what the hell has gotten into you?”

Sam let go of your wrists and grabbed the keys to the Impala.

“Excuse me for falling in love with you.”

He walked out, slamming the door. The room shook and you sunk to the floor, taking in the words he had just said to you. You ran your hand through your hair, curling up against the wall. It hadn’t been the first time you’d had this fight. He’d just never said that was the reason.

“Y\N?” Dean came into the small room and crouched down next to you “You okay?”

“Did you know how he felt?” You looked up to him, tears streaming down your face. He got up and grabbed a tissue box from the nightstand and handed it to you.

“I had my suspicions,” he confirmed, and you grabbed a tissue, wiping your eyes. Not that it did anything to help you.

“How did I never see it?” You whimpered and he groaned, sitting next to you and handing you another tissue.

“Because you were too busy fighting him to see that all he wanted was to know you were somewhere safe. You should have seen his face when we found you on the ground all bloodied up. He freaked.”

You took the tissue and he threw the box across the room, “I shouldn’t have said I hated him.”

“No you shouldn’t have. He’s probably kicking himself in the teeth for saying he loved you.”

“Dean?” You wiped your eyes, standing up and taking off your shirt. “I - I think you’re going to need to get your own room tonight.” You took a shirt from Sam’s bag and pulled it over your head.

“I’m going to make this right no matter what, and I wouldn’t be okay with keeping you up all night with our fighting.”

You took off your pants and grabbed your brush, pulling it from the bun you had it in, You ran it through your hair, being careful around the tangles.

“Yeah,” He grabbed his wallet from the table and scoffed. “Because you look like you’re getting ready to fight.”

“Dean?” You said again, this time walking towards him and hugging him as tightly as you could. “Thanks for the chick flick moment.”

He rolled his eyes and hugged you back, “We never speak of this.”

You saluted him and he left the room to get his own for the night. You turned and went back to your bag, pulling out a bag of makeup you used for undercover work. You put on light mascara and lipgloss and tossed the bag back into your duffel.

“Y\N we need to-” Sam came into the room with food for the three of you and your favorite milkshake. You got up from the chair you’d been sitting in and sauntered over to him. He raised an eyebrow and slowly put the things in the mini fridge, keeping an eye on you. When he got done putting the stuff away you kicked the door shut with you heel and grabbed his shirt, bringing him to your level.

“What’s all this?” He asked, wrapping his arms around your waist.

“I - I owe you an apology… A huge one… And I don’t know how to make it up to you. I thought, hey, why don’t I be sexy. But these heels are totally killing me.”

Sam, laughed and lifted you up. You wrapped your legs around his waist and he carried you to one of the beds.

“I know something that might help make it up to me.” He kissed your neck, biting down, causing you to moan softly. “Be mine? Let me take care of you, Y\N. I know we can’t get out of this life, but maybe we can be miserable in this life together.” He laid you on the bed and pulled off his shirt.

“On one condition.” You watched him as he kissed his way up your legs, laying his body on yours. You wrapped your arms around his neck and kissed his nose.

“Anything, Y\N.”

“Let me be an adult and make my own decisions. If I decide to go on a hunt, let  me.”

Sam kissed your neck again, sucking on the spot he’d bitten.

“I promise to let you be your own person. I love you, but I can’t always make your choices in life.”

“Sam Winchester, you’ve got yourself a girlfriend.”

Not a fairy tale

A/N:So this is my entry for @one-shots-supernatural’s SPN Hiatus Writing Challenge. It’s my first time attempting this challenge. I hope you guys have as much fun reading it as I had writing it.

Word count: 1621

Dean X Reader

Prompt: “Are you.. watching a Disney movie?”

Warning: Dean fluff?

Originally posted by demondetoxmanual

“Pick another one”

“What? No!”

“Come on Sam, you are better than this”

“What’s your point? The movie was a blockbuster”

“That’s it, we are leaving. Move your ass”

“No. I am buying this”

“Hah.. Sure go ahead Sammy.”

“Dude! Where’s my money? Give me back my money”

“I’ll see you in the car, Sammy”


You silently laughed to yourself as you waited outside the shop. Dean emerged from the insides wearing a smug smile, followed by Sam who was glaring at Dean’s back.

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Gif source:  Dean  |  John  |  Sam

Imagine being in a polyamorous relationship with John, Dean, and Sam Winchester.

——— Request for anon ———

Sam had an arm over your shoulder in the backseat, which was pretty cramped considering that the largest Winchester’s knees were taking up over half the space. Not that you were complaining too much.

As John drives up to the drive-thru window, considering that was all you had time to get if you were to get to the next case in Tallahassee by tomorrow, Dean looks over his shoulder to ask, “What are ya’ in the mood for, baby?”

Leaning forward, you teasingly breathe by John’s ear, “I can think of a few things… but I’ll settle for a number one combo.”

Practically Inseparable (Part 5)

Summary: Your friends discuss how to get you and Cas together.

Words: 953 (1,001 including texts)

Cas x Reader

Warnings: none

Notes: Sorry for the delay in update, A shorter chapter because it’s a filler leading to the next one, which will start being more about Cas and the reader exploring their relationship :)

Beta: @teamfreewill-imagine

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Supernatural Imagine

Dean Winchester x Reader:  Truth or Dare

Does not follow original storyline

Announcement- I will be starting a Choose your own Story with the avengers. 

Originally posted by fandom-book-nerd

[not my gifs]

Prompt: Playing games in between hunts with Dean, Sam, Cas, and Charlie.

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I have officially hit 1,000 followers everyone! 

OMG I literally gasped when I saw it and now it is time to make a big decision!

How should we celebrate the fact that I @paigeinastory has hit 1,000 followers!! 

Maybe a take over? Ships? Let me know! I am not doing drabbles. Sorry guys. 

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(I love my boys.) 

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