Find yourself a boy who rubs your legs, even when they’re prickly. Find yourself a boy who plays with you hair, even when there are knots all through it. Find yourself a boy you can binge watch Netflix with, in your underwear, and you haven’t showered since the day before. Date the boy who looks at you at midnight after a McDonald’s run and tells you how beautiful you are and that he can’t fathom why someone as perfect as you would even think about being with someone like him. Date the boy who squeezes your boobs and rubs your butt in the most innocent way possible. 

Date the boy who gives you headaches. The boy who is so damn stubborn it frustrates you sometimes. Date the boy who is damaged because he gave his heart out a little too quickly a few times too many. Date the boy you are terrified to lose, the boy you are terrified to love sometimes. The boy that gives you goosebumps and calms your butterflies all in one moment.

—  Date the boy that makes you so uncomfortably comfortable. 
Bad Hunt

  You were in the bunkers kitchen, just finishing off your pie for the boys; more specifically Dean. You had to stay behind because you were a little under the weather and you didn’t want to risk it getting worse and slowing the boys down. You didn’t enjoy it, you liked being there on the job with them. Being in the bunker while they were out there was worrying.

  You had just finished up the dishes when you heard the bunker door close and the loud footsteps ascending down the stairs. That was the only thing you heard. Not one voice or bout of laughter. Pure silence. Now you were worried. You took the pie out of the oven and placed it in the counter, throwing your oven mitts beside the pie, you rounded the counter and looked up to find Dean standing in the doorway. 

  He looked awful.

  He had a cut on the side of his forehead and that looked to be the worst of it, well besides the broken expression on his face. His eyes glossed with tears. He looked so small; like a kid even. You didn’t think it was possible to feel so heart broken from a sight like this.

  “Dean,” you spoke softly. He flinched at his name and you immediately rushed over to him. The second you wrapped your arms around him, he collapsed bringing you down with him. He was shaking, sobs racked his body as he buried his face in the crook of your neck. 

  This was a first. After a rough hunt, Dean locks himself away, drinks himself until he can’t feel anything and the next day it’s like it never even happened. He was just over it, or so it seemed. This was completely unlike Dean and you were  relieved that he came to you for this one. 

  You ran your fingers through his softy dirty blonde locks, trying to get him to calm down. His grip on you was almost painfully tight but you didn’t care. You didn’t care if he never let go. Right now, you just wanted to comfort him. “Shh Dean, it’s okay.”

  “It’s not okay,” he sniffled. “I’m sorry.” With that, his grip on you loosened. You moved quickly, straddling his lap with ease. Not that he wouldn’t move you with ease. You looked at him, his eyes bloodshot, his cheeks stained this tears. He was having a little trouble breathing because he cried so much. 

  “Don’t ever be sorry for needed this,” you said sternly, blinking away your own tears. “I am here for you, Dean. Alway! Nothing is ever going to change that.”

  “I thought I lost you,” he breathed out. “It was a shifter and it looked exactly like you and I had to shoot you and I-”

  “Shh, I’m right here,” you smiled softly, wrapping your arms around his neck. “I’m not going anywhere. You can’t get rid of me that easy.”

  “I love you so much,” he mumbled into your neck. You almost didn’t hear what he said, but you’re so glad you did. Your heart was racing. Dean had never said those words to Sam, let alone you. 

  “Dean,” you whispered, pulling away from him slightly. You saw the gleam of hope in his eyes. That’s the second you knew that this was all real, what he said was real and heartfelt. He truly did love you and you had no reason to even second guess him. He was a mess because he had to kill a fake you on a hunt. “I love you too.”

  “Really?” a small smile appeared on his lips. You leaned down, capturing your his lips with yours. His lips were slightly chapped but fit perfectly with yours. He responded instantly, kissing you back with just as much passion and love as you had hoped for. His hands came up to cup your cheeks, making your heart flutter. 

  “Thank you.”

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