AHS 6 is Worth to See

1. Lady Gaga is back!
2. Plot theories will be answered.
3. Actual history will be portrayed.
4. OG Evan Peters returns!
5. The Mystery


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Jensen Ackles, Rogue Magazine Issue #4 2016

“We used to think that being silly onset, cracking up during a scene and that kind of thing, was being really unprofessional. We would make efforts to stop messing with each other. But now we take the time to enjoy laughing about something stupid. I think it’s really important to make each other laugh. All of us will be on set just in tears laughing way too often. We could literally put out an entire DVD package of just bloopers, it would be hours long.”  

Keep Calm and Carry On


“Dean is overwhelmed as he comes face to face with his mom, Mary Winchester. Meanwhile, Sam is fighting for his life after Toni, from the Woman of Letters, shot him.“


Written on the wrist - Dean Winchester x Reader - Chapter 15 (French Mistake/Soulmates AU)

Title: Written on the wrist

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader

Word count: 7k

Warnings: Season 10 spoilers, Little bit of gore, Blood

Prompts: Your Imagine getting zapped to the Supernatural universe and meeting Dean.” imagine is perfection!! Please please write a mini story or something based on it! It would be so good! P.S. You are one of the best writers whose stories I follow! :)

Im so glad requests are open! What about a readerxdean with French mistake reader whose soulmate is Dean?? Maybe soul mates have each other’s names on their arms so her name is on his arm and she enters the spn universe and he gets nervous because she doesn’t have his name on her arm since she’s from a different world?? I’ve never seen this done before so I think it might be nice to see! and your writing is amazing! Thank you!! ❤️❤️❤️

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A tattoo that read nothing other than: Dean Winchester.

You felt your throat close and your eyes sting with unshed tears. You tried to keep your sobs but failed miserably as the sight of the tattoo made your heart ache and at the same time soar like never before. Of all the times, all the moments, any moment, it could appear it now chose to. Now that you doubted you’d ever see Dean again.

A broken smile formed on your lips, despite the tears dampening your entire face. You closed your eyes, almost hating yourself for how you couldn’t stand to look at it anymore. You kept wishing for it to appear any second you were with Dean, you wanted so much to see the expression on his face, to feel what he would at the sight of his name on your wrist but of course that was not the case. It had to appear now that you were held captive and he wouldn’t be able to see it without you being dead that is.

“D” you whimpered, clenching your fists. You moved your arm so that you wouldn’t be able to look at it every moment you opened your eyes.

Who would have thought you’d come to this?

Something that you wanted and waited for so much and now… this.

It was almost hard to believe but even if you didn’t look at it, even when you didn’t think about it, you still felt it. It was if it was alive, something else living within you. You could almost feel another heartbeat besides yours, and it was just as frantic. Just as desperate. And just as broken and aching.

“Dean” you breathed out, your breath hitching on your throat when, as you closed your eyes, you felt his own fear. And you felt the tattoo burn on your wrist, making more tears well up in your eyes.

A soft glow appeared and you let a small whimper at being unable to grasp it and rub your thumb over it, trying to offer some sort of comfort at least. But no, you couldn’t. You were bound.

And only Chuck knew for how long. If not until the end of your life.

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