I’m uploading this because I spent so many hours on it, but I poured my heart and soul into this and absolutely hate it. It’s a humbling experience. Excuse the inconsistent quality. I lost my references and tried to finish it off anyway. And then beyond that I just couldn’t look at this thing anymore. Sorry Dean.

Written on the wrist - Dean Winchester x Reader - Chapter 10 (French Mistake/Soulmates AU)

Title: Written on the wrist

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader

Word count: 6k+

Warnings: Suicide (mention)

Prompts: Your Imagine getting zapped to the Supernatural universe and meeting Dean.” imagine is perfection!! Please please write a mini story or something based on it! It would be so good! P.S. You are one of the best writers whose stories I follow! :)

Im so glad requests are open! What about a readerxdean with French mistake reader whose soulmate is Dean?? Maybe soul mates have each other’s names on their arms so her name is on his arm and she enters the spn universe and he gets nervous because she doesn’t have his name on her arm since she’s from a different world?? I’ve never seen this done before so I think it might be nice to see! and your writing is amazing! Thank you!! ❤️❤️❤️

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“What is your soulmate’s name, Dean?”

“Wh-why do you want to know?” his voice was rough, raising an interested eyebrow.

You shrugged, looking down at your food “Don’t know. It’s just- she is Dean Winchester’s soulmate. Must be something special right? And besides that-” you chewed on your lower lip “She’s not with you. Wouldn’t you want that?”

He sighed, leaning back in his seat “It’s not that simple (Y/n). You might think it’s all rainbows and unicorns because oh soulmates are just so romantic but- with this kind of life? The least I want is to drag somebody else into it, much less mysoulmate.”

“I know things aren’t easy, Dean. Hell I’ve gotten to realize it lately myself and I’m scared to no end but- you won’t bedragging her as you say. If she’s with you I doubt she’d have the mind to worry about anythig else. I mean, although I don’t know much-” you shrugged “-meeting your soulmate must be pretty big thing right?”

“It is.” he sighed “Some don’t even get the chance to meet their other half before they die but I mean- look at me sweetheart? You know the shit I’ve been through. Would you really think anyone would stand to be dragged into this mess?”

“No. Not anyone.” you pursed your lips “But your soulmate would, and I’m sure of that.”

“How come?” he couldn’t help but breathe out, a small smile forming on his lips as he saw the small spark in your eyes.

“Because she’s your soulmate obviously! And you- you are Dean Winchester! Dean freaking Winchester! There are so many words to describe you yet none is enough. Hell I know I wouldn’t think a second and jump straight into this mess as you call it if I could have you as-” you cut off yourself immediately, pursing your lips as you caught yourself saying things out loud you probably shouldn’t.

Dean’s eyebrows shot up and his lips parted, a small breath leaving but he didn’t find it in him to question anything further as he only could breath out “Would you?”

“I would Dean.” you sighed, looking down sheepishly “And I know so would she. The love for your soulmate is far stronger than fear or anything else. Besides- wouldn’t you want to have her by your side?” you dared lock eyes with his.

“I only don’t want her to get hurt.” he mumbled in a rough voice.

“She wouldn’t. I’m sure if she had you by her side then she wouldn’t have to worry about anything else. You would risk everything for her wouldn’t you?” he gave you a small nod “Then why worry? And I’m sure she’d want you by her side too. You would have to ask her too, Dean. Making a decision that has an effect on her life without asking her is wrong, trust me.”

“You seem pretty sure about it.” he whispered in a statement and you shrugged with a small smile.

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Admin Note: In my opinion, Mary will  for sure be a badass. In the promo pictures for S12 we already see her in the “hunter uniform” with the angel blade (as shown above). But even if there were not promo pictures, she grew up in the hunter life and was trained by her father. So with that experience, I have no doubt she would throw down. We even got a glimpse of her fighting skills back in s5 ( “The Song Remains the Same”) when she was fighting Anna. I think the biggest shock will be that the boys will not be able to get her to relax and let them take care of things. She’s going to want to be in the thick of it, helping and kicking butt. In conclusion….

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