I just need to say, Dean made Cas a mixtape with his favourite Led Zeppelin songs.

Friendly reminder that John impressed Mary by knowing all the lyrics to Led Zeppelin songs.

Just saying, the Winchesters have a family history of using Led Zeppelin songs to woo the loves of their lives.

So I found out that in England there is a University of WINCHESTER!

But that got me thinking…. What if there was a school for hunting called Winchester University?!

Think about it…. The teachers would be.. 

Head teachers: Sam and Dean 

Angel studies: Castiel

Demon studies: Crowley

Witchcraft studies: Rowena 

Weapons studies: Bobby 

Research studies: Charlie


1. Dean gives Cas a mix tape.

2. Kelly gives up her baby to Cas.

3. Dean and Sam agree they can help the baby.

4. Dean tosses the Impala keys to Castiel.

5. Dean gets angry at Castiel because he was worried.

6. Dean understands and defends Castiel’s odd behavior in the end.

No, I didn’t write this Destiel fic. It’s literally the show. It’s literally episode 12x19.