Superman: We have a situation–

Superboy: It wasn’t our fault!

Superman: [to Batman] You owe me five dollars.

Batman: Already?

Superman: I told you if we didn’t explain why we were coming out here, they’d think they’d done something wrong.

Robin: Wait a second. You two bet on our reactions?

Superman: It was really more about how he was wrong than how you’d react.

–Tim Drake with Clark Kent, Conner Kent and Bruce Wayne (Superman/Batman #7 – Protégé)

anonymous asked:

What’s up Doc! Have you ever considered drawing Superman and his cousin Supergirl? Your Superman is one of my favorites and I’d love to see what a Supergirl in your style would look like!

I’ve only drawn Supergirl a couple times, strangely. I like her a lot and don’t have a good excuse for not having drawn her more. BUT I did just do the cover for the second volume of the Supergirl: The Silver Age Omnibus…es. She brought some friends.

UPDATE: Almost forgot about this! From sometime in the last year or so–