Justice League Action 

Comic-Con 2016 Highlight Reel

JUSTICE LEAGUE ACTION producers gave Comic-Con 2016 attendees a first look at the highly anticipated Warner Bros. Animation series coming soon to Cartoon Network. During the show’s Thursday, July 21 panel, which also included voice cast members Kevin Conroy and Diedrich Bader, attendees were treated to this special highlight reel previewing all the upcoming action fans can expect every week.

Not killing people is an important part of Superman’s character, but there’s a huge gap between “a moral code against murder” and “letting any idiot who can afford fancy dress waste four months of everyone’s lives.” Batman’s insistence on the same code is much more impressive because he’s actually risking himself for it. And Batman’s everyday confrontations are still interesting. You know he’s going to win, but he always has multiple methods, none of which are “Just be immune at them until they die of old age.” He can turn one thug with a gun into one of the coolest takedowns of all time.

This is why Batman has brilliant video games and Superman doesn’t. In the Arkham titles, Batman is far superior to his enemies, but will still be shot to death the second he screws up. That’s what makes victory fun. Superman games are all annoying because he has to be ridiculously weakened, because challenge is impossible when you’re a walking God Mode.

7 Ways Batman Is Objectively Better Than Superman


A leaked clip of the movie revealed a scene in which Batman and Batgirl have sex on a rooftop. The scene is said to be explicit, showing Batgirl moving her hand across Batman’s crotch before having intercourse. A lot of fans are unsurprisingly upset by this shocking reveal, stating it isn’t true to the Batgirl character or the Batman mythos. 

Diana and Kal have been repeatedly mistaken for siblings by people who are not updated on the latest superhero media gossip and are unaware of their origins. The matching costumes, black curly hair, blue eyes and striking height would make it seem to people that they’re related. Even some of the Leaguers claim they look alike, although themselves can’t find the resemblance at all. Bruce and both of them are also teased off costume for being the blue eyed, dark haired trinity.