Superhero AUs #15

First Meetings

- ‘My latest prototype weapon did not work as expected and instead of melting this new hero it just melted their outfit…and their underwear’ AU

- ‘Square up and prepare to get fucking knocked down, asshole’ AU
- ‘You’re about twelve. I don’t fight kids and I certainly don’t fight kids spitting that kind of foul language’ AU

- ‘You can’t fight me with four balloon animals and a half-empty wine glass’ AU
- ‘Half full, you pessimist. And yes, yes I can. Watch me’ AU

- ‘I thought you’d be…younger’ AU
- ‘Squirt, are you calling me fucking old? I will take over this city and shove my false teeth up the mayor’s rectum before you’ve even spat your dummy out’ AU

- ‘If you’re a world class assassin, why are you attending a ball with a rubber duck in your jacket pocket’ AU
- ‘It’s useful for making idiots like you reveal their cover, Agent. God, I hate the CIA. They send me quackers’ AU

- ‘Hold my beer’ AU
- ‘The opportunity to use ‘hold my beer’ in real life is not an excuse to try and stop me, a well-known supervillain, from robbing a bank. Especially not half naked and especially not when your beer is actually a Starbucks’ AU

- ‘It’s not insane if Batman did it’ AU
- ‘Batman is neither real nor sane’ AU

- ‘Is that…a slime monster? Gross. Cliché and gross’ AU
- ‘Look, I’m doing the best I can to conquer this city with the resources available to me. Who are you to judge, anyway? At least I’m not wearing spandex’ AU

- ‘Oh my dear sweet thing, you really think you can defeat me? This city is mine, it has been for years. Ever since I dealt with that irritating little hero-
-  ’You killed my father, prepare to die!’ AU
- ‘Are you…are you misquoting The Princess Bride at me?’ AU

- ‘I understand you’ve been shipped in to take over defending the city? Don’t look so embarrassed kid, we all have to die in the end’ AU
- ‘Yeah, but most people’s idols aren’t dying before their eyes because they had sex with their radioactive nemesis. But sure, I’ll try not to look embarrassed’ AU



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Tree Bros - Superhero AU

Word Count: 3218 (Yeesh)

Warnings: Swearing, mentions of bruises, scars, and death. Also suffocating.

Evan Hansen was your typical college student, who also fought as super hero whenever needed. When he wasn’t protecting his city, he was just a normal boy with anxiety, who had the constant load of homework, and ran on little sleep, and no coffee as it made his nerves worse. When he wasn’t a regular student, he was a superhero, fighting crime with his badass plant powers. Also, he might have a slight crush on the kid in his creative writing class. His name was Connor Murphy and Evan didn’t think anything could change his perfectness. Connor had shoulder length wavy brown hair. His eyes were blue, but if you could get close enough, which was very hard, you can see the small patch of brown in his right eye. He was tall, and lanky. He didn’t talk much, but his teacher always shared his stories, and they were beautifully written. So, in Evan’s mind, nothing could ever change how perfect Connor is, even if he some how was the maniac, Hell Fire, that he fought basically once a week. However, Connor was most definitely not Hell Fire, it’d be impossible. How could Evan even remotely like a villain anyways?

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