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“add winn to the list of people who get smoaked when meeting fel*city and her hacker godess skills”

this is exactly why i don’t want error to ever crossover with supergirl, everyone else will get brought down and the rest will worship her we already had that with flash and how cisco got treated and i’m not ready for it to happen again

1st : cisco is an engineer not an IT, it’s not his job and he’s doing pretty good, it’s like saying “a surgeon is better than a dentist” it makes no sense because both work on different fields it’s like saying “cisco is a better inventor than felicity” of course he is it’s his job, it’s what he does best, all felicity has is some hacker skills and a company given to her on a silver platter

so going by that logic fefe is only an IT, cisco not only is an engineer but he also does the IT hacking stuff so cisco is more useful and skilled than her

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2nd : winn is very smart and proved it so much times i don’t even remember them all, and so many times he did things outside being just an IT like when he fixed the broadcast signal not to mention the DEO wanted to recruit him because he is that smart, did anyone look for felicity or give her a job ? nope the only thing she has is a company just because ray gave it to her, not because of her own work and merit, as far as i remember fefe didn’t hack an alien technology winn did he also with the help of kara stopped a nuke from exploding you know what that means right 

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so instead of that BS let’s hope there would be a crossover when both cisco and winn meet and appreciate how awesome they are without a blonde nuisance to ruin everything

Supergirl/The Flash: “Child’s Play”

Title: Child’s Play
Rating: G
Series: Summer of Supergirl 2016 (#8)
Summer of Supergirl prompt: Toyman Junior - Winn Schott
Summary: Winn tries to help the DEO.


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“Toyman Junior!”

“Hey!  No!” Winn argued as his attention was temporarily diverted from the computer screen and keys in front of him.  "Who invited him in here anyways?“

Alex sighed.  "Just pay attention to what you’re doing,” she told him.  This was obviously a bad plan to have both Winn and Cisco in the DEO at the same time.  It hadn’t been the plan and Alex was certain that it was worse and yet for the best that J'onn was out in the field.  Better even, he had Adler with him.  Alex was having a hard enough time not smacking the two of them.  "We’ve got to get that toy–“

"It’s not a toy!” Winn snapped.  

“Whatever it is,” Alex said as she twirled her hand around in a circle.  

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Favourite supergirl episode?

Oh boy, that’s a tough question, bc I love so many of the eps.

But if I have to choose one I’d say 1x08 “Hostile Takeover” because I like the plot involving CatCo, and of course Astra, AND that balcony scene (also Cat in that outfit, I’m too gay for Cat in button ups and tight pants, be still my beating heart) (seriously it’s probably my fav Cat outfit).

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Supergirl: “True Family”

Title: True Family
Rating: G
Series: Summer of Supergirl 2016 (#8)
Summer of Supergirl prompt: You Totally Called Me “Dad”: J'onn J'onzz
Summary: J’onn J’onzz goes in search of the Danvers sisters.


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That’s all he could feel as he mentally tried to search for the girls.

Alex was the one that he was used to hearing, but right now…right now, he was certain that the pain he was sensing was from Kara.  That worried him more than anything else.  It wasn’t like him to be able to sense the younger and very Kryptonian Danvers sister.  As he flew through the air as the Martian Manhunter, he was desperate to find them.  They’d both been in the field when Alex had been taken by one of Fort Rozz escapees and Kara had gone after them.  The DEO had lost track of them and J'onn had set out to find them when Vasquez hadn’t been able to get communications from Alex or Kara.  

There was a general direction he was looking in, but nothing certain or fixed.  

It wasn’t just the fact that the area he was searching was high up, which meant that the air would be thinner and the climate was colder…but the terrain was also rocky.  J'onn didn’t know what to think that he was certain that he could feel just Kara and not Alex.  What did that mean for Alex?  He knew that there were possibilities for Kara, the chief one that came to mind was that she’d blown out her powers…again.  

He couldn’t communicate, but he could sense being closer.  It was like there was a strength to the feeling when he got closer, he could feel the pain.  He tried to focus his sight on the colors.  Kara would be in red and blue and Alex would be in black.  Those colors had to pop up against the snowy terrain unless they were somewhere else.

“Alex, wake up,” he heard Kara’s weak plea.

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Supergirl: “The Past is Just a Story”

Title: The Past is Just a Story
Rating: G
Series: Summer of Supergirl 2016 (#7)
Summer of Supergirl prompt: Superman’s Pal - James Olsen
Summary: James and Kara talk about Clark.


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“You know, he and I don’t agree on everything either…”

Kara wasn’t exactly sure how the subject of their lunch had changed.  Winn wasn’t around and so it was just her and James.  Somehow, they’d ended up talking about her cousin.  "Well, I think that’s fairly normal,“ Kara pointed out as she ate a fry.  "Normally people don’t agree on every single thing…or else we’d just be Daleks or something.”


“They’re from ‘Doctor Who’,” Kara quickly explained.

“Ah,” he said with a smile.  "You know, it’s amazing how different and yet how alike you two are.“

"Okay, Lucy’s right…” Kara blurted out.  "You are Clark–“

"Whoa…whoa…  Don’t hate.”

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