Supergirl Boy


The Wives as DC Characters Aesthetic

Angharad as Supergirl, The Dag as Harley Quinn, Capable as Poison Ivy, Toast as Catwoman and Cheedo as Wonder Woman.


In honor of Miraculous Ladybug airing on Nickelodeon on December 6th, at Noon, here is a sneak peak at the show provided exclusively through Miraculousity!

I’ll be releasing another promo that features Cat Noir later this week!

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A James/Jimmy Olsen and Kara and James Appreciation post

I’m about to go on a major Supergirl spree here so if you don’t want to be spoiled you might want to avoid my blog for a bit…but I never thought I would have a legitimate swoonworthy, “yes I would have your babies” crush on Jimmy Olsen but have you seen this guy?

Like look at his million dollar smile!

And how he’s so suave with the way he gives her the print and flirts with her

And there’s the way he immediately believes in her and calls her a hero

Oh and lets not forget the personal space invasion that is happening here and how he seems to be getting as close to her as he possibly can without pulling her into his arms and/or lap

And how he hangs his head when she starts babbling and doesn’t really know how to pick up the rope he tossed her to save herself from drowning, but you can just tell that he still thinks she’s the cutest person he’s ever met

And then he clears his throat and he comes to her rescue like a knight in shining armor

And he lets her know that he knows so we don’t have to have any of this “OMG JUST TELL HIM ALREADY” drama

And he gives her that wink and puts his hands on his hips like, “Baby here I am and I’m yours for the taking” (JUMP HIS BONES KARA!)

And he gives her the cape/blanket from Supes and tells her it won’t shred and basically oozes sex appeal 24/7

And he’s not at all intimidated with the thought of dating a superhero and a girl who could bench press him. Instead he’s like, “Baby you go do your thing and save the city. I’ll be right here when you get back.”

In conclusion, to borrow a phrase from Taylor Swift, “Oh my god, look at that face, you look like my next mistake.”