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Will Supergirl actually get gayer in season 2? Has it been confirmed?

Well they’re introducing Maggie Sawyer, who is canonically a lesbian, as a new series regular (or… Floriana Lima, who plays her, is new series regular), so we do have at least one Guaranteed Confirmed Gay who will play a significant role in S2

PLUS there’s the whole thing that they announced at the TCAs about how a significant existing character on either the Flash or Supergirl is going to be coming out and exploring their sexuality this season, and though it’s by no means guaranteed, a lot of people think it’s going to be Alex.

Because honestly they cast a new series regular and she’s playing a lesbian detective who’s on the Science Police and therefore going to be working a lot with cases that are extraterrestrial in nature (aka DEO jurisdiction)… and who was photographed on set standing next to Alex in the presence of President Wonder Woman……… if the Mystery Gay isn’t Alex and she and Maggie don’t end up kissing, I’m gonna find Greg Berlanti and throw him into space myself

Lexi Alexander b. 23 August, 1974

Alexander is a German film director born to a Palestinian father and German mother. She began her career as an athlete, becoming a world champion in karate and point fighting by the time she was a teenager. 

In 2002 she directed and co-wrote the short film Johnny Flynton. The film was made for $100,000 and was self-funded by Alexander. It was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Live Action Short Film. 

In 2005 she made her feature film directorial debut with Green Street a film about football hooligans. It premiered at the SXSW Film Festival where it won the Special Jury Award. 

She followed this up in 2008 with Punisher: War Zone, an adaptation of the comic book of the same name making her the first (and until 2017 the only) woman to direct a superhero movie. The film was a commercial flop. 

In 2010 Alexander directed her third and most recent feature, Lifted

By 2014 Alexander was frustrated over the lack of opportunities she had been given in the film industry. She wrote a blog post detailing the sexism she had faced in the industry which went viral. She became known for her activism work and spoke openly about producers who refused to take meetings with her because of her gender and the way in which male directors were allowed to direct movies despite repeated financial flops while women directors were not given the same opportunities. 

Though Alexander expressed fear that her activism would lead her to be blackballed from jobs, as of 2015 interest in her work as a director has increased and she has moved to television where she has worked on Arrow, Supergirl, Limitless and American Gothic.  

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supercat, 12 "I've been buying the wrong underwear"

“What did you do this time?” Lois appears in the doorway of Kara’s office as though she drops by all the time. Kara thinks it might be almost a year since she last saw her cousin-in-law. “Only there’s quite the rampage going on out there.”

“Oh who knows?” Kara sighs. “Maybe I’ve been putting the wrong sugar in my coffee. Or I’ve been buying the wrong underwear. Whatever it is, it’s not good enough for Cat Grant.”

“Nothing is ever good enough for Kitty. You of all people should know that, Kara.” Lois comes in and closes the door behind her, taking the seat in front of Kara’s desk without waiting for an invitation. It’s exactly how Cat usually enters the room.

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  • Psychic:*reads my mind*
  • Me:Why does DC keep killing of superkids and why does nobody else care Superman's dream is literally to be a husband and a father and DC just keeps introducing and killing off superkids and pretending they never existed and nobody cares?? Why is there no campaign to bring back Linda or Mae or Chris or Cir or any of the characters DC pretends just never existed? They brought back Cass so why is DC so adamant about this bullshit? Why can't Superman have a family? What the fuck?
  • Psychic:oh my god what a fucking nerd.

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Majorly Judging You - 6. “Could you be any louder?” :))

“Oh God,” Lucy groans. “I’m gonna have to move.”

“You,” Alura gasps before reaching for the bottled water on the nightstand. “Have already moved a lot for one afternoon.”

“No, move house,” Lucy clarifies, settling back against the pillow and enjoying the hungry look Alura drags across Lucy’s naked body. “Because somebody thinks having sex is like performing at Carnegie Hall.”

“It takes practice, practice, practice?” Alura asks, brow furrowing in confusion. Off Lucy’s gobsmacked look, she elaborates. “I picked that one up from those old radio shows you found for me.”

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SuperSlashCo Week

What is SuperSlashCo Week?

it’s a week + one day (8 days total) celebration for Supergirl Ships. Each day will correlate to a character (example: Monday - Kara, Tuesday - Siobhan, etc.) and creators are free to create fanworks of different pairings as long as the character for the day is included.  

When is SuperSlashCo Week?

At the moment we are still trying to determine the exact dates.We know many of you are starting school soon and wouldn’t want to interfere with that schedule. You can vote for the week you prefer here. 

Will there be themes?

nope! It’s completely creators choice, the only guideline you really have to follow is sticking with the character for the day.

Got Another Question?

jump into our ask and we’ll answer as best we can.


Gee some Supergirl fan art just fell from the sky! Weird.

So I’ve been thinking about making The Flash or Supergirl fan art for a while, and I finally went and did it! I thought I would have done The Flash fan art first, but I guess I was just in a Supergirl mood!

Nothing to complicated here, I just wanted some practice drawing faces and drawing like actual people, so here you go. 

Before I go, I have to say I absolutely adore this show! The characters are great, the stories are always interesting, and the effects are pretty decent for a tv show! The characters have to be my favorite part except for Maxwell because that always seems to be what makes or breaks a show for me. I just love people and their interactions in shows! My favorite characters so far probably have to be Hank and Cat Grant, they’re the best! 

If you guys like superman but don’t want to sit through all the origin stuff again, want to see some of the more obscure villains (in my opinion) and want some good ol’ women empowerment, I highly recommend the show! Unfortunately they aren’t airing new episodes yet, but this show and The Flash typically start up back in fall.

I definitely want to do more fan art, and I’ll definitely do more face practice with The Flash characters too! And maaaybe Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. but that’s a lot of characters man. Anyways, sorry for babbling on! I hope you guys enjoy!