So I know weโ€™re all pretending to be mad theyre making Lena evil but I know none of us are gonna complain when we get evil Katie with her evil smirks and wardrobe on our screens again

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There’s a picture somewhere of Supergirl holding a little baby, pressing her lips so gently to the little girl’s forehead, taken moments before the baby was handed over to her mother, who was being patched up by an EMT.

Someone had to make an inappropriate comment about them wanting Supergirl to kiss them.

Kara didn’t see it. But the internet did. And a bet circulated on who might be blessed to be kissed by her next.

In the end, it was another little girl, this one eight years old and with a broken ankle and a black eye. She’s propped up against Supergirl’s hip like mothers carry toddlers, and the girl’s has her arms wrapped tightly around Supergirl’s neck, one hand clutched in her hair and the other in her cape, little muscles straining in pain.

Supergirl had pulled her out of an abusive home.

Maggie made sure the footage of her pacing around, stroking the girl’s back, murmuring reassurances as she cried for over an hour was deleted, per Kara’s request. (Maggie saved a copy, in case Kara was ever wondering if her motives weren’t in the right place, she’d have this to prove it)

But Maggie doubted there was a force on earth that could motivate her to even try to delete the photograph someone snuck of them. Supergirl, on her knees in front of the girl, now patched up and propped on the back step of an ambulance, crutches to the side. Supergirl, holding the young girl’s face in her hands like it is so, so precious. Supergirl, with her eyes closed, pressing her lips to the girl’s forehead with tears streaming down her face, the little girl’s eyes dry but closed.

James took this one, actually. Kara doesn’t know, isn’t particularly aware of the existence of the photo—she exchanges letters with the girl, now in a loving foster home, once a week, she doesn’t need anything more to remember her by—but she sees it for the first time when James asks her if it’s ok they use that for a CatCo cover on the thanksgiving issue six months later. She cries a little and tells him ok.

There’s such overwhelmingly positive feedback from the image alone that Kara sees a little of this time. She’s a little weirded out at first, but Winn finally smiles at her and tells her they just love her so much, they want her to be able to show them love in return without worrying.

A few images surface after that, slowly.

Supergirl, smiling cheek to cheek with a four year old boy, both of them eating ice cream, smoke and ash smeared over both their faces.

Supergirl holding a local celebrity in bridal style, him grinning comically wide, clearly in no danger whatsoever.

Supergirl with her mouth next to a sobbing sixteen year olds ear, clearly whispering words of comfort, as he stands stiff on the street, fists clenched and shoulders high.

Supergirl, high-fiving Guardian with a tired grin.

Supergirl, on the firefighters of National City Instagram page, two (extremely attractive, and one man, one woman, but that’s not the point) firefighters with their lips poised on either side of her cheeks while she laughs hugely at the camera, a kissing booth sign overhead and caption “even Supergirl gives to charity”

Supergirl, arm in arm with a clearly drunk girl in a cocktail dress, strolling along the street and grinning at something the girl said, walking her home safe.

Supergirl sitting cross-legged on the sidewalk outside a school with a fourth grader, helping them patch up their fallen science fair project

Supergirl, carrying an absolutely absurd amount of groceries in each hand and walking alongside about twelve elderly citizens with walkers

Supergirl, giving a boy with Down syndrome a piggy back to school, both their faces split with wide grins

Supergirl blowing her freeze breath onto an ice cream truck while the owner tinkers under the hood with a frustrated yet bemused look

An EMT giving Supergirl a hand up on the street, both women smiling at each other tiredly.

The pastor of a large church in national city puts up a message on the big board they have out front one day:

They say love is shown through humanity. We see yours. THANK YOU SUPERGIRL

Everywhere in the city that has a sign that can rearrange letters puts up a message thanking Supergirl for her service that week. Next year a date is picked by the mayor as Supergirl appreciation day.

Kara cries every year.