Those of you familiar with Jackie Chan’s “Police Story” series might be aware that, in the US, the third film is known as “Supercop” and features Michelle Yeoh alongside Jackie.
Well, did you know that a sequel to “Supercop” was made starring just Michelle Yeoh, with Jackie relegated to a cameo role?

Everywhere else it’s known as “Project S” but, of course, in the US, in order to make it more marketable, it was renamed “Supercop 2.”
There’s a reason it doesn’t get mentioned when the franchise is brought up: it just isn’t very good.
Yes, it features Jackie Chan in drag…but so did “City Hunter” and about half a dozen other films.
It also has some solid stunt work (most of which can be seen in the trailer) but the fights, while good, aren’t really memorable.

If you’re a diehard Michelle Yeoh fan (and let’s face it, if you’re not you and I can never be lovers) it’s worth seeking out but it should be fairly low on your list.

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