Tonight’s movie was Supercop 2. Mom said she was in the mood for some Michelle Yeoh. Yeoh plays a Chinese cop whose boyfriend leaves for Hong Kong to make his fortune. Some time later she is sent to Hong Kong as an expert to help in a major case. Littledoesshe know her old boyfriend is now a criminal muckety muck. 

Yoeh is her usual skillful self. She fearlessly throws herself into the action, executing the moves with remarkable grace. She is given the opportunity to act in the dramatic plotline, and she does that just as well. Well it IS Michelle Yeoh.

But the movie itself has a major flaw. Yeoh is the star, yet frequently has to share the spotlight both with two male Hong Kong cops and also her boyfriend’s conflict with another criminal. Typically action stars get more screen time, it seems, and if there is a major climactic battle they are a central player. Maybe just giving her only one parter would have helped.

Speaking of a cluttered up cast, Jackie Chan has a several minute cameo. I suppose it was a marketing decision since it served no plot purpose. It also was in a different tone from the rest of the film. It felt like flipping channels. If you want to see Chan fight in a red dress and high heels, go for it.

Anyone else feel like kicking things after the movie? Just me then. That’a bit dangerous since I am quite the kicker!  lol