its still one of the wildest things to think that i was a part of the homestuck fandom in its hayday.

early 2013 i found a group on tumblr looking to host a homestuck character ask panel at the local convention during the upcoming summer, supercon. i audition and get the role of jade, and we all chat for a while thinking about how fun its gonna be and practice interactions and being asked questions on the spot. 

little did we realize what hell we were in for.

andrew hussie, or The Huss™ as some would refer to him back in those days, was announced as a guest who would be attending and signing autographs. whatpumpkin usually has booths in the cons for this area anyways, so it was a great combination.


many, many, MANY people heard about this and flocked to this convention, which, while boasted to be The Largest Con In South Florida, was hosted at a convention center nowhere near big enough to handle this. the convention center was so overcrowded, and its already hot enough because florida, but everyone was dying underneath their cosplays as we all shuffled around the hallways packed like sardines. they sold way too many tickets and the building was so over capacity and it was so hot inside im surprised there wasnt a fire that killed us all.

the lines to get autographs from hussie got so ridiculously long and the waits were agonizing, they had to close the lines off eventually. somehow i managed to get a pyralspite signed on his posterior, along with a poster.

as for the panel that my pals and i hosted, the convention staff clearly did not know what kind of impact hussie’s presence would have, and gave us a very small room with no microphones. i’d say only a fifth of the people who lined up to attend this panel actually got in. my own mother couldnt make it, even. the no microphones made it worse cause nobody in the back could hear us.

supposedly someone recorded footage and was going to post it online, but they never did as far as i know.


So being the total dorks that we are, this happened today.


My final cosplay video for the summer! Its been so busy but so amazing! I won’t forget this summer anytime soon and I’m really excited for what comes next!