So being the total dorks that we are, this happened today.

Dad’s Radio by ~SAYA-LOURA

As always, I’m so surprised with how much love is shown for this costume, but it just makes me all the more happy to wear it! THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR LOVE AND HUGS AND SKJDFHS
Despite many sleepless nights working on a new Hylian Shield for FSC (and it turned out INCREDIBLE HOORAY), my mother somehow sneaked the creation of the radio past me and I couldn’t be more grateful for that! Unfortunately you can’t see the detailing on it from this photo, but hopefully a proper photoshoot will be done to rectify that. This was actually taken outside the convention on the last day!
I also walked away with a very shiny trophy for this costume, SOTHANKYOUJUDGESFORBEINGSOKIND

Kiki costume made and worn by - ~SAYA-LOURA
Photography - Mom!
PS Action - =lieveheersbeestje

More Supercon 2013 photos! I never get much of a chance to get shoots of my cosplays, so its nice when I get one of Jace that isn't just off an iPod. 

Jace Beleren a.k.a The Mind Sculptor a.k.a Memory Adept a.k.a Architect of Thought (I'm sure there will be more aliases in the future)

I love running around in this cosplay, even if people sometimes call me a water bender or blue Assassin’s Creed, It doesn’t bother me. I wore this on Friday and decided not shave the scruff off my face, that way I could do Dante on Saturday. Besides, Jace is a strong independent Planeswalker who don't need no disposable razor. 

Photo Credit:



My final cosplay video for the summer! Its been so busy but so amazing! I won’t forget this summer anytime soon and I’m really excited for what comes next!


Okay, here’s everything except Roxy on Thursday because I totally forgot to get a pic of that, but it doesn’t matter because it rained and Kim and I got drenched, haha. They played a Back to the Future marathon on tv while we were at the hotel and it was great. 

Anyway, this is me for those of you who saw me at Supercon.